The Player

Mekenzie Grace and her brother, Reece, were abandoned by their parents when she was 10 and he was 12. It's been 7 years and Mekenzie starts senior year, but what happens when the player finds an interest in her. Will her brother still think the same of her? Will her life change or will she change the player?


2. The Day We Met

It was an ordinary day at Hambilton High. My friend, Rosaline, was talking about something stupid and everyone was bustling around to gossip.

The bell rang and everyone filed out of the cafeteria, heading to their classes. I had English, which was the worst. The teacher was an old man that was half deaf.

When I walked in, the only seat left was next to the worst possible living thing on the face of the earth: The Player. Everyone called him that because he toyed with girls and was your typical bad boy.

I took my seat frustrated, and took out a notebook and pen, but when I lifted my head up he was staring right at me. "Uh do you mind?" "Not one bit sweet cheeks." No wonder everyone hates him but his friends. "Can you please shut up so I can actually get a good grade in this class," I say pissed off. "Ohh we have a feisty one here don't we?" I decided to ignore him and focus on the teacher.

The bell rang and everyone left. When I got out someone slammed me against the lockers. "What the hell dude," I said extremely pissed off. "I like em feisty!" "Can you please get off so I can get out of here?" "Only if I can get your name." "Why so you can track me down?" "If you tell me your name I'll tell you mine, how does that sound sweetheart?" "Ok. The name's Mekenzie. Mekenzie Grace. What's yours?" "Jason, now I better get on my way so you can go with your friend over there," he said pointing to Rose with her mouth agape, staring directly at us. He walked off leaving me stunned.

Rose ran up to me asking me tons of questions, but I just shook her off telling her that we'll talk about it tonight. I walked out of the school doors to my car. I drove home and noticed a new car next door. Whatever, Ms. Jones is probably having company.

I walked into my room wanting to change into something more comfortable. While I was taking my clothes off, I noticed someone staring at me. Holy crap it was Jason! What was he doing next door? I quickly ran to my window, trying to shut the curtains but they wouldn't budge. I totally forgot that I was only in a bra and underwear. I quickly covered myself and covered myself with the relatively thin curtain.

"Oh come on I was enjoying the show," I heard him yell. "Fuck off you pervert!" I yanked the curtains closed while pulling on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my laptop from my desk and clicked on the skype app. I called Rose to finish talking about earlier. Let's just say she wasn't too happy about anything I told her.

I hung up and saw that it was half past 10 and I was drained. I put my laptop on my desk and closed my windows, but before they shut I heard him say, "Goodnight Mekenzie Grace."

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