She can't go back. It's practically illegal.


1. Packing up.

"Get out of my sight!" Laura Gavaorl's mother Sydney chanted over and over again.

  "I am I am!" Laura cried, "Please just-"

  Laura ran up the stairs.

  "Uh, uh uh!" Syney screeched, "Get down here!"

  Laura walked down reluctantly, waiting for the slap that was about to come.

  Sydney grabbed Laura by her hoodie.

  "No, you-" (She then called Laura a word I would not like to write down) "-I mean, get your stuff, pack it, and go! Get out of this house!"

  Laura never liked her mother. She always called her names and abused her. Physically sometimes. Laura never went to school and she always had to wear the same grey-black hoodie and ripped jeans. Most of the time she wore no shoes, but sometimes wore her brothers trainers when he didn't know. Laura had to do all the work around the house, and had to get up by five A.M. every morning to make breakfast for her family. If they didn't like it she'd have to make another dish twice the times. All leftovers got thrown in the bin, and Laura was offered nothing. As Laura was making meals, however, she managed to eat something when nobody else was in the room. She was very, very skinny, because she had to eat either nothing, or no fat foods at all, which is not good. Too much junk food is a bad thing, but none at all is bad too! Normally all she got was an almond nut. She was wise enough to know not to take any junk food, because her father, mother or brother would most defiantly notice. Laura was only allowed a shower once a week.

  Sydney smacked Laura and threw her to her father, he smacked her, whilst her brother kicked her continuously.

  Laura ran up the stairs, and took some cardboard boxes from under the shelf in the bathroom. She sprinted to her bedroom and packed a knife, which she had often self-harmed with, trying to commit suicide. She needed that all the time, just in case things got very bad. Then she packed the one bed-sheet that was once white, but that was long ago. She took her brother's wool jacket, for winter and one of his sweatpants. (she had none herself.)
  "Hurry up!" Her father yelled.

  There was no time to get his trainers. She took the bed-sheet out and put it in again on top of the clothes so her parents wouldn't notice. Then she grabbed things she would never need from her shelf, batteries, old toothbrush, hairbrush...

  Leaving "home" was panicking. She didn't know where she was going, or what she should pack to go there with her.

  "GET DOWN, READY OR NOT!" Sydney shouted up the stairs.

  Laura ran quickly and dragged out the old dog bowl from under her bed. In that was a few apples, a few almonds and countless other fruits. She tipped the foods into one of the boxes. Then took the old dog bowl too, she often saw homeless people from the window with bowls in front of them, and kind, warm-hearted people dropped a few coins in.

  Then she ran down the stairs. The two boxes jiggling with things.

  "Get out!" Sydney shrieked.

  "Get out of this house!" Malcom (Laura's father) shouted.

  "Hope you die," Geoffrey (Laura's brother) laughed.

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