The Senior // l.h

A Junior can't date a Freshman... Can he?


1. Chapter 1

Aly's POV

I rolled out of bed and put a beanie, black skinny jeans and a 'I really don't care...' crop top on. I ran downstairs and ate breakfast while Niall sat on the couch and enjoyed his coffee. Oh yeah Niall's my brother he's irish and I'm Italian. Niall's weird all he does is sing and sometimes it gets annoying. Don't get me wrong he's so good it's just.... HE SINGS ALL THE TIME!!!

"Ready?" He said to me putting his mug in the sink.

"Sure." I sighed. I was not cut out to be a freshman nor a man at all! I walked out the door after putting my bowl in the sink and grabbing my bag.

I got into Niall's car and turned on the music.

When we finally got to school I walked out of the car and got looks from people.

"What the fuck are you looking at?!?" I yelled and walked faster. A boy came up to me and smirked. He had blonde hair with earrings and a lip peircing he had a full sleeve of tattoos which I found extremely attractive.

"What do you want?" I asked impatiently.

"You." He answered and bit his lip.

"Oh....Fuck off." I said annoyed. I tried to walk past him but he grabbed my arm.

"You really think you're gonna get past me that easy?" He smirked and rose one eyebrow.

"Look, whatever your name is. I don't have time for this shit. So if you would just get out of my fucking way it would be easier for both of us." I smiled and pushed my way by him. "Oh and no one likes a fuckboy!" I yelled to him whilst walking.

"Oh sorry." I girl said as she walked into me.

"Oh no it's totally okay!" I exclaimed smiling a little more.

"Really? You're not going to push me?" She said and smiled widely.

"No of course not! You're so lovely." I laughed a bit.

"Okay. I'm Mylee by the way." She giggled and shook my hand.

"I'm Aly the new girl." I hugged her and she smiled more.

"Well, it was nice meeting you!" She said and took my phone. I didn't yell at her because she was only typing her phone number in my contacts.

"It was very nice meeting you too!" I yelled happily.

"See you later." She lightly smiled and walked to her class. Although I was new most schools are basically the same so I didn't really have to run around crazy looking for my classes.

After school I ran into the fuckboy again. "Babe! I'm gonna tell you once. Don't run away from me. You'll just make things harder for us." He smirked and I turned my head away from him as he pushed me against the locker.

"Oi!" I heard Niall as I saw him running towards us. "Fuck off douchebag!" He yelled.

"Oh you're a little leprechaun aren't you?" He smiled and pushed Niall away causing him to stumble.

"Shut the fuck up and get off of me bitch!" I screamed and pushed the boy away.

''Nice one Aly!" Mylee yelled from a far as she was running towards me.

"Who was that?!?!?" I yelled still in shock of what had just happened.

"Luke Hemmings. He's the Senior bad boy. Stay away from him he's a fucktard." She said bluntly.

"Yeah he sounds like a real douche." I said not impressed.

"Aly!" I heard Niall call.

"Niall are you okay?" I asked Niall giving him a hug.

"Ooooooh.... Who's the hottie?" Mylee asked smirking.

"This 'hottie' is Niall my brother. So stay away!" I said whilst laughing.

"Oh here's my number." She handed him a piece of crumbled paper and winked jokingly.

"Okay I'll call you babe." Niall played along.

"Yes!" Mylee mouthed to me and I cracked up laughing. Niall went stiff.

"What're you laughing at babe." I heard a voice whisper in my ear.

"N-Nothing." When I heard Luke whisper I felt intimadated and overpowered. I felt the vibrations of his voice trickle down my spine causing me to shiver.

"Are you sure?" He spoke a little louder but still soft.

"Y-Yes...." I nodded in case he didn't hear my whisper.

"Come with me." He said softly and I nodded. I followed him outside to a couple bushes.

"Here's a list." He handed me a small piece of paper and smirked.

The list read

Listen to these rules...

1. Never talk back or question why.

2. No talking to other guys.


4. If I catch you fucking another boy you will be in BIG trouble.

5. Don't play dumb.

I crumbled the paper and threw it at him "I'm n-not listening to those f-fucking rules." I snapped and walked away when I felt hands touch my sides.

"Sweetie rule one never talk back..." He smiled and smashed his lips against mine. Although my mind was saying no my body liked it. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around him. I pulled away and looked at him.

"Fuck..." I mumbled and ran away to Niall.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?!?!" Niall screamed.

"H-he kissed m-me." I said out of breath from running.


Sorry it's different guys! I had to change it I didn't like the way I set it up at first. Love you all byeeee!

-Aly <3

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