pick-up lines; michael clifford au

"damn girl!"
"did you sit in a pile of sugar? because you have a sweet ass."
"fuck off."

this story contains mature content like inappropriate language and/or behaviour, smut (sexual scenes) and some triggering scenes.
lowercase intended.


2. one

i was on my way to serve the old lady who had ordered a latte of some sort when all of a sudden some guy shouted something, drawing everyone's attention to him. "damn girl!"

i turned around to see who he was talking to and a red haired guy was staring right at me. i assumed he was the irritating guy because everyone was flickering their eyes between the both of us, "what?"

"did you sit in a pile of sugar? because you have a sweet ass." he answered, with a huge smirk across his face.

"fuck off." i scoffed as i turned on my heels and walked over to the old lady.

"here you go ma'am." i said to her politely as i handed her the latte.

"thank you dear." she replied and shakily took the latte off of me and placed it down on the table.

i checked my watch. 7:59. one more minute until my shift is over. i turned around and got surprised to see that a figure was towering over me. i looked up and saw the red haired boy who said that lame ass pick-up line.

"what now?" i groaned and tried to swerve around him but he stopped me and made me face him.

"you're pretty." he told me while smiling at me.

"uh, thanks." i replied but it seemed like a question when it came out. i didn't blush since heaps of guys always attempt to use pick up lines on me in this small city coffee shop.

"and i'm cute. together we'd be pretty cute." he added, with that same huge smirk across his face. not gonna lie, he is cute.

"mhm." i nodded and walked straight out of the shop seeming the time was 8:02.

i walked towards my apartment building and saw that my best friend's car was outside.

ugh, not again. he needs to remember that it's my apartment, not his. he's literally in there more than me.

i walked inside my decent sized apartment and saw luke, my best friend, asleep on the couch.

"wake up shithead." i demanded, shaking him violently.

"oh hi." he said, sitting up as I stopped shaking him.

"how are you in here?" i asked him curiously as i sat down on the couch next to him.

"the spare key under the plant pot." He simply replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"that's only for emergencies, fuckhead." i explained to him, slapping his forehead lightly.

"oh well, this is an emergency."

"what?" i rolled my eyes. every time there's an emergency with him it's always something so little, he's such a drama queen.

"i'm bored." he whined, pouting.

"so much for an emergency, hemmings." i said, rolling my eyes at him.

"keep rolling your eyes, you might find a brain back there."

"really luke, really?"

"shut up i read a list of comebacks earlier today and i wanted to use one on you because the eye rolling one reminded me of you."

"how nice of you to think about me." I smiled at him, pretending to be flattered.

"anyways," i changed the subject. "some guy tried to pick me up again today with shitty pick-up lines."

"really? like what." luke asked curiously, laying back down on the couch again.

"uh," i tried to remember what he said while i laid down on the couch too.

"he said, did you sit in a pile of sugar? because you have a sweet ass and you're pretty, i'm cute. together we'd be pretty cute. pretty lame, right?"

"that's actually so smooth." he said to himself, nodding. "i'm gonna use those sometime."

i rolled my eyes at him as he continued to ask more about him.

i swear luke isn't gay, sometimes i wish he was though because he's basically my only friend. i've always wanted a girl friend, though.

"so did you give him your number?"

"obviously not."

"why the fuck not!"

"i don't know."

"was he hot?"

"not gonna lie, he's kinda hot though."


luke and i ended up sleeping on the couch together but once i woke up by my alarm going on and on, i couldn't get back to sleep.

luke's lucky, he's a deep sleeper.

then i got a notification so i checked it.


work starts in five minutes,

hurry your ass!

"shit." i mumbled to myself before quickly getting up from the couch and running to my room. i looked through my closet and tried to look for my uniform. but then i realised i fell asleep in it.

"oh my god, stupid!" i said, slapping myself on the forehead.

i quickly changed my bra and underwear then drenched my uniform in deodorant and put some simple make-up on then ran out with my phone and my wallet.

i work at gloria jeans and it was around half an hour's worth walking distance from my house to there. i sprinted for like a minute until i got puffed out, a black car was slowing down near me so i started jogging.

eh it was probably just me being paranoid, i thought.

but no, the car fully stopped right next to me and the window rolled down to reveal familiar red hair.

"need a lift?" he asked lifting his sunglasses up and resting them on his forehead.

"no, i'm fine." i lied, i really badly wanted to get a lift because it's too early for this shit.

"just get in." he giggled.

"how do i know you're not going to rape me?" i joked as i opened the door and hopped into the passenger seat.

"thanks for the idea." he said in a serious tone, making me feel scared.

"what!" i exclaimed, clearly panicked.

"i'm kidding." he bursted out laughing, while i lightly shoved his shoulder.

"to gloria jeans please." i told him as he started the engine, he nodded in response and started to drive.

"good, that makes it easier. i'm going there too."

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