''Autumn in flames''

How far a mother can go to save her baby's life? This is the true story of Ana Tsanuikova-a brave Bulgarian mother


1. 1

    It doesn't matter where this story happened because even if it's hardly for you to believe,it can happen to every one of us.

Ana who had a two-months old daughter named Dahlia,was happy with her baby and her husband Kahn. It was the pretty little family Ana has always imagined to have. Everything went very well until that one particular day of the beginning of the autumn.

The place where Ana,her husband and the little Dahlia doesn't offer many work possibilities but as a head of the family, one month ago Kahn managed to find a shift job as a guard.


                                                                                                    . . .


Tonight Kahn was night shift and left his wife and the baby alone in the house. Ana played with Dahlia,rocked her in the crib, breast-fed her and after that read to the little princess a story about Sandman. Then,the young mom put Dahlia on the pillow to sleep and she also prepared herself to go to bed.

The baby daughter never caused problems to her mother. She even didn't cried. Dahlia felt asleep immediately. Her mother's bed was in the other room and before closing her eyes,Ana set the alarm for 7:00 sharp because wanted to prepare special breakfast for Kahn.


                                                                                                    . . .


The night was calm,a bit chilly and cloudless. The moon was like crescent,shining very high in the sky. The neighbourhood was dead quiet as always.

After a while, the electric socket in the baby's room produced a spark and it started to burn. The socket was old just like the whole house. The curtains started being in flames,the fire was spreading. An asphyxial smoke appeared and luckily Dahlia opened her little eyes from the polluted air and started to cry. The heat was also growing. Dahlia was in grave danger.

Ana woke and felt immediately something is wrong. The fire grew faster and began to spread rapidly around the wooden house. The only safe place was the terrace.

Ana's mother instinct took her toward her child's room,sensed the black toxic smoke and attempted to save Dahlia.

The flames were creeping into the crib and little before the worst to happen, Ana grabbed her only daughter. Holding Dahlia tight in her arms,Ana tried to pass through the fire to reach the terrace but not without consequences.

The brave mother were in flames. She took a blanket very fast and covered her burning face with it. Dahlia was still crying but not so loud as before. Locked in the terrace, Ana jumped from the balcony on the pebbled way and with dry tears and unfathomable pain in the heart,she continued watching how her whole world was turning into ashes. It was almost 4 in the morning. Kahn was still on duty and had no idea what had happened with his home and family.

Ana was lying helpless on the ground with the baby in her lap. A new day was about to come but did it promise something better?


                                                                                                      . . .


After six months and nine plastic surgeries later, Ana is living a single life in her mother's house with her daughter. A month after the fire, Kahn left Ana because she became different,not like she used to be. Also, Kahn stole half of the money which were for the disfigured mother first operation,given to her from a charity organization and bought a motorcycle with it.

Ana lost everything in the fire. Her life turned upside down. But there is one thing she still has-Dahlia-her only little hope,sparkling in this dark,cruel world.

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