She can't go back. It's practically illegal.


2. Money-earning.

Laura ran out the door, and it slammed shut behind her.

  Where do I go now? She thought, What do I do?

  Laura began to walk down the street in her bare feet. Happiness filled her body. Outdoors. The great outdoors. She only got to go out here before to get the newspaper for her mother.

  A happy couple dressed in sports gear ran down her path holding hands and talking wildly. As they came nearer Laura heard their chat:

  "Hey, how about after this run, we get some ice-cream?" The guy said.

  "I'd love to. Do you've money?"

  The boy tapped his pockets Laura heard money rattling inside. An idea sprung from nowhere.

  She spun on her heel, and sprinted down the couple's path. They didn't notice, and followed her still.

  When she got down a good bit, she sat down and put the old dog's water bowl in front of her.

  The couple came nearer and nearer, and when they were very close Laura put a sad expression on her face and sighed.

  "Oh, Jake," The girl tapped her boyfriend's shoulder, "Look."

  Laura looked at them and said,

  "Hi, could you h-help m-me?"

  "Of course," The girl squatted down beside Laura, "What do you need?"

  "I don't mean to b-beg," Laura stammered, "But- but a few coins wouldn't hurt. I have food, I have no water however. I know there is a petrol station down there," She nodded to the town shops, "But I have no money to buy anything at all."


  Jake sighed and reached into his pocket for his wallet. He brought it out and handed me ten.

  "There's a tenner. Buy what you need. I wish you good luck finding a home."

  "Thank you- thank you so, so much!" Laura smiled.

  Laura never knew it would be that easy to get a few coins.


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