She can't go back. It's practically illegal.


7. An unexpected visit.

The next morning, Laura woke up and memory came flooding back to her. The squirrel was asleep, it had moved from Laura to a branch in the willow tree last night.

  Laura arose and had the half of the slice of bread she had brought with her. Then she had a shower in the lake. She swam with the dolphins nearly all morning, until she went up again.

  She took the squirrel in her hands, thinking of names for it.

  "Peanuts!" She declared, but the squirrel didn't seem to like it (It threw a raspberry at her!).



  "Laura junior?"

  Another raspberry flew at her.

  The squirrel climbed the willow tree and lay in its branch, knowing that 'this may take a while'.

  "Willow!" Laura practically screamed.

  The raspberry that the squirrel had been preparing to throw was stuffed in its mouth.

  "Alright," Laura laughed, "Willow it is then."

  The vines hiding the entrance suddenly parted.

  The squirrel jumped into its nearly empty hallow in the willow tree, and Laura hid behind it.

  A trotting noise came across the field at the other side of the lake.

  Laura peered around the side of the tree, and saw a white horse with a handsome rider riding it. He had blonde hair and blue eyes (The rider, not the horse!) and was quite tanned. He looked around Laura's age.

  "Well, isn't this place just beautiful!" The rider remarked.

  The horse snorted in agreement.

  "Yes, yes it is," The rider then laughed.

  The rider then looked straight at the willow tree.

  Laura brought her head back around the other side again, breathing heavily.

  "Stay here Chestnut," Laura heard the rider say. Then he hopped across the stepping stones, and walked to the willow tree.

  Laura couldn't climb the tree, though she frantically tried, the branches were to high.The only one that was around her height was at the other side.

  "What to do, what to do?!" She murmured.

  "Aha!" The rider's voice came.

  Laura dived around the other side of the tree just in time.

  "That's strange, I thought I saw something."

  He went to Laura's side, and Laura went to the other side. The horse neighed continuously, trying to point out to its rider that he saw it too.

  Laura climbed the tree, and the rider didn't see her.

  "Hmm..." The rider murmured.

  Laura climbed higher and higher into the tree, and as she tried to get onto a branch, a twig snapped, and fell on the rider's head.

  "Show yourself!" The rider pulled out a sword, gilded with jewels, from his belt.

  "No, no no...." Laura whispered, "No, he won't see... me..."

  The boy walked closer to Laura's branch, and tripped over her boxes.

  Laura jumped on top of him, and stole his sword.

  "Hey!" He said, getting up and jumping on her.

  He had managed to get Laura's knife from the box, and now had it at her throat.

  Laura realized that she now didn't want to die for the first time in her life. Since she had found Willow the squirrel, she had been happy for once.

  "Please, please no... no..."

  The rider slowly moved the blade from Laura's throat.

  Laura jumped up and took a few steps back.

  "What are you doing here?"

  The boy looked at her as if she were forgetting something.

  "What?" Laura asked.

  The boy gasped. "You were supposed to say, 'My darling Prince, why have you come this way?' "

  "And why should I have said that?" Laura asked confidently

  "Because I'm the Prince!"

  "I've never heard of you," Laura remarked, looking him up and down. He certainly was dressed like a Prince.

  "I am Prince Coroy."

  "Pleased to meet you, Coroy,"

  "It's nice to meet you too."

   Laura wasn't sure what to do next, so she bowed.

   "So, you live here?" The Prince asked.

   "Yes, and I was about to have a shower so you need to leave,"

   "I will leave now, but tomorrow I will be back with my friends."

  And he hopped across the stepping stones, mounted his horse and left.


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