She can't go back. It's practically illegal.


6. Sea-shells.

Laura took off her clothes and jumped into the lake, drinking and drinking. All the running had made her so terribly thirsty. She opened her eyes in the water, expecting it to sting, but it didn't.

  At her feet, were many different kinds of tropical fish, clownfish, pufferfish, salmon, goldfish, and even a dolphin or two.

  Laura swam down and down, to the very bottom and began collecting sea-shells. Every time she needed to breathe, she swam up and dropped them on the grass. Then she went down again. When she came back up for good, she skipped over to the boxes and used her bed-sheet to dry herself. Then she spread it across the grass so that it could dry.

  She dressed again, and began counting the shells. One... Two... Three... All of magnificent pinks and blues...

  After eating some oranges, she used the juice to stick the shells onto the willow tree in a nice decoration. The squirrel stuffed itself with nuts and berries.

  Laura brushed her hair and tried to brush the squirrel's fur, but it kept skipping away to collect more nuts.

  The sun went down and Laura lay down on the soft grass, wrapping herself in the now-dry bed-sheet. She fell straight asleep and the squirrel had a drink from the lake and then joined her.

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