The Experience

A girl gets raped by her mom's boyfriend.


1. The Experience

It was August 2014 when it first happened my mom had me go out to the garage and there was this dude that was living at the same place as us and at first he was living in the garage and then he put up a tent in the back yard. An so when my mom sent me out to the garage Nick followed me out to the garage and he forced me down on the bed and he took my pants off and he raped me now that was the first time that happened and he did it tell the end of September and then I moved out and started to live with my uncle and well his girlfriend got jealous and so I had to move in with my grandma and grandpa and when he was doing that to me I was getting in trouble a lot in town with 20 year old men and not coming home until 9-10. So when I did come home I would get in trouble. Like my mom broke her hand on my head and Jason almost split my lip open because I was so bad and no one could control me and they didnt no what was going on with me. So they got me into therapy and they made me move out of there house so that's when I went to my uncles then my grandma's and then sometime in June or July of 2015 is when I told my therapist about it and then she called my mom and told her that she had to call DHS and turn it in my mom was shocked to hear that because I was not able to tell my mom because I was too scared to tell anyone when I was living in the same house as him. Because I was afraid it would get worse and I didn’t want it to because it was bad enough that me being 12 and 13 years old going  through that it was just really hard to cope with and well he told me that it was my fault so it was even worse.  For me to understand and I asked myself how it was my fault i'm just this little girl I didn’t ask for it so why do it. An you should know that is against the law and still u do it. Now on to a different story kind like mine. That is something that really happened to me.

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