Dreaming of Now

Lets enter the deep,darkness,wonderful dreams of Dealyn.Dealyn can't stop thinking of one thing,what her dreams actually are.She longs for what her dreams have been offering her,but in reality everyone knows that your dreams don't come true......or do they?


1. Dream One

His lips were the softest thing I have ever encountered.He kissed me like nothing else in the word mattered,grabbing my sides to pull us closer the kiss.By the way he kissed me I knew he loved me and I loved him.He was tall,taller then me.He had brown hair that he let do what ever it wanted.It wasn't too long,it was perfect.He was perfect.The memory of him is fading.I believe he was wearing a grey shirt and dark jeans.It was warming being in his arms,I felt comfortable and happy.But I don't know his name.I don't know what his face looks like,I've seen it but now it's a faint image.I try to piece some of him together to see who he is,there's nothing.

You never really know how a dream starts,half the time you don't remember the dream itself.I don't know how it started,but next thing I do know I'm leaving school,but it's not my high school I'm leaving it's the middle school,but it only looks that way from the outside the inside it looks like the high school.There wasn't anything after that until I got to a house I have never seen before,but it was in many of my other dreams.We were the,me and him,fighting with my family and friends because they didn't want us to be together at all.He clung to me and talked back to my family saying he wanted to be with me,I wanted to be with him.My family didn't argue much about it,like in the real world they didn't really care.In the house there was many rooms.Two smaller rooms and a big one in the middle,the rest of the house was filled with my family.The middle bedroom was mine,it was a big square room,part of the right side of the room was my closet,which was big and amazing,and the rest of the wall was white with white wooden sliding doors that led into the next rooms that was my cousins.My bed sat in the middle of my room with a window above it,other then that and the white walls there was nothing else in my room though if you entered my cousins room it was filled.She had her bed to the right corner of the room,a vanity ,that was also her dresser,rest on the other half of the wall where the sliding doors were.Her rooms was a mess there was clothes all over the floor and her bed was unmade.Her rooms was also purple,a light purple.

I'm writing this as the day drags on he is fading more and more out of my head.I love him so much and I don't know who he is ,but I long for him.The most I remember about us from that dream was him holding me,defending me and us in my room just together wasting time just being with each other not caring about anything else.I'm contemplating if this is actually a dream or my  reality because how real it feels.Now all I can ask is to dream once again about him,maybe find more out about him,remember what he looks like.If only I truly had him.

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