bad boy gone soft?

lindsey hudson a.k.a zero...she was nicknamed zero because people saw her as nothing,she had no value..yet she was confident about life and her family,she was strong,smart and independent,she told herself she would never fall in love again after her ex cheated on her,yet she lied to herself,she fell in love with the popular bad boy,carlos hampton,and every girl is now on her back about loving him,or being friends with him..but she doesn't want to be just friends,she wants to be HIS bad girl...


1. stupid alarm clock..

I groan out in frustration as my alarm clock goes off. "DAMMIT,GO TO HELL CLOCK" I shout out in anger as i was trying to turn it off,luckily i did ...but not in the way i wanted to. "crap...there goes another one" i mumble "Whats going on up there!" my mom shouts from the kitchen "Nothingggggg!" i shout back to her. i seem to love to shout or scream..don't i? i walk to my small dresser that had all my clothes in it.i pull out a cute outfit. luckily we don't have to wear any uniforms like my last school made us do. i hated that school anyway. i spot the picture on my dresser of me,my mom and my dad. i tear up at seeing him there.My father died 3 years ago when i was 14...he died in a car crash..but me and my mom survived the car crash. when my mom heard the news of my fathers death,she completely broke,the atmosphere was always ruined by sobs or lies being told,it made me miserable for years..but i was excited for the first day of highschool. why you ask? because when i'm done with highschool,i can graduate..if i even graduate..but if i do,im planning on being a artist because of my passion and love for drawing. i smile as i pull on my outfit:V: i quickly walk down stairs to smell the scent of pancakes 'yumm my favorite!' "Hi mom!" i say happily "why so happy today lindsey?" 'not lindesey,zero' i think to myself.everybody at my old school called me zero because i had no value at all to them at all. but i was smart enough to know that was NOT true. "oh im just happy because TODAY ITS MY FIRST DAY OF HIGHSCHOOL" i shout excitedly when i feel my hat disaapear and it ends up on the floor .my mom chuckles. "good job hun'" "thank you" i say dramaticaly "eat up my darling!" my mom says in a rushed tone "I don't want you to be late on your first day!" she sets a plate of 2 pancakes in front of me. "thank you mom!" i say thankfully. i quickly eat. "Bye mom!!" i say to her as i run out the door with a granola bar in hand. 'school,here i come!'


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