Change Me [Justin Bieber]


6. Chapter Six

"Look who decided to come back after a while." 

"And look who still hasn't learned to shut the fuck up and realize that no one cares." 

Okay maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to say, but somehow I had gained strength and courage over the past 1.5 week so I wasn't scared of him anymore. My supporters would hate him if he did anything to me. I was sure. 

"What did you just say to me Porter?"

"I prefer Amy, but you heard me Mr. McGraw." 

For some reason Tyler has always been calling me Porter... It used to be my middle name, but I got it out of my name because I thought it sounded stupid and I only wanted two names. It was a long time ago, but it just somehow stayed with him. 

"Amy, just leave him alone, he's not worth your attention and you'll only see him today before you leave." 

"Yeah you're right."

I rolled my eyes and walked side by side with Kristy down the hall. We went into the classroom we had to be in. 

Everyone shut up as we entered the room and was staring at me. All of these students had seen the video and I knew by the way they looked at me. It was disgusting that they could suddenly accept me because I was much better singers than they were. 

My favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. McKenzie came into the classroom shortly after and she stopped right in front of me with a big proud smile on her face. 

"Amy Johnson, my own superstar. I'm glad to have you back." 

"I'm sorry to disappoint you Mrs. McKenzie, but I'll only be here for a day and then I'll be gone for at least a week again." 

"Oh my! Where are you going girl?" 

"I can't tell you. I'm sorry. We have to stay low key with it right now." 

“You can tell me everything Amy dear.”

“I know, but this I just can’t share with anyone.”

Kristy already knew about everything. I had told her on the way in the car, but she seemed very calm about her, and I’m pretty sure I had made it clear enough for her so she wouldn’t tell anyone about where I was going. I didn’t want the world to know until Justin made it public.

I smiled a sorry smile to Mrs. McKenzie and found my seat in the classroom.

Soon after, Jeremy walked into the class as well. Great that meant Glee Club was visiting right now. Honestly I wasn’t in the mood to sing with them, but I knew I would be forced to.

“Amy Johnson, it’s been long.”

He smiled down at me as he stood in front of me and interrupted my conversation with Kristy.

“Would you mind if I had a word with my favorite niece for a second?”

I rolled my eyes at him and followed him down to the back of the big room where no one was sitting.

“What’s going on Jeremy?”

“I’m sorry you don’t get along with your dad anymore.”

“Don’t come with some pity speech on me. I’m not in the mood for it.”

“You’ve changed. What’s happened to you over the past days?”

“YouTube… I put up the full cover of the song after it had been played here, and everyone seems to love it. I’m flying out to New York tonight. Justin Bieber gave me an offer to maybe get a contract under him in his record label.”

“Not bad! You go girl.”


I smiled shyly at the ground. I still couldn’t believe I was going to New York, but I was and it was real this time.

“Now, will you show this class how it’s done real?”

“I don’t know if I can do it. Not in front of these people.”

“If it’s your future you’ll have to do it in front of everyone.”

“I know, but I don’t know.”

“You’ll do it if Mrs. McKenzie tells you to?”


“I know you will.”

He smiled down to me and we both walked back in silent. I sat down beside Kristy again as my teachers started to speak about everything and nothing.

“Well class. As you can see we’re visited by Glee Club today, which means you’ll all be singing again today. We’ll start with Kristy and Amy.”

“Sorry… Mrs. McKenzie, but their voices don’t fit each other. I’ve heard them sing together plenty of times, but it won’t go together. I would like for Amy to sing alone if that’s possible.”

“Of course it is. Amy Johnson please take the stage.”


“Please sing on the stage.”

“But Mrs. McKenzie I can’t.”

“Of course you can sweetheart. You have a lovely voice. Up you go.”

Kristy pushed me gently and I was soon standing nervous on the stage. I hated this because I wasn’t the person to be nervous for my performance, but today I was.

“Amy what do you want to sing?”

“What do you have?”

“Mrs. McKenzie put on Didn’t Mean It by Jasmine Villegas.”

I looked at my uncle and he knew that I was about to refuse to sing the song so he went over to my teacher and whispered something into her ear.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes – she does that song better than anyone I’ve ever heard.”

The music from one of my favorite songs filled my ears and suddenly it was like the room disappeared in front of me and it was only me on the stage. I took a deep breath and started the song. The first part was humming and I did it as good as I could. I loved this.

I filled my lungs with air and started singing as well as I could, and suddenly I was back in the room and it was only about performing this song as beautifully as it was possible.

Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow, but if we are wise, we know that there’s always tomorrow. Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on, for it won’t be long, ‘til I’m gonna need, somebody to lean on.”

I stopped after that and everyone was staring at me with shock written in their eyes. None of them had expected this from me, but this was good. Now they knew my talent and I hadn’t been holding anything back. Even my teacher was staring at me weirdly, but without a word I walked back down to my seat beside my best friend and sat down.

“Why have you never sung that song for me? It was so fucking awesome Amy!”

“Because it’s not something I do. Jeremy has heard it because he walked in on me singing it once a long time ago.”

“But for me? I’m your best friend.”

“I just don’t sing it for anyone ok? It’s my personal song.”


The lesson went by fast, but none of the other students brought the silence or the shock I had spread to the class. This was what I could, and this is what my talent did.

As soon as I was out of the classroom I said my goodbyes to Kristy. Honestly I was going to miss her because somehow she was my only friend. 

I took off driving the only car my parents could afford to give me. My mum wasn't at the house when I got there, but it didn't really matter because I was only going to pack the rest of my stuff to when I was going. 

I was in my room packing my bags when the familiar sound of my phone came on. 



"Who is this?" 

"My name is Jared. I'm Justin's manager." 

"Oh hi. How are you?" 

"Great thanks." 

"I just wanted to inform you that you'll get your first session with a vocal coach tomorrow morning while Justin will be in the studio working on his album." 

"Sure that's okay." 

"You'll take a car out here with Justin tomorrow morning. And that is the same car that'll pick you up tonight. Ash will take you back to Justin's place. The poor kid insisted that you would stay with him instead of in the hotel." 

"He did?" 

"Yes he did. I'll look forward to see you tomorrow morning." 

"You too." 

After that we hung up. I don't think I could get used to all the no goodbyes but that was just how it was. 

Just as I hung up I heard my mum downstairs. She was soon in my room, helping me with the last stuff before we went to the airport. The flight was quite far, but I would just have to get used to that if this was my future. I don't think I would be able to leave Chicago. 

I was put into some special celebrity room as soon as I had gotten my stuff at the airport. Beside that my ticket was in first class. Man this boy had style. 

As soon as I got into the celebrity room thing I sat down on a chair. There was only one other person than me in here but not someone I recognized. 

"Ms. Johnson, please follow me. We're ready to board you." 

I followed the lady that had stepped up in front of me and walked with my phone tightened in my hand all the way to the plane. The woman showed me my seat. As soon as she left for a while I got myself seated properly with my bag the right place and the things I would need during the flight. I checked my phone again before I would have to turn it off. There was a new text from an unknown number, but somehow I knew the number anyway. I opened the text and started reading it. 

"Dear Amy 

I hope you'll enjoy your flight to New York. I can't wait to meet you. I'm already at the airport waiting for you to get here. Have a safe flight. 

- Justin

He seemed like a really sweet guy, and honestly I couldn’t believe that I was going to meet him. It was going to be so good.

There was nothing much to tell about the flight except for the fact that it was much more luxury than usual. They were treating me like I was some sort of princess or something, but it was an amazing feeling, and I was kinda sad when I had to get out of the plane, because I would have enjoyed a longer flight with the kind staff.

I was followed out, again by the woman who followed me in. This was before any of the other guests would have the chance to get out, and I enjoyed the feeling. My luggage was already waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs with 2 big buff guys.

“Miss Johnson?”

The big guys questioned me. A bit away held a black Audi SUV. Really beautiful and awesome car, which would be ‘mine’ for the next week.


“Please follow us to the car, so we can get away without any fans noticing.”

“Of course.”

I followed the guys and as soon as we were standing by the car the door opened and out came no other than the boy who had texted me only two hours ago. Justin Bieber.

“Amy Johnson. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh no Justin. The pleasure is mine.”

I smiled a big cheesy smile before I was pulled in for a hug I didn’t expect.


I wrapped my arms around him as well for a second before he let me go and we both went into the car.

It was a 45 minutes’ drive back to Justin’s place and the closer we got the more nervous I got.

“Are you okay? You seem nervous?”

“Yeah I’m great thanks.”

“How was your flight?”

“Very luxury. You didn’t need to put me in first class.”

“It’s alright. You should have the best time while you’re here.”


I looked at the ground for a long time and let the silence fill the car.

“Are you excited?”

I looked up at him as he questioned my excitement, after we had been silent for a while. Truly I was excited, but I was honestly more nervous about what was going on at home, and how long I would be able to keep it a secret that I was in New York.

“Of course.”


He continued looking down on his phone and had a smirk written all over his face as he obviously read something really interesting.

“What’s so funny?”

He continued laughing a bit before he looked up at me and showed me the picture of me and him hugging at the airport.

“What?! But how? People aren’t supposed to know I’m here.”


“Because it’s supposed to be a secret. I’m not here to get my life ruined, at least not yet. I’d like for it to be our little secret. For my family’s sake… and for me.”

“Fine. I’ll just keep it that way then, but you’ll have to wear disguise then.”

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out.”

We pulled up in front of the great mansion and I couldn’t help but stare at the house I had seen countless pictures of both on the inside as the outside. It was a beautiful place, and I couldn’t believe that I was standing right in front of it right now. It was so beautiful.

I followed Justin inside, got my bags and then it happened. We were on our own. He showed me to my room where he also put my bags. He was a real gentleman.

After I had been unpacking alone in my room for a while Justin got back to me where we got the chance to speak. 

“Are you alright Amy? You seem really nervous and stressed.”

I sat down on the bed instead of continuing my unpacking. I couldn’t lie to this boy. Not even if I wanted to. He had been nothing but a gentleman, and he was probably the kindest human being I had ever met.

“I guess I can’t lie to you Justin.”

“There’s no need to.”

He sat down beside me and ran small circles over my back.

“The truth is, I’m scared. I’m so excited for this, yet so scared of what will happen to me in the future. I want this more than anything I’ve ever wanted and I don’t know if I’ll be able to cope with the pressure if this is what I get.”

“You’ll just have to take one step at the time. I’m here to help you.”


I smiled shyly down at the ground. I kept my eyes locked at the ground until I felt Justin’ hand under my chin and he then turned my head to face him.

“I don’t understand them. The bullies… You’ve let them get so close to you, that they have torn everything inside of you apart. They’ve made you believe that all of their words are true, and it’s a shame for such a beautiful girl to feel so much pain and to have such a low self-esteem. You’re a really beautiful girl Amy Johnson, with a beautiful talent and a beautiful heart, which has just been torn.”

I let a gasp slip my lips before I got up from the bed and looked at him with a mix of disgust, surprise and shock. I didn’t know how to handle being called beautiful. He was lying to me! Why would he lie to me now? Now that I was finally here! Why did he do these things?

“I don’t believe you.”

My words were formed perfectly over my lips and slipped my mouth hard but in a low voice.

“You should.”

“Don’t lie to me Justin.”

“I would never.”

He got up from the bed and moved closer to me. I stepped back until I was leaning against the wall.  I was scared he was so close to me.

“I would never lie to you or hurt you Amy. You’ve been ruined enough. I’m here to heal you. Just like lyric is.”

He ran his fingers over my tattoo as he said the name of my butterfly in a weak low voice.

I felt the shivers down my spine and I leaned even further away from him. He couldn’t be this close to me. Not without harming me, or in the end it would be different I would be hurting him. All of my problems would become his problems. What had I gotten myself into?

“I’m sorry Justin. I can’t do this.”

I pushed him away and walked out of the room. I went out on the balcony nearest my room on the top floor and sat down in one of the corners where I broke down. I let the sound of late NYC fill me up before I drifted off to a heavy sleep.


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