Depression Diary

The sick thing about depression is that there is a high chance that you'll encounter it at some point in your life. Whether you get it, someone you know gets it or someone you know pretends to get it for attention.

I have unfortunately encountered it in all of those ways.

This book is my diary of my experiences of depression and tips on how to deal with all things depression related.

I usually suck at writing diaries but I plan to continue with this one because I see it more as a help guide.
I hope it helps you in some way.


1. Introduction

If you asked me why I am writing this book, my honest answer would be 'I don't know.' Because frankly I don't.

For part of me this is like emotional therapy. I'm getting all my feelings out onto a page for people on the Internet to judge.

For part of me it's a rant, at all the people who have hindered me throughout my life and caused me to be like this.

And for the most part of me it's me trying to do some good in the world. Trying to use my experiences to help others who might end up or are going through the same things.

I won't pretend I'm an expert. I'm a teenage girl for crying out loud, and a young teenager too! All I'm hoping is that I might help you reading this in some way, no matter how small.

I also won't pretend that writing this book was a doddle, because it wasn't. This is probably my fifth attempt and if I publish it a miracle will have just happened. I guess I'm scared. I'm scared of what people are going to think of me. Also I have never manage to keep a diary longer than one week but as this might help people, it pushes me to continue.

Like I said in the description, the sick thing about depression is that there is a high chance that you'll encounter it at some point in your life. I'm hoping with all my heat that you reading this don't get it, only experience it through someone else, even though that's not much better. However the mere fact that you're reading this means there's a high chance you've got it.

Depression is not a thing you can pinpoint and say 'yes this is depression'. It's different for every person. There are only two rules for depression:

- Never underestimate it

- It will get better

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