Life is hard



I woke up to a annoying noise which was my alarm clock I quickly got up and shut it off and went to my closet and pick a white plain t-shirt and some black leggings I then went to my mirror to fix my brunette hair all I did was put it in a braid. I went back to my closet to get my bag and went downstairs. Once I got down I went to get my black sneakers and put them on but before I could leave I heard someone talking to me I turned around to see my brother. Ariana do you want me to make you something before you go to school my brother said. No I'm good but thanks for asking I said while leaving the house I then started running to get to school quicker. I finally got to school and once I walked in I headed straight for my locker and got my stuff for 1st period. Once I got to class I sat in the back of the room and started to draw in my sketch book but while I was drawing I heard someone come threw the door and I thought it was the teacher but it was those four boys but I got to see them clearly this time. There was one boy that had blue eyes blond hair and he was wearing ripped black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt and the other boy had red hair and greenish grey eyes an he was wearing black skinny jeans and a red and black plaid the other boy had brown hair and brown eyes and he was wearing black skinny jeans a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it and the last boy had brown hair and had dark green eyes and was wearing a grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans also all of them wear wearing black sneakers

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