Welcome to Andvari. A dystopian city where colour is ugly, and a masked dictator presides over everything. Where people are sorted into sectors by their looks. Where there is no alternative. Or is there?

Meet Spirit, the sixteen-year-old Nekyo, one of the most hideous people alive. Her life changes forever when she discovers a chink in the concrete walls, revealing a world of colour and dazzling light.

But no one can escape reality. And reality for Spirit is the barrel of a gun.


1. The End

Okay, readers, listen up! This IS THE END. Literally. I wrote the ending of this book before I started writing the story. So come back in a month or so if you want to read the whole story. If not, continue reading and remember to tell me what you think! Also please favourite, or at least like, if you enjoyed this teaser. Thanks, Kate xxx


The restraints don't mean anything to me. It's their hatred that hurts.

I stand, chained to the post, and the girl with the gun walks up to me. She lifts my head to the light and I can see the sadness has invaded her. It has grown into her eyes, where the vibrant sapphire irises are flooded with pools of tears. Her mouth is pulled down and she looks intently at me.


She takes my hands and holds them tightly, pressing my fingers together.

"Thank you."

Slowly she wipes the grime from my cheeks.

"Oh, Spirit, why does it have to be you?"

She hugs me tightly and runs back to her place, and I realise the pools in her eyes have overflown, and are streaming down her face.

If this is-

Her body is racked with sobs. She clasps the trigger.

-the end...

The barrel of the gun stares sightlessly at me, promising what is to come.

If this is the end I am thankful for it.

I throw open my arms and welcome the bullet.

This is the end.


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