She can't go back. It's practically illegal.


4. The Thin Red Squirrel.

Laura saw that there were two ways to go. One way was to the left, the other to the right.

  In the end, her heart told her to go left. Not for any reason at all, but that was just the way her heart guided her.

  She walked deep down that lane. When she was in the middle, the sun began to set and it looked all the more spooky. A red squirrel leaped in front of her.

  "Oh, you little creature," She whispered her voice very croaky for she had not talked for hours, "Here, you must be hungry. Have an almond or two."

  The squirrel was the thinnest squirrel you could ever see. Ever. It's bones stuck out because it was so thin.

  As Laura put the boxes down with a great deal of huffing and puffing and trying not to scare the squirrel away, the squirrel didn't go. It seemed to look at Laura, watching her. As Laura rummaged in her boxes, the squirrel hopped forward.

  "Oh, I never knew squirrels where that friendly," Laura told it, as it took a hop even closer.

  Laura scooped up a handful of almonds, and held her hand out to the squirrel.

  It looked into Laura's eyes, and Laura nodded at it.

  Then, without hesitation the squirrel ran (or the closest thing to run that a squirrel could do) towards Laura and put its paws on her fingers, and sniffed the almonds.

  Laura sat down, and put her hand on her lap. The squirrel climbed over her bare-feet and up her shin, to her knee It then hopped closer to Laura's hand and ate. And ate. And ate.

  It kept eating until all the almond nuts were gone, taking one, nibbling it swallowing, then taking another and doing the same thing.

  "Wow, you do like them, don't you?" Laura laughed, "I don't have many more, but you can have them."

  Then she took all the other almonds with her other hand, and her hand on her lap.

  When the squirrel finished with Laura's right hand, it moved onto her left.

  Nibble Nibble Nibble.

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