the things i never said

shayna is an old friend of ashtons who he left behind after becoming part of 5sos. Shayna finds a way to be with him but will she find away to tell him what she really feels


7. taxi


  i placed my bags in the back seat of the taxi and sat in the front seat next to the driver.who's name tag reads 'Oscar'.

    "where we heading to day,miss?" oscar asked and smiled at me,i smiled back at him."oh,im oscar and you are?"

  "shayna,shayna goodwin" i smiled

  "umm do you know where Arial Hotel is?"i asked and looked down at my buzzing phone, the caller ID said mom,so i turned my phone off.

     "um,yeah,of course."he said and gave me a side ways glance then shook his head."no offence but you dont look like the type to be going to Arial." oscar said as he took a left passed a shopping market.

  i turned my head to one side a little,"what do you mean?"i asked

  he pressed his lips together,"well you're not wearing any designer clothes,"he started,"and you're not snobbish like the others that go there.and,well,mostly cause your to nice."he laughed and took a right.

 i blushed"thank you very much."i said and turned my phone back on.i pressed the voice mail box then deleted them all without listening to them.i signed knowing that the rest of the ride was going to be nothing but music and silence.



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