This is a post-apocalyptic story that plays in Japan. A cruel serial killer infests the New World. By his doing, his victims regularly are left at the border of the sister cities Tokyo and Sanctuary. Yukiko Mitsokai also has lost relatives by the hand of this murderer. Together with Stephen March and a group of friends they will try to stop this psychopath. It's a thriller with some science-fiction elements in it.


21. 21.






             Lucy Nicholson sent the same night some encrypted emails to a shortlist of persons. Every department head had a part of a member list of the Resistance at his disposal, among them were certainly some members who belonged to the target group she searched. Obviously this list was very secret and, in this case, you didn’t use the real name of these people.  For that purpose, every member of the Resistance had an alias and a matching e-mail address. These IP-addresses were practically not to find out because the messages were sent through ‘the onion router’ or in short TOR.

            TOR consisted of a network of virtual tunnels to hide your IP-address and secure the mail traffic. The system of transferring worked through a series of computers that serve as an intermediate station. The message traveled through these onion-computers by which every computer or server peels a layer from the onion.  At his destination,  the code is reversed into an ordinary reading language. The TOR-program, therefore, chooses a random number from these computers and that’s why the messages were, so to speak, not to intercept.

            If, by exception, someone bumped into a strange writing during, for example, setting up a Tor-exit-node and intercepting a message this way, they wouldn’t understand the text without possessing the full decoding system. It was a system that was put up at the end of the 20th century by the US Naval Research Laboratory of which both the software and the use of the network was free for the users.

            The Resistance every month changed their encryption code for security measures, based on a numeric code, particular famous books, and magazines texts. Each one of the people from the shortlist was a person who would order some research on the chip. All these department heads would send the coded message to their shortlist with the Resistance.  Eventually, the message would reach his target.

            It seemed a cumbersome way of doing things but the speed on the internet highway was super-fast, and they had to take the security of their members into account. The success of their mission depended on it. After all, the current assignment was of extreme importance. 

            Maybe Lucy Nicholson’s cell hadn’t obtained very much at the meeting but at least they had set to work a plan their people could work out accurately. The investigation into the functioning of the chip had now become of the highest priority.

             They had to outlaw the far-reaching control of the government on human beings. To have the personality of a person in your hands and have the possibilities to mold it as a piece of plasticine was unacceptable. To act like they saw it was fit with the human psyche was one of the greatest privacy violations in the history of humanity. 

             The Resistance would and had to put a stop to this. The situation in the Old World only got worse from day to day. It had to end. Every sensible person must be pertinacious in this. You didn't have to be a member of the Resistance. But the repression from the government frightened a lot of kindred spirits and resulted in a silent dissatisfaction getting no results, on the contrary.

            She hoped for a few reactions tomorrow already so she could look into the matter with Feliciano how they would deliver the chips to these persons. One step at a time. To give a serious thought what to do so no mistakes were made.  The members of the Resistance were well-screened before they gained access to the hard-core and their customs and secrets.  But not every human being was the same. That quality was both the strongest but also the weakest side of a person.

            We are all unique Lucy Nicholson said at a meeting once, and she did mean it. Behind her severe appearance was a woman reflecting a lot about these issues. She cared for the environment, certainly after a period of a century from recovery from the Big War. It had been a long-term process and a period of little victories but sometimes misfortunes too. Seeing thousands of species being instinct during the period of war Lucy cared about the fauna and flora but also for the inhabitants of the planet. 

            Through DNA stored in the specially reserved banks as there was the NIAS DNA-bank - the acronym stood for National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences - in the period before the war scientists had via cross-breeding obtained even new varieties. It had resulted, especially in the plant- and flower life, into hundreds of new species.

            The NIAS DNA-bank was above all specialized in the DNA of all kind of rice and fish, but also other genetic material from different flora and fauna. Unfortunately, it was impossible to recreate the original the former extinct plants and flowers as they looked like before.  Especially when the genetic material was missing or if because of meteorological circumstances you didn't succeed in getting the plant or flower back in nature. From now on people would be dependent on any photo- or video material available. A pointer to the consequences of the incomprehensible destruction urges of humanity that was painful to acknowledge.

            There were also databases with the DNA of humans and animals. In that field, the ethical approach of the treatments was a lot more sensitive. A lot of the scientists in the biogenetical world, working for the government, had almost no scruples implementing this process on many of the extinct animal species. Lucy for one was not in favor, but still it happened.

            Those experiments mostly did the animal more harm than good. Although, she had to confess, there were also some successes, in particular, tests. They were successful in bringing back some instinct animal species in their natural habitat through the stored DNA. But still there were those little differences. Sometimes it was there appearance or size. This miracle also restored their character. However, it didn't always happened without accidents.

            When a gentle Golden-Retriever turned out to be a bloodthirsty fighting dog, you really couldn't name that a success. On the other hand, now there was one kind of a tiger you could keep without risk as a pet. He was much smaller than his ancestor, the 'Siberian Tiger', and was as suitable for petting as a domestic cat. This sort looked similar but was only a miniature of the original specimen.

            Lucy Nicholson knew they were busy cloning people in secret. Obviously, it didn't work very as well as with the animals. She, herself wasn't scientifically educated to be familiar with the reasons, but she was happy that it wasn't quite as they expected. A human being wasn't made to play for God. Philosophers and ethicists will be all over in the press in the future. She didn't need it at all. She had not a lot of faith in humanity, not as its original specimen nor in the sort they cloned. 




            Iléna Federova had received a list of five persons who possibly knew the code controlling the chip. At that particular moment, she was in the process of catching the prey in her nets.

            Karl, Meyers, being a bachelor and director logistics of the New York ICSA Department, was caught between her muscular, naked legs. Iléna had picked him up at his favorite bar. She had received this info from Feliciano. She didn't have to force him. Karl Meyers fell for her lovely smile and piercing look. He was the innocent bird, she the naughty cat. Now she was whispering sweet Russian words at him.

            ‘Ti ochen' nuzhna mne, I need you so much,' and she sighed very passionately with every movement she made. She had Karl Meyers beneath her, just in the position she liked to keep her prey captured. ‘Lechu k tebe na krylyah lyubvi. I'll let you fly upon the wings of love.' Iléna kept her word, and Karl felt a short moment of ultimate ecstasy before falling asleep.  Of course, the drug she had put in his drink helped a lot. 

            She examined his clothes and his wallet and found a card with a name who also was on her list of five names. Nothing else indicated a kind of password. Karl maybe wasn't the correct target but Louis Tanner, however, could tell her possibly more. She wrote a goodbye note full of praising words to Karl. He would never meet her again, but he would retain an unforgettable evening to show off with his friends without a doubt. All made up, of course, because Karl wouldn't remember a thing about a possible love night.

            Five minutes later, Iléna had already forgotten about Karl Meyers and was concentrating now on her next prey.




            The senator had carefully approached the senator Halding during their meeting how he was thinking about a hegemony of the United States of the Western Union of the New World. Without making any reference to her plans, she shortly sketched in a technical way the possibilities to Richard Halding. The man was interested. He always had looked up at America as a leader on a world level and was always in favor for a solution to solve the problems between the Old and the New World. She had only dimly clarified at that moment what she thought about the matter.  

            She was able to convince him that this wouldn't happen without any struggle. The United States of America, now extended to the United States of the Western Union, had acquired a responsibility on the planet Earth. If they don't want to relapse and make the same mistakes again, leading to destabilization of the world as they know, there was a big chance having a new war. This time maybe it would be the end of life as they knew. Total annihilation of the planet, certainly this was the last senator Halding wanted to happen, wasn't it? That's why they had to force their supremacy upon the New World. And so the fisherman caught the fish.

            She had solidly and inconspicuously talked to him, mildly brainwashed, dished up future visions of how it could be if they didn't act in time. She would use this procedure with a few other hardliners. Senator Halding was the first in the row. If she could convince everybody the time would be ripe for action.

            She saw the Oval Office in the West Wing of the White House within range. Slowly but surely planting some seeds in the right heads and let them grow. She highlighted some points, affairs the senators had launched themselves and were actions against the New World. She flattered them because of their initiatives in this field. It was a method to underline their right and this way she would persuade other senators to choose the side of the strongest, her side. She was convinced and would fight till the end. Just like they formulated it romantically in movies and stories: till death! For her, these weren't idle and honeyed words. She definitely would go that far to meet her objective! 




            Jack Sterlington had landed in the proximity of a dozen meters from his target watching Clint Ellory a few minutes later landing in a clumsy way between a few bushes. A less fortunate touchdown, obviously without injuries. After a few minutes, he came cursing out of the bushes after he had freed himself of his parachute. Still no trace of Walter Fallon.

            He turned on the intercom and tried to contact him, calling on a secret frequency. 'Glider three, mark your position. Glider three, here Glider one, I repeat, mark your position.' His question remained unanswered, Only silence at the other side of the line. It was possible Walter's communication device broke during the landing, after all, those little things were fragile. He would use his GPS to look for Walter. When he turned him on he immediately saw a green light at his west side. Jack signaled Clint and together they went searching for their companion.

            After ten minutes, they saw him. Walter Fallon speared like a suckling pig on the spit, fallen on one of the rusty stakes that were here and there sticking out of the ground and interconnected with barbed wire. There was nothing left they could do. Jack noticed that Walter had lost his night vision equipment. He didn't spot the thing in the surroundings, so it meant he had flown blind the last part of the descent. In a night like this with dense overcast it was downright suicide. A stupid accident! He was taken aback for a moment by the loss of his army friend. A lot of different images shot through his mind. They had faced difficult challenges together, but they had always arrived home safe and sound.  To end here at the other side of the world is a strange twist of fate. Jack would miss him.

            'We have to get him down, Clint. We can't leave him like that. For that matter if some reconnaissance group passes here, it's finished, and they'll raise hell in no time.' It was a macabre activity, but they did it and with the proper respect for a fallen comrade. Jack and Clint buried their friend behind the shrubbery where Clint had landed so awkwardly and tried to camouflage the place the best they could. After a short moment of silence, Jack Sterlington nodded at Clint. Now they were only two to find Michael and return to the Cellar.


copyright Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere





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