Dear Mum

This is to one of my bestest friends ever. I call her Mum. <3


2. 9/17/15

Dear Mum,

       How are you? I'm good. In band we're doing a drill for a field show. It will be my first field show. It's really fun. But a lot harder than it looks.

        Taylor is amaaaaaaziiiiiinnnnnngggg. This morning at breakfast I was feeding him the sausage fromhis biscuts and gravy. It was funny. Then I tried drinking his strawberry milk. He wouldn't let me. "I want you're pink milk." I said. He says, "No. It says the flavor on the bottle. Why are you calling it pink milk? Oh, I'm covering up the flavor." Then 2 times in a row I got a drink. He wasn't paying attention the first then he caught me the 2nd time. He said "Why are you drinking my milk. That milk is for me. Not you"

      I love my friends. They're great. I have alot. My favorite's are Tara, Dakota, and Reagan. Oh Reagan. He is amazballs. He's gay. So that makes him even better.

      Well I has got to go. I love you. I hope you write me soon. Very soooooon.(Creepy face.) I check every day.




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