Depression Diary

The sick thing about depression is that there is a high chance that you'll encounter it at some point in your life. Whether you get it, someone you know gets it or someone you know pretends to get it for attention.

I have unfortunately encountered it in all of those ways.

This book is my diary of my experiences of depression and tips on how to deal with all things depression related.

I usually suck at writing diaries but I plan to continue with this one because I see it more as a help guide.
I hope it helps you in some way.


3. Tips and Advice - Depression: The Early Stages

So this is the part where I try and help you with your depression problems. Please note that I am not an expert I am basing everything I say on my experiences and the experiences of stories I've heard. So here are my do's and don't's for the first stages of depression. 


- Google it. I swear guys, whatever you do don't resort to google

- Spend to much time alone thinking about depression. The more you think about it, the worse it feels

- Try to take the pain away - the thing about pain is that it demands to be felt. You can't remove it. 

- Keep it to yourself. If you want to just word vomit about how your feeling then that will help. If you want random people to see how your feeling then try an app called Vent and if you want a private word vomit then try I promise these two things help.



- Sit down and think about all the happy things in your life, think about when you first started feeling like this.

- Make plans to hang out with friends, often being around people you enjoy spending time with make you feel happier.

- If you can't/don't want to hang out with friends watch things on youtube/TV that make you laugh (my personal favorite person to watch is comedian Michael McIntyre)

- Tell a mature person you trust. Mature doesn't necessarily mean adult, it can be anyone from a friend to a sibling or parent but only tell them if you trust them. 

- Keep distracted, do anything that will distract you (yes that means homework to my fellow procrastinators)

- Message me. You can message me about anything, I promise I'll always listen


Stay tuned for the next installments of Depression Diary!

Ciao xx

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