Vampires Will Never Hurt You

We all promised, if one of us were to be bitten, another would have to stake them. It was my job to stake Gerard, Gerard's to stake Mikey, Mikey's to stake Frank, Frank's to stake Ray and Ray's to stake me. We were only safe as long as the sun was out but when night fell we knew that it wasn't safe for anyone or anything.


1. Chapter One

I finished carving my message into the side of my stake. It read, ‘I’m sorry’ because that’s all I could think to write. It was the stake I would have to drive into Gerard’s heart if the vampires got him. We’d all spent the last couple of hours writing our messages for the person we had the job to kill. I had to kill Gerard, he was the sweetest, most charismatic guy you could ever meet, his smile was contagious and I couldn’t imagine him how my brother was, sharp fangs and that bloodthirsty look all vampires held in their eyes. I watched the rest of the group as they carved their messages. They’d all known each other for longer than the two months since they’d saved me. Gerard sat there, legs crossed. His stake set between them as he wrote his message for his little brother his black hair fallen like a curtain before his pale face. The little brother who he had to stake, Mikey was sitting on a stool carving with his pocket knife, he didn’t sit with the rest of us because of his knees, he couldn’t run because of it so Gerard made sure he could always be sure that Mikey was safe, with his short dark brown hair and constant serious expression.

I underlined the word ‘sorry’ once more because I knew I’d never stop saying it. Frank and Ray were on watch until midnight when their watch ended and Mikey and I would keep a look out for any vamps so that it would be unlikely for them to get close enough to bite one of us. It wasn’t easy for us to live like this, constantly on our toes, expecting death to leap out of every shadow. I hadn’t slept in three days, none of the guys knew that, they’d have someone watch me until I slept. I didn’t want to bother them, our current schedule worked out well for them and they didn’t have to save me from my brother when he turned. I felt a tap on my shoulder causing me to jump and drop my stake.

“Jess, it’s your turn to watch. Mikey’s already on the south end, you take north.” Frank said with a sweet little smile. I nodded and stood up, ruffling his short black hair as I turned to go to the north end of the house. I sat down on the slightly torn window sill bench and tucked my feet up and leaned against the wall watching out the window for the pale faces of vampires, the moon was on our side at night, giving us enough light to see outside incase a vampire came for us.

I felt my eyelids start to drop, I fought to keep them open, to no avail. I fell asleep to witness my recurring nightmare.


I crept down the stairs in terror, I’d heard my mother scream so I came to see what was wrong. I peeked around the doorway that led into the kitchen. My mother cowered against the bench holding up her crucifix, tears streaking her face as she stared at my brother who stood before her, with a rock solid stance. He’d been missing for three days and now at midnight he was scaring our mother half to death. She saw me and her eyes widened further with complete horror.

“Jessica, run! Go as far from here as you can!” she screamed, dropping her crucifix. Scott pivoted his body to look at me, he grinned, showing pristine white fangs. He took two strides toward my mother and snapped her neck. I let out a squeak for it was all I could manage before he turned back to me. I saw his eyes, they were empty of any emotion but I could see the thirst for blood in them. I slowly stepped back as he strode toward me. I backed up until my feet knocked into the ridge of the stair behind me. Scott turned out of the kitchen to look down upon me from his six feet, looming over my petty five feet four inches. I tried to walk back further but I couldn’t  walk backwards up the stairs, my foot slid off of the edge of the step and I fell backward my head smacking on the stairs.

I heard the window smash and I saw the door get kicked open. Scott ignored it and grinned wider, his fangs gleaming in the light. Something sharp protruded from his heart seemingly in an instant. He dropped to the ground to reveal the silhouette of a man standing behind him. I was shaking in pure terror as another man walked slowly over to me and traced his fingers over my neck.

“She’s not been bitten.” he said in a gentle voice before he slid his arms under me and picked me up, cradled against his chest. I saw a bite mark on my brother’s shoulder standing out against his pale skin and I yelped as I lost consciousness.


I was shaken awake to see Gerard standing next to me with a worried expression.
“Jess, you should have said something if you were that tired. I’d have covered for you.” he assured me.
“I- I’m always tired, I didn’t think much of it. I’m sorry Gerard.” I whispered sadly.
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll cover the rest of your shift, go back and get some sleep. You need to rest.” he smiled before pulling me up and pushing me lightly down the hall that led me back to the main room where we were sleeping. Frank and Ray were both snoring as I lay down and pulled one of the thin blanket over myself shivering slightly.

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