Jet Black Heart

Nora despised Ashton ever since what happened in year 8. But do her feelings towards him ever changed ?


1. 1


Ashton. Ashton. Ashton. That seems to be the only thing everyone at Birman prep cares about. I really don't get why. There is nothing special about him. He's the urban dictionary definition of a fuckboy. Tall, dirty blonde hair, a perfect smile with dimples that could kill, gorgeous hazel eyes and a constant need for sex. I get it he's basically a male model but he's a dickhead. We used to be best friends until he tossed me over for some girl.


"But she said she'll fuck me if we stopped being friends." Ashton said ignorantly.

"So you're leaving me just so you can have sex with a girl you'll probably never speak to again?"

Ashton was telling me about this high school girl he met at some pizza place, Annabelle. Blonde, green eyes,curvy typical slut. She thought me and him had a thing. She clearly was just taking advantage of him. Ashton looked older than his age. Wonder why she went for him huh? He's a hot young guy looking for desperate sex who's innocent enough to fall for her tricks.

"It's not like you're gonna fuck me anytime soon. Plus I'm ready to lose my virginity!" Ashton yelled quite annoyed.

"Your first time should be meaningful. She's just using you. How can't you see that?!" I scream with pure anger.

"You just don't want me to be happy. You know what fuck you! I don't have time for this. There is a hot blonde with perfect tits waiting to fuck me." He yelled as he stormed out of my house slamming the door.


I was snapped out of my thoughts as Ms. Genot, my History teacher, slammed her hand against my desk.

"Nora, when was world war 1?"

"Umm.. 1738 ?" I said sarcastically.

The class burst out laughing.

"Ha ha very funny. Detention!"

"Great see you after school Ms. Genot!" I said with a smirk. I always got detention, nothing new.

"You won't be having it with me. You'll be having it with Mr. Kollin, the gym teacher."

I've heard about him. The worst kids at school usually have detention with him. I wasn't nervous tho. I could handle some gym teacher.


I was the first one to walk in. I sat at the back of the class with the legs on the desk in front of me. I chose to go on my phone while I was waiting for detention to start.


I walked in detention to see a new yet familiar face. As my eyes focused on the beautiful brunette I realized it was Nora. My ex-bestfriend from years ago. I remember the fight we had clearly. But I try and push it out of my mind as I sit in the seat next to her. She's really hot. The things I would do to her. Mmm. I can imagine her calling me daddy.

"Wtf are you staring at ?" She says taking me away from my thoughts.

"Nothing" I say oh so seductively.

"Well you can look away now"

"I'm good. How bout we hang out some time?"

"I'm afraid not Ashton. I don't date fuckboys."

"Who said anything about going on a date I was thinking you could come around my place. With a couple condoms of course. X-Large btw. We could get freaky baby."

"No thank you. I doubt you could rock my world." She says whilst rolling her eyes.

"Princess we could rock out with our socks out."

"Your latest tour reference. Smooth Ashton. Real smooth bud."

"Oh so you know about my band?"

"How could I not? It's all your quote unquote fans could talk about. And frankly I really couldn't care less."

"Ashton, Nora. There is no talking in detention." Mr. Kollin said as soon as he walked in.


Hey Loves. <3 Sorry for the short chapter. I will make longer ones. Hope you're enjoying the story so far. I know it's not so original but I have a lot in mind for the climax. Byyyeeee

- Bruhitsnoraa

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