Vampires Will Never Hurt You

We all promised, if one of us were to be bitten, another would have to stake them. It was my job to stake Gerard, Gerard's to stake Mikey, Mikey's to stake Frank, Frank's to stake Ray and Ray's to stake me. We were only safe as long as the sun was out but when night fell we knew that it wasn't safe for anyone or anything.


2. Chapter Two

I pried my eyes open and looked around. There no one and I could clearly see that outside the window, night had fallen or I slept an hour or so. I quickly scrambled to my feet, determined to find even one of the guys. I wasn’t safe on my own, not now, not ever. I checked the north post. No one. No one at the south post. No one anywhere.

They’d probably just gone on a hunt. That’s what they did when they first found me and I knew they wouldn’t leave me alone unless they knew I was safe. I turned back to return to the main room and it stepped out of the shadows and wrapped it’s hand around my neck. The pressure was applied and he started to count in his horrifying voice.
“Six... five... four... three... two... one.” and the darkness consumed me.

I blinked away the darkness and peered around the dark room. I was tied up to a pole, and there was someone else on the other side of the room.
“Who are you?” an oddly familiar voice asked.
“My name, it’s Jessica.” I whispered in fright.
“Jess! It’s me, Mikey. How’d they get you, Gerard was staying back with Frank to keep watch while Ray and I went on a hunt.”
“There was no one in the house when I woke up.” I explained.
“No, they’ve come after me. They think that you’re safe alone so they’re going to get here soon and get they’re asses handed to them.”
“Where are we exactly?”
“The centre of the nest. They are going to turn me and drink you.”

I took a sharp gasp of air. They were going to turn Mikey and Gerard had to kill him. I was just a cocktail for them to sip on while they caught up with their little vampy friends.
“But, how would Gerard be able to save you?” I asked warily.
“You can only be turned if they bite your neck. They’ll either drink all of your blood in one try from the throat or take it slowly from your wrist. You’re savable, but if they bite me, leave me behind.”

Three figures entered the huge room, all dressed completely in black. One walked over to Mikey and restrained him, yet another restrained me as he untied me, the other one. The tallest, most muscular one came over to me a seized my arm as he kneeled before me, he inhaled my scent and licked his lips.
“You’ll be sweet.” he said tauntingly before sinking his fangs into my wrist. I screamed as Mikey struggled to fight against his restraint. Eventually I lost consciousness.




“Jess!” I had been yelling for her since the vampires left but she wasn’t responding. I feared that she may be dead. Gerard better hurry up and be heroic so we can get out of here before she actually is dead.




I kicked down the door and looked around. I could see much but there were two figures tied a few metres from each other. “Mikey!” I whispered.
“Gerard, I’m over here. They got Jess.” he whispered back. I ran over to him and pulled out my knife and started to saw at the ropes binding him. We had to get out before the vamps finally caught up to us.
“Go check on Jess, they drank some of her blood. I need to know if she is alive.” he said.
“After I get you out. Were you bitten?” I asked wearily.
“No, but they plan to change me.” he whispered. My knife finally made it through the thick rope and I ran across the room to where Jess was slumped in unconsciousness. I put my fingers to her neck to feel for a pulse, her skin was freezing and that terrified me, put I could feel a pulse. I sighed with relief and moved to free her from her he bindings. We had very limited time to get her out and get out of the creepy house filled with vampires, new and old.

“She’s alive, you’ll have to carry her so that I can fight them of if need be.” I said simply.
“Sure, we’ve got to go. I’d rather not have anyone end up vamp chow.” He chuckled. There was an undertone of fear in his voice.
I picked Jess up and placed her in Mikey’s arms brushing her black hair off of her face.

We were almost out of the vampire nest when a group emerged from the shadows.
“Oh, come on. You can’t possibly be leaving so soon... Your friends killed some of ours and are waiting outside in the sun for you guys. Shame they’ll never see you again.” the one with blonde hair said with a grin on his face.
“Get out, I’ll hold them back!” I shouted at Mikey who made a break for the exit as I blocked the vampires way to getting them.

“Sorry Honey, but this mirror ain’t big enough for the two of us.” I grinned at the vamps, pulling my stake out of it’s sheath at twirling it in my hand. The smaller female one advanced on me, her fangs bared. I buried my stake in her chest and watched her fall to the ground. The blonde growled and came at me, I threw my stake at him and it just buried itself in his bicep as he continued to advance toward me. He grabbed me by the throat and pulled my head back. I felt his fangs skin into my neck, I wouldn’t scream. Ray and Frank would come in if I screamed and they didn’t have to see.

I was thrown at the wall, I crashed right through it. I hit the ground and lost my grip on consciousness.

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