She can't go back. It's practically illegal.


3. Hopes.

When the couple began to jog once again, Laura took the cup and spilled the ten note into one of her boxes.

  She got up and straightened her hoodie. Then she began to walk behind the couple slowly, towards the town.

  When she reached the town, the couple split up. No, not like that! The guy went to get the ice-cream in one shop, and the girl went into a make-up/clothing kind of shop.

  Laura kept walking down the path, many people stared at her. Laura got sick of this and broke into a jog of her own. She kept going until she reached the park. There was an empty bench, and Laura's arms were aching from the boxes. She sat down, and put the boxes beside her. She put her head back, and before she knew it, she was asleep.

  It was a good few hours before she awoke. Though when she finally did, she was feeling more depressed than ever. It was the afternoon, and everybody was going home from the park. She would have rather been cleaning up after her rotten family's dinner than sitting on that park bench.

  She rummaged in her boxes for something to eat. She pulled out half a slice of bread and nibbled on it wanting to save it for later. She looked in the box of food, it looked much more hopeless than it did all those hours ago than now. How could she live on fruit and bread? Would she survive with no actual meal?

  Those few nibbles of bread weren't enough, but Laura knew there was nothing she could do about it. She got up and picked up the boxes again. Then she headed towards the woods. In movies that she saw parts of when she was back at the house, if somebody was in the woods and needed to sleep, there would often be big green patches, and wide trees to rest their heads against. Laura could only hope that there would be a lake or river somewhere in the woods. She could live in the woods, and do whatever she wanted. There would be apple and peach trees, and berries and nuts.

  Yes, she had hopes before she entered the woods. She had hopes as she walked through the beginning of the woods, for every time she looked back, she could see her exit if things got bad. However, when she came to the end of that beginning, her hopes flew from her, and vanished in thin air.

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