Short and Sweet

"destiny...this is calum."
"i know."
"calum this is destiny."
"maybe this was destiny"
"shut up"


1. speeches

well here i go onto the stage of triumph and torture. if i kept talking to myself i would be perfectly okay. today was the day i told the freshman what to expect when going to high school.

"H..hello..." the mic squeaked for a good thirty seconds before i spoke again."sorry for that. well today you all embark on a journey called high school. i will be taking questions and statements from every single one of you. so lets get started."

i look through the crowd and spot people that are vulnerable. i see two people making out in the back and to girls holding hands and having a deep conversation. but one girl caught my eye in the front.

"you." i say pointing her.

"me" she says.

"yah, so whats your name?"

"mali...mali hood." her name was so familar i couldnt put my finger on it. but i had to keep talking.

"so what are you gonna ask me?"

"have you heard of my brother?"

"ummm..." then i realized this was calum hood's sister. he didnt go to this school anymore no one knew why. "of course"

"he is coming back here. do you think that seniors and freshman see each other alot?" my head spun around...i was the first senior to know this and it was great.

"well freshman and seniors see each other sometimes. you wont have lunch with them usually but if you do you dont have to sit with them." i saw the vice principal looking at me telling me to wrap it up.

"well thank you...mali for the questions. its lunch time!" and with that sentence everyone scrambled out the door but i didnt move from where i was because i knew that calum hood was coming back.

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