Dear Mum

This is to one of my bestest friends ever. I call her Mum. <3


1. 9/14/15

Dear Mum,

           I have missed you so freelapping much. </3 My life is rough too... What happened to you mom? I have bad grades. I was grounded all weekend. An F in Math, and Physical Science. A D in Biology. I'm sorry I didn't come back this summer. I messed up. I was talking to my birth mom... And a lot of people. I'm talking to Madison also. I love her so much. Malik moved without telling me. He was here for the first two weeks of school. Then he disppeared. We broke up at the end of last year. I think I may have loved him. I don't know though. How could I know when I've never been in love like that before? He really hurt me by leaving and not saying a word to me.... What school is Justice at? How is Sam and all of them? What about band? I like this guy Taylor but he has a girlfriend. At my place, I've been their the longest. I hate residential but I love school. My parents and I aren't doing too great. Did my family move because that's what Madiso said or at least what I understood. I love you and miss you a ton.



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