Not Just Another Love Story

There was once a girl named Ore. She lived in a small town that only had a population of around 500, and she had lots of friends. One day, she looked out her bedroom window and noticed that there was a family moving into the house right next to her's. Little did she know that the people moving next door would have such an impact on her life. That she would suffer through friendship and heartbreak, and love and loss. This is her story, and it's not just another love story.


1. Chapter 1

"While on tour, the famous boy band One Direction has announced they need a vacation. The boys are taking a break for a year at an unknown location for a small bit of privacy. They would probably stay at a small town, to help have their location a little more private." Said the lady on the TV.

Ore shut the TV off and went to go get dinner ready. She was 20, and living alone while in college in her small town. There were only about 500 people living there at the moment, and they probably didn't have enough commendations for to many more.

Once she was finished dinner, she went up to her room and started to work on homework. She just happened to glance out the window and notice a moving truck just outside the house next to her. She quickly got up and walked over to the window.

As she watched the movers bring all the stuff into the house, she didn't notice the people come up to her door. When they rang the doorbell, she almost fell over and out of the open window. Once she regained her balance, she quickly walked down the stairs and opened the door.

There stood several burly-looking people who were built like boulders. "Hello, ma'am, we are here for you to sign this, stating that you will not tell anybody of the location of your new neighbors." They said to her, handing her a contract and a pen.

"Okay," Ore said hesitantly. She signed the paper and the men snatched it back. "Thank you for your time," said the second one slightly sarcastically.

Ore must have looked confused, because one of the men stayed behind.

"Your neighbors are famous people who wanted a short break from all of the media. The contract stated that you won't post any pictures of them while they're here, and that you will not tell their whereabouts to anyone outside of the town." He explained very patiently.

"Oh, Okay. Thank you very much." Ore told the man. He just smiled.

Ore was about to close the door when someone ran in, pushing her against the wall. She was pinned between the door and the wall as several other people ran in.

"Hey!" She screamed. Someone shut the door a small.bit so that she could get out. Once she was out, she was faced with four familiar faces.

"What are you doing here?" Asked one. "What do you mean? Am I not allowed in my own house?" She asked. "This isn't your house, it's ours!" Another boy exclaimed.

Several of the large men quickly came in. "Boys, why did you run into this girl's home?" One asked them. "What are you guys talking about? This is our house! The moving truck is in front of it!" The third boy exclaimed.

"Actually, the moving truck is in front of that house." Ore said, pointing to the house next door. The boys' eyes got round.

"Ooooppppps... Wrong house!" They all said in unison. Ore just rolled her eyes and pointed to the door. Quietly, everyone left.

It was at that moment that she recognized who they were...

They were One Direction!


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