EarthBound my favorite game


1. Big boom

Onett, a small town in Eagleland.A boy named Harry woke up during the night by a strange boom sound.
 Wanting to know what it was, he left his room wearing his pj's.He went downstairs.
 "Harry, where do you think your going?" His mom caught him.
 "I was just on my way to my room." He lied.
 "Oh i see, you want to go out and see for yourself what happened."
 Harry nodded.
 "Well okay, even is i said no you would have still sneak out anyways,"
 "Just make sure you change out of your pj's."
 Harry Changed out of his pj's then left the house.
 "Be careful!Come home as soon as you can."
 When Harry left the house he saw two policemen blocking the road leading to the south of the suburbs
 of Onett.He saw a  man in a business suit looking angry.
 "Hey, excuse me sir, but why are the police blocking the road?" He asked.
 "I wanted to return home, but the road turned out to be closed,"
 "People are taking this meteorite situation too seriously!" He walked away furiously.
 Harry couldn't get the information he wanted from the man, so he decided to go ask his neighbor /best friend

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