Never Have I Ever ~jb/ag~

"Never Have I Ever thought I'd be here talking to you right now." -Amber Dejesus
"Never Have I Ever fallen in love like this before." -Justin Bieber
Love has many names; life ruiner, heart-breaker, eye opener. But never, in a million years, did Justin Bieber see himself calling it Amber Dejesus.
She's a loner. He's a Basketball star. She's his mystery. He's her escape from reality. Will things stay steady, or will there be a mess to clean up afterward?


1. 00.

"Justin, bro. I can't throw that party tonight." My best friend, Christian, told me as I shoved my French text book into my locker.

"Why not?" I sighed turning around. I knew there had to be something wrong; Christian would never back out of a chance to host one of our parties.

He gave me a guilty look. "Man, look I got to get home, maybe I'll tell you later." Christian turned around to leave and suddenly crashed onto a girl. "I'm sorry." She whispered, before basically running toward the cafeteria.

I couldn't help but watch her walk away. Cloaked in a dark jumper, black skinny jeans, and worn out converse; she was a mystery to me. The bell rang signaling for lunch, and I shut my locker making my way toward the cafeteria also. The long hallway that was usually filled with noisy, obnoxious teenagers was empty and quiet. Which was unusual. Very unusual.


As I stepped foot into the overly crowded cafeteria, the girl in the hoodie caught my eye again. She was sitting at a table far from everyone else with 3 other people. Mystery Girl -that's what I call her now- didn't seem to be all that interested in the other three girls' conversation.

Right before I looked away, she looked up and caught my eye. Her gaze held mine with a look of competition. Almost like she was testing me to see if I'd look away first. I've never seen a green as bright as her eyes, and shit it was two keys straight to my soul. Green and brown.

I was the first to break the stare down.

Who the hell is this girl? I asked myself as I jogged up to Ryan in line. He turned to me and smirked. A look of confusion crossed my face, "Why are you looking at me like that?" His smirk didn't falter as he grabbed an apple and loaded it onto his tray along with a slice of cheese pizza. "I heard that you fucked Queen Bitch after the game yesterday night." Queen Bitch aka Ryley Simmons, the cheer captain, 'queen' of the school, and the principals daughter.

My own smirk soon made its way onto my face as I thought back to the previous night. I had her screaming my name at the basketball game and my bedroom. "She wasn't as good as I thought she would be. Her pussy was loose as fuck." I told him, paying the lunch lady for my pizza and bottle of water.

On our way to our table, we happened to pass Mystery Girl's table. All talking stopped as four pairs of eyes shifted in my direction. "Dude, why do you keep looking at that Amber chick? I saw you talking to her earlier too." He said as we sat down with the rest of our friends.

Huh. So her name was Amber.

"Justin! Man, are you feeling okay?" Ryan chuckled before eating his entire slice of pizza in under 30 seconds. "Yeah, I'm fine. But I wasn't talking to her, She bumped into Christian when he was rushing out." I was still curious about Christian's nervousness and the way he just up and left.

A shrill, annoyingly high voice interrupted my thoughts, and long talons like nails ran down my arm in an attempt to be seductive.

"Justin," she purred, but it sounded more like a screeching bird. "Last night was perfect. Maybe we can do it again soon?" She asked, arching a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

"No thanks Ryley, I'm good." I said flashing her my signature smirk. The seductive look on her face dropped after she realized that I had just turned her down.

"But you said-" I cut her off with a raised hand. "I think you should go." She let out a disgruntled groan/screech and stomped from the table, pushing a girl over on her way out.

Nobody in the crowded lunchroom seemed to even be paying attention to Ryley's little out burst. It was normal for her. I turned to Ryan to see him looking some where behind me; in the direction Ryley had stormed off in. "Justin, dude, why does Amber keep looking at you? Did you fuck her? I mean she is kinda hot..." he trailed off. My head swivled around until our eyes met. Again. But this time, she looked down and I saw a light blush cover her cheeks as she pulled the hood of her jumper even further onto her head. Even though she had looked away, I still had a close eye on her.

The three other girls had looked at her questionably when they saw the blush. Ryan tapped to my shoulder and I turned back to face him. "How should I know man? You said she was weird." I mumbled and took a bite of my now cold pizza. But I still couldn't get those green eyes out of my head.


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