Change Me [Justin Bieber]


7. Chapter Seven

When I woke up the next morning I was placed in my own bed. Justin sat in a chair in the corner of the room. It was easy to tell that he had fallen asleep shortly after he had gotten me back into my room, or while he was making sure I was okay.


I threw a pillow at him and he sat up just as it got him right in his stomach.


“Time to get up. We have a studio to get to.”

I smirked at him. In reality I hadn’t even checked the time yet, but when I looked at him he had that, ‘I don’t care what’s planned today’ look on his face. I knew he wanted to make sure that I was okay before we started working on songs.

“You still have to tell me what was going on last night.”

“I just can’t.”

I was speaking through my teeth and looked up at him when the word ‘can’t’ slipped my lips. He moved from the chair and sat down on the edge of my bed. He ran his fingers through my hair, which made me look down, but soon I felt his fingers under my chin, forcing me to look back at him.

"We aren't going anywhere till you tell me why you came here if you're convinced you can't do it." 

I let out a sigh and rolled my eyes at him. 

"Don't roll your eyes. It's not polite." 

He smirked at me and then let my face go as I started to tell him about the big chaos inside of my head. 

"I came here because I trust you. I don't know you but for some reason I trust you with all of my heart. I know what you're capable of doing, you can get me to where I wanna go in life. I needed a break off of everything so my mum decided she wanted to send me away. First I got off from school for 1.5 week. I had my first day back yesterday, but ever since I got home rumors and bullies have been worse and they ended up making my dad believe that I had a relationship with my uncle. This resulted in my dad staying at a hotel and refusing to speak with me and my uncle. When I was about to cut again you caught me. That's when I saw the first e-mail." 

"Wow... This is.... A lot to take in." 

"I know it is and I'm sorry, I shouldn't be putting all this on you." 

I was about to get up from the bed and get the day started but Justin pulled me back on the bed and held my hand while he looked at me with puppy eyes. 

"Please tell me the rest Amy. I'm here to help you, but in order to help you I need to understand what you are thinking." 

I took my hand back and told him about how the bullies had been and how I had felt about it. He looked at me feeling sorry for me and I couldn't help but getting a bit annoyed. I didn't want him to feel sorry for me; I wanted him to get me started on this so I could get out of this horrible misery. 

"Don't look at me like that." 

"Like what?"

"With pity. I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I want you to get me started so I can move on and prove them wrong." 

"So you don't believe the bullies?" 

"Of course I do... I mean... I don't know ok? I don't want to believe them." 

"Amy don't listen to them. They aren't worth it." 

"I know." 

I started sobbing and soon I felt his arms wrapped around me. It felt good to have someone this close. Someone I trusted, someone I believed in. 

"I'm here for you beautiful." 

"I know you are, but I needed you sooner. I needed you when I was about to end it all. When I was about to kill myself. That's why I got Lyric." 

"I'm glad you got her. We need someone like you in this business." 

"Do you believe in me?" 

"I do. I do more than I ever have done in anyone sweetheart." 


"No need to thank me." 

"Can I ask you something Justin?" 

"Of course." 

"Why me? Why did you choose me out of all the talented people there?" 

"Because you had something the others didn't have."

"What is it that I have?" 

"You made me fall in love with your personality on the camera. You showed me how you belonged there even though you weren't a strong person." 

I let myself loose of his arms and looked at him. He had tears in his eyes as well. 

"Did you just say you were in love with me?" 

"I did yes." 

"But how? You don't even know me." 

"I guess I just felt something special move inside of me as soon as you shared yourself with the world." 

I moved up so I sat on his lap and hid my face in his chest. His arms wrapped around me and we sat there in silence in what felt like forever. We broke apart when Justin's phone started going off and his manager wanted us to get moving and get to the studios. As soon as he had hung up he hugged me tight again. 

"We're gonna make this happen. I promise you. Just give it everything you can at the vocal tryouts today." 

"I will. I promise I won't let you down." 

"That's my girl." 

H smiled at me and kissed my hair before he left the room. 

"Where are you going?" 

"I need to get in some other clothes. Get ready. I'll meet you in the kitchen in a bit." 

He smiled and left my room. I was still sitting on the bed and thinking about what to wear. After a couple of seconds I got up and started going through my stuff. 

I found a pair of leggings with Aztec print and put them on after I had found my underwear and put them on. They had a high waist so I chose a dark red geek crop top with the leggings. As for my shoes I chose a black pair of sneaker wedges that had been well worn and then when out into the bathroom. 

After being on the toilet I did my make-up which was a bit extreme. I loved make-up and loved putting it on. As soon as I had finished my make-up I brushed my teeth and then went out into the kitchen where Justin had already done the breakfast. 

His eyes widened as he saw me. 

“I said to get dressed not for me to want you undressed.”

“Very funny.”

“Too soon?”

“Just a bit.”

I smiled at him as I sat down on the opposite side of the table than he was on and started eating the toast in front of me, and drink the water.

“Are you ready for the day?”

He looked at me like I was a piece of meat he could eat. Desire was written in his eyes and honestly I just waited for him to jump in over the table and take me up against the wall. Wait… what? What did I just think? I rolled my eyes and shook my head a bit to get back to reality. I was shocked over myself, but I guess that was the hormones inside of me doing their thing right now.


Justin looked at me again and this time I couldn’t help it. I wanted to feel him closer to me. After everything he had said to me I finally saw it in his eyes. The fire I had been missing out on from the moment he picked me up from the airport.

I got up from my chair, walked over to him and placed myself in his lap so I would be facing him. None of us said anything as our eyes locked with each other’s. It was like magic and a strong tension was going on between us, but it was actually really nice. It was what I had waited for my whole life. To feel love.

I looked into his eyes and tilted my head a bit to one side before I moved closer and he closed the space between us. I felt his arms tighten around me as he pulled me closer so I could feel his body against mine. It was a lovely feeling and it sent shivers down my spine.

My hands found their wait to his just done hair and I intertwined my fingers with his neck hair. This was my way to pull myself closer. I let out a moan in the back of my throat and that only made him even more intense. It was like I was pulled even closer to him. Closer than possible! He licked my lower lip, asking for entrance to my mouth and our tongues were soon intertwined as well. It felt good. I felt loved, and when I realized this, the tears started to stream down my cheeks.

Justin pulled away and looked at me with those hurtful eyes.

“Don’t cry baby girl.”

He wiped the tears away with his thumbs and placed another soft kiss over my lips before we would have to get up, because someone was ringing on the doorbell.

“It’s happy tears.”

I smiled at him as he took my hand and led me out to the front door, where we were greeted by no other than Jared, the manager.

“Jared, what are you doing here?”

“Checking on you two! You were supposed to be at the studio an hour ago.”

“Sorry mate, we were just getting ready to go.”

Justin let go of my hand, and grabbed two jackets by the door. One for me, which was my own and then his own jacket. We left the house minutes later with all of our stuff ready for the studio session.

All the way in the car Justin kept sending me small ensuring smiles and I felt like I could do this. I trusted him with this.

I can honestly say that I was really nervous for the time in the studio, but I was really excited as well. I would be working a lot while I was here, but because of my ‘sickness’ Justin had made sure that the nights were off for me and him to have a nice time together and get to know each other. I would also have a writing session with Justin at a point, and that wouldn’t be in the studio. I would get the chance to do that at his place. Actually we would be doing a lot of things at his place. Most of the people I was supposed to meet were also someone I would either meet at his place, or they would drop by as we were in the studios.

We pulled up in front of the building that could easily be mistaken for a random building in this area. There wasn’t really anything special about it, but it was easy to tell as soon as we got inside the first door that this was a special place.

I was placed in a chair in one room where I was told to wait for a girl named Emma. Emma was Justin’s personal vocal coach and she would be working with me for the next 5 hours where I would have studio time, after that I would be put into the room where Justin was working on his album. He had 7 hours of work today, so while he was working in there I would be taught how to use the different instruments and the stereo thingy thing. I honestly didn’t even know the name for the mixer they had in front of them with all of the buttons and I just wanted to get to know a little more about it before I would be working with recording.

Jared left Justin and I alone for a second, I was sure he didn’t know yet what had been going on, but he sure thought about it, which he hid very badly.

“You’re gonna be fine, come in to me when you’re on break and we’ll get something to eat. And then maybe you can sing for me and my mate who’s with me in here.”

“Who’s with you?”

“Let’s leave that as a surprise.”

He smirked at me, hugged me tight and left a kiss in my hair before he left the room and Emma entered. I got another smile from him before he closed the door and got to his work. Emma was a young woman. Maybe 30 years old? I don’t know, but she sure looked very young and smart and I really loved her appearance.

“Hey Amy, my name is Emma Garcia. I’m gonna be your vocal coach for the day, and I’ really excited because I’ve done nothing but listen to your halo cover for the past 24 hours just to figure out what I want to do with you.”

“Did you like it?”

“Like it? Sweetheart we love it! Everyone loves it! I even think Justin gave you a shoutout for it.”

“He did what?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be that big a deal.”


“Let’s start with some warm up.”

And then it started. All the silly tones and the silly exercises that helped my vocal get warm and perfect round for what I was about to sing. This was really hard work and I got tired before I even knew about it. It was much harder than I remembered it.

I sang the tones, jumped around and stretched my neck and chest in every direction possible and then started singing small notes up and down just to get warmed up. After a while I thought I was about to lose my voice, but this was just the place where I just got started. Everything was actually fine, as soon as I got a little break after the warm up.

“So Amy, you’ve done great so far. Which song would you like to sing?”

“Actually I’d really love to sing lean on me if that’s okay with you?”

“Of course it is.”

Emma sat down behind the piano and started playing the notes I knew so well, for the song I hated singing in front of people, but she wanted me to impress her, and this is what I was gonna do.

Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow, but if we are wise, we know that there’s always tomorrow. Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on, for it won’t be long, ‘til I’m gonna need, somebody to lean on. Please (please) swallow your pride (pride) if I have thing you need to borrow (for) for no one can fill those of your need that you won’t let show. So just call (call) on me brother (hey) when you need a hand (when you need a hand) we all need (need) somebody to lean on! (I just might have a problem) I just might have a problem that you’ll understand we all need somebody to lean on!”

The piano stopped and I felt the silence hit the room and I saw her eyes just as I had seen my classmates the day before. Shock, surprise and horror.

“We’ll just take five.”

She looked at me and then she was out of the room. I had never seen anyone move that far. I followed her out in the hallway where I looked after her, but I couldn’t see anyone. I looked back at the big watch on the wall, in the room I had just left and saw that I had only been in there for about an hour.

I walked a bit down the hall when I started hearing screaming and yelling between who would be Emma and Jared, and soon it got louder as the door from the room they were in got opened and someone came running down the hall.

Soon I was almost knocked out by Justin when he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room I had just been practicing in.

“What happened in here?”

He looked at me with a deadly serious expression written on his face and I looked at him confused and scared. Nothing had happened in here, I had just done what I had been asked to do.

“Nothing Justin I swear! I just did what she asked me to. Nothing else!”

“Which song did you sing?”

“Lean On Me, Glee version.”

“Let me hear it.”

“Wait what? Tell me what’s going on?”

“Just sing the song to me.”

He sat down behind the piano and played flawless as Emma had just done minutes before him and again I stepped up behind the microphone I had been given. I closed my eyes and let the music fill me as I started singing at the top of my lungs again. I gave it even more than I had done before. It was an amazing feeling and I felt the music and my own vocal fill the world. Everything around me disappeared.

When I opened my eyes again seconds later I saw, Jared and Emma standing there as well as Justin. Justin had a smile plastered to his face, and by that look I knew that all of the plans would have to get changed.

Justin took out his phone as it started ringing again.

“No that can’t get out. It’s supposed to be a secret that she’s here… Well I’m sure you’ll think of a way to cover it up. And no she’s not giving any interviews. The entire plan has just been changed. I’ll call you later.”

With that he hung up and I knew what he meant. Everything was supposed to be changed, because I had just gotten myself something I wouldn’t get again.

“Justin, Amy why don’t you go back to the apartment. We’re gonna make out a new schedule for the next couple of days and I’ll drop by with the plans later. For the rest of the day you’ll be off. Don’t get caught in public.”


I followed Justin out. He was still smiling and I could sure tell that he was both happy and proud.

“Are you gonna tell me anything about all of this?”

“I’ll explain it to you when we get back to my place. It’s much better than you think.” 

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