Vampires Will Never Hurt You

We all promised, if one of us were to be bitten, another would have to stake them. It was my job to stake Gerard, Gerard's to stake Mikey, Mikey's to stake Frank, Frank's to stake Ray and Ray's to stake me. We were only safe as long as the sun was out but when night fell we knew that it wasn't safe for anyone or anything.


4. Chapter Four

"Sunset." Gerard muttered, raking his hand through his silky black hair.
"What?" Mikey quipped in confusion, his face set in a passive expression.
"Kill me at sunset, I'd like to have the last moments of my life spent in the beauty of a sunset, as opposed to right here and now."
"It's too much of a risk, Jess could soften and give you enough pity for the sun to go down and you to attack."
"She knows to kill be before dark, I want to die in the most beautiful part of the day!"
"Guys! I can do this right. Sunset it is, Mikey I promise, I won't let him attack me."


Gerard gazed out towards the slowly sinking sun, the orange light cascading over his face, lighting his dark eyes. I could see the tears welling up, near the point of spilling. I put my hand on his shoulder in a reassuring manner, stake gripped in my hand, the deed had to be done and I had to be the one to do it, I didn't want to back down, I didn't want to look weak. I pitied him, if it weren't for Mikey or myself getting kidnapped, he wouldn't have had to rescue us from a nest of vampires and fight them off while we got to safety. He wouldn't have been bitten if it weren't for us.

"Promise me, you'll make it quick." he whispered solemnly.
"I promise." I squeaked, I was on the verge of tears, but I had to be strong. Gerard turned to face me, he gave me a small smile in hopes of comforting me.
"I'm sorry, I know you're afraid." he whispered. I shook my head.
"You're the one who's going to die. All I have to do is kill you, although it will shatter my soul into a million pieces you will be the one who has suffered the most."
"Cut the crap, Jess. I know you're terrified, of killing me and the chance that I could go crazy an attack you. You're shaking." his voice softened on the last sentence, his eyes wishing that this wasn't happening. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and hold him tightly, to comfort him, but I couldn't because he could turn and then I'd be dead. I wanted to stop shaking, I wanted to stop scaring him at the idea of him being the reason why I was two seconds from jumping off the ledge, down into the trees inevitably filled with vampires, just to escape having to do this.

Gerard let out a yelp of anguish, curling his body into a fetal position. I instantly moved to help him, forgetting about the fact that he was probably turning. His face was contorted into a look of complete agony as he tried to muffled a scream with his fist.
"Jess… get away!" he shouted, before screaming, hands flat on the ground, his back hunched over as his canines elongated into sharp needle-like fangs. He turned to face me, eyes dark red, glimmering with the hunger that came with the change, fangs glimmering in the now present moonlight. Fear skyrocketed throughout my body as I froze in horror, staring Gerard directly in the eyes. That wasn't Gerard anymore, it was a monster in his place, a monster thirsty for the blood running through my veins. His arm swung out, tossing me across the little platform above the house that had been our shelter for months now. I was now pressed against the little step where the roof wasn't level, my body quaking with fear. I could see my stake, just out of my reach.

Gerard was advancing on me, fingers ending in black claws, skin a ghostly shade of white. I pushed myself in the direction of my stake, seizing the cold wood in my grasp, aiming it at Gerard as he left at me, I closed my eyes firmly, turning my head away. I didn't want to see the scene that would fold out before me. I felt the weight of Gerard pull the stake out of my grip, I heard a thud on the roof and opened my eyes slowly. Gerard was laying on his back, stake wedged in the side of his ribcage, blood rapidly pooling around the wound and dripping from his mouth with a few bubbles as he tried to breath. Every sign of the monster had vanished from his appearance, apart from the pale skin as he bled out.

I crawled over to kneel next to him, taking his colds hands in my warm ones. I knew I would never get over what I had done.
"Gerard, I am so sorry." I whispered, choking on the tears. His eyes were their usual warm hazel, they were Gerard's eyes as he lay dying.
"It's okay…" he whispered, trailing off into silence as his last breath left his lips, eyes now cold and empty. I buried my head in his undamaged side, sobbing, my tears soaking his thin white shirt. I'd just killed my best friend.


At morning the guys had come up to the roof to find me, asleep with my face still buried in Gerard's chest, it must've been such a horrid sight for them, Ray and Frank had started crying before Mikey woke me with a stone cold expression. I could see the pain in his eyes, it was tearing him apart. Mikey has ushered us all inside, we'd left Gerard on the roof for the time being. I was shaking vigorously, most likely from the shock as apposed to anything else. Mikey had retrieved me a blanket and draped it around my shoulders, pulling it tight around my small frame. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes, he wouldn't be able to contain them much longer.

"Mikey… it's okay, you don't have to be strong anymore." I whispered just as a single tear rolled down his cheek as he quickly swept it away with his sleeve. He turned and left the room. We could all hear his screaming and throwing things in the next room but we decided to just let him deal with grief in his own way.


AN: Sorry about my longggggg hiatus, I had writers block and then all of my work got deleted so here is your finale! :*

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