the wreck

it is about how this girl realizes how much life is worth


1. The Wreck

"Don't worry mom I will be careful." "Are you sure? It is dark and there could be drunk people on the road." I could see she was worried. "Mom I will be okay. I promise." I smiled. I went over to hug my little sister. "Goodbye Lilly." "Good bye Daisy thank you for visiting." "Your welcome little duckling." I kissed her fore head and went out side. It was chilly. I crushed the dead leaves with my feet. I started my car. It made a weird noise but it didn't bother me. I was driving along  every thing going okay till I had to stop at a stop light. I tried to stop but the brakes would not work. The last thing I saw were headlights. My body felt light. I looked down I saw my body crumpled and bloody. I screamed but nothing came out. I heard shouting, I saw blue lights, red lights and could hear sirens. I woke up and screamed. Apparently I was in a hospital "Daisy its okay they rescued you." It was Lilly.I pulled her up and hugged her as tight as I could. "Am I alive? Is this real?" She giggled. "Of course i is. Oh guess what? I saw a really cute patient down the hall if your interested. I laughed at that. I thought I was really alive and I was filled with Joy  

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