EarthBound my favorite game


3. Lack of information

Harry was on his way to the meteorite spot, then a man called out to him.
 "Hey Harry, hiya buddy!"
 "A meteorite fell down and went boom!It was a real mess for a while,"
 "I was fine because i always eat garlic and work out," He smirked.
 "However, the weaker citizens probably fainted."
 "Okay..." Harry walked away.
 Harry thought he would see the meteorite, but it was a shame when he saw that the police also blocked
 the road to the cliff top.A police officer whispered to his ear,
 "Nice timing, Harry.Will you do something about Pokey?"
 "Pokey is here?" Harry asked.
 "He is driving me nuts!" He tried to keep his voice low.
 Pokey pulled Harry from that police officer.
 "Hey, Harry,"
 "Don't be rubberneckin'.You're gettin' in the officer's way!"
 "Go home.Tomorrow I'll tell you more about the strange meteorite,"
 "Am fine here but you're bugging the officers!" he pushed Harry.
 So Harry went back home.

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