EarthBound my favorite game


5. Cliff climbing

When they got out of the house, there was a runaway dog growling at them.
 "Harry!Do something!" Pokey used Harry as a shield.
 The runaway dog tried to tackle Harry, but then Rally Hit it with a biting attack.The dog became
 tamed, and then ran away yelping.
 "Wow, that was close." Pokey whipped the sweat on his forehead.
 "Hey, thanks buddy.For watching my BACK!" Harry said sarcastically.
 They continued on their road to the cliff.
 "Hey, Harry," The garlic eating man called out to Harry before he past.
 "I was too busy i heard a child's voice on the hilltop,"
 "I'm a busy man, but when I do a job, I do it well.I'm a man's man."
 "Okay thanks Mr Agerate." Harry ran off.
 "Hey, Harry, do you know that weird old man?"
 "Be quiet Pokey, what if there are still officers here?"
 Harry climbed the cliff with Pokey riding on his back.
 ""Aah!" Harry finally climbed the cliff with Pokey on his back.
 "We made it!" Harry was panting couldn't hold his breath.


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