the things i never said

shayna is an old friend of ashtons who he left behind after becoming part of 5sos. Shayna finds a way to be with him but will she find away to tell him what she really feels


3. Airport

 I soon found out why the old man wanted to trade seats with me. The little boy be hide me keep kicking the seat so i didnt get much sleep,but i have really bad jet lag and the bag mix up im having is not helping.When i got to the airport i found out that my bags had gotten left at the other airport instead of being put in the plane.

        "Really?i cant believe this sh%$@,what do the pay you for? To sit on you A%$# all day?!"  i yelled at a man who was standing next to bag clamming trying to explane to me what happen.

i pulled my knotted,brown hair up in a ponytail and rubbed my eyes.i pulled out my phone and saw that Kailyn had texted my twice, telling me to call her.So i did.

        "Hey,i've been trying to get a hold of you.why haven't you called?"she said as soon as she picked up the phone.

     "i've kinda been in an airplane"i laught,she always seems to relax me no matter how mad i am."Is everything ok there."

     "i found out what hotel in Miami the bands staying at" what?How does she know this stuff?its like she stalks them,jeez.

i have a celebrity stoker for a friend.

     "congratulation."was all i could say

      "Aaaaaand"she dragged out,"i just sent you the address and the name,along with the room number Ashton is staying in"Kailyn said with the a-matter-of-factly tone.

  "wow have you been stalking them?" i smiled and laughed

    "oh you know it,girl-friend." she giggled loudly.

    "hey i have to go,but i promise to send lots of pictures."i told her.

      "pinky promise?"she laughed,the pinky promise thing was a thing we've been doing since we were 6 years old.

    "pinky promise"i said"and lots of face time"i added

    "bye,love you."

      "love you too"i said and clicked off.

  i sat down and found that i was sitting next to the man from the airplane that had sat be hide me before we traded sets.

  "hello,again"i smiled at him

  he grunted and turned away.well,someone in a bad mood,i though.this has been a really really long day.i cant wait till i get to the hotel i have booked.

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