the things i never said

shayna is an old friend of ashtons who he left behind after becoming part of 5sos. Shayna finds a way to be with him but will she find away to tell him what she really feels


9. hotel


                                                 i got out of the car and handed  Oscar $25."thanks for the ride,oscar,keep the change"i said smiling and he smiled back  as i closed the door.i got the stuff out of the back and walked up to the hotel.In the front was a pool and it looks like they wanted 

                "wow."was all i could say, in the front was a pool and it looks like they wanted to have a blue and gold theme.I loved it.

     A man walked up to me and asked if i was staying in the hotel and i nodded.

   "Come with me and i'll get you cheeked in,ms...i'm sorry what did you say your name was?"he asked,he looked to be about 35-40 years old,his hair was black and peppered with white spot here and there,he also had a mustache.

        "oh, my name is Shayna Goodwin."i told him and blushed."Are you late for something?"i asked noticing that he kept cheeking his watch.

     He looked confused for a second and then said,"No,miss.Here let me get some one to get your bags."he called for a guy named Alex to get my bag and took me inside to the hotel. Inside was amazing. 

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