The Senior // l.h

A Junior can't date a Freshman... Can he?


8. Chapter 8

Aly's POV

*back in the hospital room*

"Why are you dating her?" I hear Lily ask him.

"We're not dating we're just friends." He says innocently.

"Do you like her?" She asks her voice getting agry.

"No I love her!" He yells and slams the door which I assume to be in her face.

I hear his footsteps getting closer towards my door and I jump back into the uncomfortable bed.

he knocks on the door "Come in?" I yell to him.

"Hey." He faintly smiles.

"You love me?" I blurt out.

"Fuck." He mumbles "You heard that?" 

"Well, yeah. You were kinda loud." I giggle softly.

"No I don't love you." He says "You're too young for me." I seems sad but I don't get sad I get more mad than anything.

"Fuck you!" I scream at him and his face turns from sad to terrified. "You knew I could hear you! You don't say I love you to a girl when you know they can hear you. Especially if that girl loves you!" I scream to him and stomp out of the room.



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