Change Me [Justin Bieber]


15. Chapter Fifteen

My mum woke me up Sunday morning and asked me to come with her down stairs. I made my way out of Justin’s arms even though I truly wanted to stay in bed the most.

“Good morning princess.”  

“Why are you waking me up?”

“We need to talk about the coming week.”

“I’ll be with Justin...”

“Amy you have to finish your school. We can’t have you come back and leave again all the time.”

“But I can’t really go back with everything that happened Friday, now can I?”

“Of course you can go back Amy! That’s exactly what you need to do!”

“I’m flying out to Los Angeles on Tuesday mum.”

“You’re what?!”

“Justin and I are flying out to LA on Tuesday and you can’t stop me.”

“You bet your ass I can! You have to take care of your school!”

“If I had to take so much care of my school, how come you let me go to New York to work with him and work on my music?! Is this because I’m finally in control of myself?!”

“You think you’re in control of your own life? That boy has you twisted around his fingers like a little puppet! He can make you do whatever he wants Amy and that’s scaring me like hell! That’s why I don’t want you to go! Stay in Chicago!”

“NO! He’s making me sane! Frankly he’s the only one who’s actually ever made me sane! I was insane before, I was sick and as soon as he’s around I’m cured! I can do this! I want to do this!”

My mum sat down. She was out of words and I understood her. I wasn’t being the nicest daughter I could be and I was hurting her. But she had to understand that music was what I wanted now and it was time for me to prove that I could do it!

Justin came down the stairs. He must have heard us as we had been talking loud.



I smiled at him as soon as I saw the bare chest filled with ink and the hazel friendly eyes I was in love with. I felt my heart heal a little more as he smiled back at me and gave me a hug before he kissed me on the cheek. My mum looked to us with tears in her eyes. She loved seeing me this happy but it terrified her at the same time.

“Mrs. Johnson I was actually hoping I could have a word with you?”

“About LA?”

“How did you-“

“She’s not going Justin.”

“But it’s a once in a life time opportunity!”

“You’re famous Justin, my daughter is not. It’s going to stay that way.”

“I love your daughter Mrs. Johnson and I know you do as well. I want to do everything for her just like you will but most of all in the world I want her to be safe. I hope you know that. I want her to feel safe and be happy and be proud of who she is because I’m proud of having her as part of my life. I’m thankful and I’ll always be thankful that I’ve got her to take care of, and her to show me her world. I don’t remember what it was like to be normal anymore I must admit that. I know I’ve done bad things because we all have both good and bad in us but I will never hurt your daughter. I’m here to do what I believe is best for her and what she believes is best for her. I want to take her to Los Angeles because I want to show her what every superstar deserves and she’s definitely one of them. I want to show her the spotlight she belongs in but I won’t let it break her like it almost did to me. I want to keep her grounded. Your daughter is a very special girl with special needs I understand that, I understand her sickness because I’ve seen many people be there before and I know they can be saved and I want to save your daughter that’s how much I love her Mrs. Johnson. So please let me take her to LA. Let her dance with the stars.”

My jaws dropped by the speech Justin had just given my mom. How could he do this? This was impossible. He stood up to my mom and told her everything. Everything I wanted to hear him say and he did say it in front of my mom. What?

My mom looked at me but I was still looking speechless at Justin. I couldn’t believe what he had said.

“Do you really want to go?”

I was still out of words but looked at my mom when she asked me.

“I really want to go mom. This is what I want to do.”

She let out a big sigh before she turned back to me.

“Fine then. You can go to LA but you HAVE to go to school tomorrow. You have to stand up to who you are.”


“No buts. You go to school, take your classes and come back home. Then you pack for LA and you go there and then you give me an update as soon as you’re there and you’ll smile and be happy and thankful for the things you get because you can’t keep going back and forth between these two things.”


I took a deep breath before I spoke and smiled at her when I had spoken. I looked to Justin who was also smiling and looked really thankful.

Justin and I went back upstairs. I didn’t know what to say to him right now because somehow I really wanted to talk to him about what he had said downstairs. I wanted to hear him say it again but this time to me and not to my mum.

I sat down as soon as we were inside my room and ran my fingers over my butterfly. I loved touching my tattoo and it made me believe a little more. There was actually something for me in this life. There was definitely something for me in this life and I knew that now, which made me even more thankful for the little butterfly.

“Are you alright?”

“More than alright. I’m going to LA, and I’m spending the days there with a boy I’m in love with. Could it possibly be better?”

"I don't think so no."

He kissed me and I couldn't help but smile all over my face.

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