She can't go back. It's practically illegal.


5. A place to live.

When the squirrel had finally finished all the nuts, it instantly hopped back down Laura's leg and sat at her feet. It looked at her hopefully.

  "Sorry I've no more," Laura  told it. "Hey, do you know any good places to sleep? To... Live?" Then she realized she was talking to a squirrel.

  "O.K. then I better-"

  The squirrel hopped over Laura's feet and ran down the path.

  Laura jumped to her feet and followed it.

  Every now and again the squirrel would look back as if to check Laura was still following it.

  It led her down the path, took a left, and went down another path...

  After several minutes of running, The squirrel stopped.

  Laura then stopped. She was looking at a giant tree at her right, with a giant branch that went all the way to the other side. Hanging from that branch was lots of vines dotted with grapes. The squirrel did something like a bow to Laura and then began to skip away. Laura grabbed it and held it to her face. It didn't scrawl her, or try to escape.

  "Stay with me," Laura told it, "Please. You mustn't have a family you should be rushing off to if your in a state like this."

  She loosened her grip on the squirrel and it climbed up her arm and onto her shoulder. It nuzzled her ear.

  Laura walked hesitantly towards the vines. She pulled them apart quickly and saw the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

  She was standing in a field of flowers and of grass, and in front of her was a blue, blue lake. Beautiful birds flew above it, and in the lake was stepping stones across it. At the other side, was more of the field, beautiful flowers. There were trees, apple trees, orange trees, plum trees, peach trees and lemon trees. The biggest tree of all was a giant willow tree in the center. It had a deep hollow in its middle, filled with nuts and other foods.

  Laura looked around in awe. She jumped across the stepping stones, towards the willow tree, and the squirrel jumped off her shoulder, into the hollow.

  "Thank you for bringing me here!" Laura cried, dancing around the field. "I love it, I love it, I love it!"


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