My Best Friend's Brother

"Joe, meet my best friend Kassie."

• fonzarella •

~ Cover by me ~


1. Chapter 1

- Kassima Holmes -

I was woken up in the middle of the night to my phone blaring Uma Thurman. I looked at the Caller ID and it said Zoe Sugg my best friend.

"Hello?" I answered my phone in a groggily voice. It was four o'clock-still dark- here in America and about ten o'clock-morning time- back in England.

"Kassie! Good you're awake! I was just wondering what time do you think you are going to be back in England tomorrow?"

"Well I have two things for you Zoe. One, it's four o'clock here so I was still sleeping. But it's fine don't say sorry. And number two, I leave South Dakota at nine today, America time, and then I have a two hour layover in L.A so it will be about three or four, then finally I leave L.A, and once I get to London you and Alfie pick me up so it will be about four or five in the morning England time." I finished finally without taking a breath.

"Okay! Thank you Kassie see you soon!"

With that she said goodbye one last time and hung up the phone. I put my phone back on the end table and decided to get up and pack my stuff. You may be asking yourself, 'Why is she in America and why is she in South Dakota?' Well, I am currently studying to be a teacher at SDSU, that stands for South Dakota State University. I'm heading back to England for four months then coming back here to take a couple of tests to finish up my studies.

I bought myself a apartment in walking distance to the University so I live by myself with my tuxedo cat Bond. "Bond you got to get up bud." I mumbled pushing him off on me so I could get up and get dressed. I pushed my way into the bathroom and did my 'morning routine', showered, brushed my teeth in hair, and got dressed. I put on some Nike running tights, a graphic shirt that had a saying, 'Congratulations to me. I made it out of bed.' and some black toms.

I started to play some music and started to pack quickly. After about ten minutes I finsh up packing. Bond walked in and rubbed against my leg just as I shut up last suitcase. "I bet your hungry buddy." I say pausing my music and scratch behind his ear making him purr. I walk with him out to my small kitchen getting out some cat food and pour some in his bowl. He eats it up happily and I make myself a berry smoothie with a nutella sandwhich. Once im done wating I put a note on the counter and hed out with all my things. I put a note under my neighbors door to remind them to watch Bond. I finally make it out to my car and drive to the Souix Falls airport.

I park my car and walk inside the airport and getting my tickets. I go through sercuirty which was very easy and got to my gate. For the first time ever I got there early and someone nice old lady told me, "Some people in first class aren't going to make this flight, if you want to get bumped up to first class." I thanked her and jogged to the desk. The lady was searching something up on her computer when I got up to the desk. "Excuse me ma'am, but can I get bumped up to first class?" I asked her softly. "Oh ceartanly! We have three spots left which one would you like?" she said showing me a map of the plane. "This one please." I said pointing to one in the second row by the window. "That one is yours! May I have you ticket?" she asked taking my ticket when I handed it to her. She got out a sharpie and changed my seat number and signed it to show she did it.

"Thank you so much." I said and walked back to my spot. After two and a half hours later we start to board onto the plane. I found my spot and setled in. A little later the plane got off the ground and we were up in the air. I took out my notebook and started drawing some pictures. One of me and Zoe, another one of Alfie and Zoe, and lastly Caspar and Zoe's brother Joe. I've never seen Joe which is very odd, just pictures of him. While I was drawing I got out my camera and filmed myself drawing which is very odd for me. Soon I heard that we were landing in Los Angeles and started packing up my stuff. I turn off my camera and get off the plane once we land. I stayed in the airport and relaxed for a bit and soon let sleep take over my body and fell asleep till we started to board.

I still had my first class seat, so I got settled into my seat after the nice old lady woke me up as she was going to board. Once we were up in the air I watched the footage of me drawing, and smiled. I got out my laptop and started editing these footage from today I had and some from yesterday. After about an hour of editing I fell asleep dreaming of all the stuff I will do in England. An hour and thirty minutes done, four hours left.

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