the things i never said

shayna is an old friend of ashtons who he left behind after becoming part of 5sos. Shayna finds a way to be with him but will she find away to tell him what she really feels


1. the plane

                          i bent forward and looked out the window, everything looked so small from up here.I sat back and put in my ear plugs to drowned out the other people on the plane.i looked down at my phone,the song Good Girls by 5 seconds of summer was playing. i pressed the home button and saw a picture of me and Ashton when we were kids,i was 15 and he was 18.His hair isn't as long as it is now,but it was long-ish ,i guess.After he left to join 5 seconds of summer,he stopped calling,texting, and even e-mailing me.The last time i saw him in person was at the airport before he left to join the band.I missed him, i guess i still do since i'm flying thousands of miles to see him at a concert in Miami,Florida.My best friend, Kailyn, bought me backstage passes so i could see him again. 

"Ms.Shayna Goodwin" i heard some one say so i took out my ear plugs and looked around.No one was there,so i turned back around.Then i heard,"Ms.Shayna , behind you.",so i turned around and looked behind me. Behind me was an old man about 50-55 with gray hair and big brown eyes.

"Can i help you,sir?" i asked him not knowing how he new my name, but stayed polite all the same.

"Yes,could you change me seats please?" he asked.

Not sure the reason but i agreed and changed seats with the man.He smiled and thanked me after giving me a peppermint which i politely took and put in my coat pocket. One of the attendants came by and asked if i need any thing,and i asked if i could have a pillow. Which i never got ,so i put my coat under my head and fell asleep.This is going to be a long fly.


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