The Senior // l.h

A Junior can't date a Freshman... Can he?


6. Chapter 6

Aly's POV

"Luke..." I said when I remembered my mom was going to be home from work soon.

"Yes babe?" He asked with his head tilted.

"We have to leave..." I whispered wanting to stay with him.

"Alright I'll check you out." He said and walked to Lily.


Luke's POV

"Uhhh.... Can we leave like now?" I asked impatiently.

"Sweetheart... That'll take too much time to tell them you're leaving early. Don't you think?" She asked whilst pushing the door open and pulling me into another room.

"Watcha doin?" I stuttered nervously when I heard my pants unzip.

"Something I know you'll like." I could practically hear her smirk which made me uncomfortable.

"L-Lily I don't t-think we should be doing this..."


Aly's POV

"I heard Luke's voice in the other room but I couldn't understand him. 

I got closer to the wall and heard Lily... 

"Why not? You  really want to do it with the 10 year old instead?" Were they talking about me???

"No... And she's not 10 she's 13." His voice soothed me... It made me feel warm inside.

"And you're like 17... No offense but that's a little messed up." Her words surprised me... Bitch...

"Doing this is messed up! I love her and you can't stop that by saying it's messed up so... Get the fuck away from me!" He yelled a little too loud...


Heyyyy I'mmmmm backkkkk I feeeeel drunkkkk thooooo lolololollllllll


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