My best friend 😊

Emily Marie is an average 15 year old girl, and her best friend is Luke Hemmings. They love each other. But what does Emily see Luke as? Will she make any moves?



BEEP!! BEEP!! BEEP!! My alarm went off at 6:00 am and I sighed and threw off my blanket. I got up to see my hair, and it looked like my hair was a giant raggedy mess. I brushed my hair and my brush had so much hair in it.

KNOCK! My front door was knocked on and it was really loud. I ran downstairs with my shorts on and my shirt half way on my body.

I answered my front door and it was my friend, Luke Hemmings. He lives next door and he's 16 like me.

Hey Emily, Why do you look like that?

Because you knocked on my door while I was changing!

Oh... Sorry! Can I come in?

Sure Luke. I slipped the rest of my shirt on.

Nice home, I have not been in your house since you moved away from Australia.

Yeah, haha. Australia was nice but I don't wanna move back.

Hey, Emily, your an amazing best friend.

Th..Thanks Luke. Your nice too.

So, wanna get some coffee Emily?

Sure Luke. Can we go to Cafe Murin?

Sure, I will drive us there.

No, I think we should walk because it's really close to my house.

Ok I wanted to get some fresh air today, I've been feeling under the weather.

Sorry to hear that Luke. I hope you feel better today, maybe you shouldn't drink any coffee today. You might feel more sick.

Ok Emily, we'll see what the fresh air does. Luke smiled at me.

We walked out my house and headed for Cafe Murin, When Luke stopped.

Luke? Why do you stop? Luke? Answer me this isn't funny!

Luke dropped to the ground and his eyes closed. He was muttering words and I couldn't understand him.

I called 911 and they got here really fast and he was loaded into an ambulance truck.

Is he going to be ok? I cried and looked at the doctor.

He just had a heart attack and he will recover soon. Don't worry ma'am.

I cried and rode in the back holding Luke's hand, crying quietly staring at Luke while he was laying on the stretcher.

Emily... Luke said and stared at me.

Luke? What Luke? Are you ok?! I said crying.

Emily it will ok... I just kn..know it. Luke said and stuttered a little.

Emily, come closer I want to tell you something important.

I came closer and Luke pulled me in and we kissed.

After it ended, I stared at Luke. He thought I was angry. But then, I smiled. I smiled and hugged him gently.

We got to the hospital and Luke stayed there for 3 hours, then they said he could go. Luke wanted to stay with me just incase something else happens.

Thanks Emily for letting me stay with you. My family stayed in Australia so I'm alone in my house.

No problem Luke. I would do anything for you. I hugged him tightly.

Luke kissed my lips and smiled afterwards. Then we held hands and walked into my house.

Luke took off his shoes and socks and left them on the floor. He ran upstairs to play my guitar. The thing is, I don't have one.

Where's your sweet guitar? He asked in confusement.

I don't have one Luke. I have the drums and a ps4. I also have, uh, girl stuff, I guess because I'm a girl.

It was 10:00 pm and Luke was passed out on my bed. I layed next to him and fell asleep. BEEP BEEP BEEP! My alarm went off at 9:00 like I have it on weekends.

I woke up, and I stared at Luke smiling at me while standing over me.

Good morning Emily. How'd you sleep last night? I slept amazingly.

I slept good Luke. I'm glad you did too. I have to get to my moms work today. I promised I would help her. Wanna come? It's a daycare.

Sure I guess. I want to meet your mom anyways. Luke smiled.

She's nice to boys, as long as they aren't bad boys. So don't worry Luke. Your not a bad boy. Your my boy. I laughed and kissed his cheek.

Luke drove us there and I told him the way there, that's How didn't get lost.

Mom? I kept saying while walking down the daycare halls. We walked past the nursery and Luke said the babies were adorable, but they would never be his type until he grows up enough to not care about diaper smell.

Darling! My mom hugged me and smiled. Glad you could make it! Who's the cute boy? My mom asked and was still smiling.

Mom, this is my sweet not bad boy boyfriend, Luke. We're neighbours and he's 16.

Hi Ms?

Oh Luke my moms name is Suzanne.

Oh, nice to meet you Ms. Suzanne.

Nice to meet you Luke. Are you here to help with the kids too?

Yes I am. What ages are they?

Oh they are 4 years old. So no diaper changing needed.

Oh ok cool. Me, luke, and my mom walked in the classroom.

Hi kids! I said and smiled.

Everyone, this is my daughter Emily, and her nice boyfriend Luke! They are here to help us today! My mom told the kids.

We helped my mom till 1:00 pm and me and Luke headed home, and my mom stayed with her sister, everyday which was kinda awesome.

So Luke, wanna get some pizza from Cheesies?

Yeah sure. I love their pizza, it's always extra cheesy and warm.

We drove there and ordered. We ate in the car while listening to blink 182. We had so much fun just eating pizza.

We fell asleep together on the couch when we got home. We were close together sleeping nicely.

We got up at 5:00 am and we went for a walk outside, just for fun.

Then Luke Kissed my forehead and held my hand. I love you Emily. Always remember that.

I love you to Luke. I kissed him and smiled. We hugged each other and kept walking.

Luke ran ahead of me and I chased him. We laughed so hard we fell to the ground and hurt ourselves on the sidewalk. Luke hit his head but he said he was ok.

We got home I got in the shower and left Luke downstairs. When I was finished I got dressed in. A red dress and brushed my hair. I ran downstairs to see Luke.

When I got down there, I couldn't find Luke. I walked into the living room to see a note. It said, Dear Emily, if you are reading this, please finish. I had hung myself because I knew I was dying from a small brain tumor. Love always, Luke. 💕😭 I looked ahead of me to see Luke hanging there.

I grabbed him down and he was still alive. I called the ambulance and he was brought I the hospital. They said he was in a coma.

Oh Luke!! I cried and. Hugged him. Ma'am, please let go, you can leave, of got take a seat over there. I took at seat crying. I heard the machine. If kept beeping. Luke opened his eyes.

Emily... C..C..Come here. I walked over there. Emily you have g.. Given me a wonder..wonderful life. I love you Em..Emily. We kissed and when It was over the machine went, beeeep. He died

Luke! I cried so loud and was taken out of the room. When I got home, I went to my room. Then after awhile of thinking, i got in my car. I purposely drove into a tree. I was brought into the hospital, and I immediately died.

I thought that Luke would want to see me again, but we never saw eachother. I searched for him day and night everyday of my life, and we never saw each other again. I cried.. Forever.. Everyday. 😭 I just wanted to see my Luke again. But I never did. Luke.. Luke.. Why? Why Luke?! I loved you..

I started humming just a simple la la tune. Then.. I heard this same tune being hummed beside me. I then turned around. I was thinking to myself.. This isn't real. It was Luke. Oh Luke! I missed you! He threw me off of him and got up to walk off. Luke? No! I chased after him and jumped on his back. He threw me off and explained.. Look, Emily, I don't want to see you.. You shouldn't have killed yourself.

Why Luke? We need to be together.. Please.. Let me love you again. A tear ran down my face. Look, I love you.. But I wanted you to live your full life, meet another boy. Now because of me, your miserable. Nobody to love. I'm sorry.. Luke started to cry a little. I wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. Luke, I'm not misrerable, as long as I know you will stay with me.. Please Luke. You don't wanna ruin it.. Please... I cried and hugged him. Umm.. I..I.. Okay. He rapped his arms around me. We dropped down and hugged and i cried. Luke, I never wanna let you go..

I don't wanna let you go either, baby. I love you. We hugged and wouldn't let each other go. Luke.. Wait. What're we doing? We can't do this.. What do you mean Emily? I mean we need to go separate ways.. But, Emily! You just begged me. Now you wanna—Luke, please.. We need to separate. Your right. We do need to find different people. I kissed his cheek and that was the last of each other we ever saw.. THE END.

That was updated because I had requests on that. Hope you enjoy.

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