EarthBound my favorite game


2. Meteorite!

When he knocked at his neighbors door, his best friend pokey's little brother picky opened the door.
 Before Harry could ask for pokey, picky replied.
 "Pokey ran out of here to chase after a police car,"
 "He said "Picky, you should stay home." so I'm home watching the house."
 "Does your parents know what he is doing?" Harry asked.
 "Mom and Dad aren't home yet.They went out to an elegant restaurant."
 "I guess I'll have to find out myself."
 Harry was walking around, until he bumped into a police officer.
 "A meteorite has landed, the sharks are running wild in town," He started talking to Harry.
 "You kids are wandering around, and I'm hungry....I hate my job!"
 "A meteorite?!Excuse me, do you know where i can find this meteorite?"
 "Yeah it just up the hill...Wait a minute, your not allowed to go there-" He stopped.
 "Oh who am I kidding, you'll still go there."
 Harry ran his way to the cliff.

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