Akame ga Kill: Another Side of Things

Akira, a girl who was sent on a mission by her father just before he passed, has entered the Capital. Will she be able to finish this mission or will she fall prey to Night Raid or Esdese's personal military force.


7. Kill the Raid

I'm sorry for the long wait. I've had to deal with my new job and a bunch of shit for my car, which is a 94 Ford Probe, so I've had very little time for writing. Also I've not been able to access the site for a few days for some reason, so yeah. Please do accept my apology. I have decided that I will write chapters as long as possible. Some of you may question why I had Akira and Wave defect, but I think it is simple. In the anime/manga, Wave begins to see the corruption the longer he stays there. Akira's reason is because Wave proved his words to be correct, so she followed him. Prepare for another time skip. I will be adding a new OC this chapter.

A couple days later...

It has only been a couple days, and Akira already found herself in the kitchen, while Wave trained with Tatsumi. Why does Wave get to train while I have to cook. I don't even get help. All Akame does is eat the ingredients, as Akira was thinking, she saw Akame reaching for more of the ingredients. She slapped Akame's hand with the flat edge of her knife. "Stop touching the food before it is cooked. I may just be a measly cook right now, but Tatsumi warned me about you." Even after the warning, Akame still tried to snag some of the food.

"The kitchen suits you just fine. I don't trust you to go on missions, and I don't think you should be near that other guy." Mein said as she walked into the kitchen.

"Shut up or you get no food. I might say I accidentally cooked too little food." Akira said, putting emphasis on the word 'little' to hint at something else, while bending over and pointing the knife at her chest.

Mein looked down to where the knife was pointing, then realized what Akira was saying. "How dare you? I'm still a growing young lady."

"How very lady-like of you to talk like that. You sound more like a spoiled brat."

"What did you say?"

As Mein was about to hit Akira, Leone came up behind her and pulled her away. "Don't go attacking the newbie now. If she was able to put Bulat on the defensive, then she is good."

"Bulat had also just fought Liver, so he couldn't use his teigu. If he had had use of it, then I might not have lived." Akira said, lowering her head in disappointment.

"Even with just his sword, Bulat was a monster. You should be impressed with your skill." Leone said, realizing what she said had put Akira in a down mood.

"The skill I used wasn't even mine. I was just swinging my swords without a care in the world. I had no control over my actions, nor did I fully use my father's technique to its fullest."

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. Was your father General Kenichi?"

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"I'm surprised you weren't sent to the Revolutionary Army. General Kenichi was a known supporter of the Revolution, but he still appeared to side with the capital. His skill with dual swords was unparalleled. Well, enough of that. Get back to cooking."

"Yes ma'am." After that Leone left, dragging Mein with her.

"Wave. Tatsumi. Lunch is ready." Akira said as she walked to the two shirtless, sweaty boys. I have to admit, Wave is pretty ripped. Akira then looked at Tatsumi. Tatsumi is pretty ripped as well, but he has been with Night Raid, so it is to be expected.

"Okay, good timing. Wave was just saying he was ready for a break." Tatsumi said as he pushed Wave to the side a little.

"That was you saying that. I could go another ten rounds with you." Wave said, pushing Tatsumi back.

"Hah, as if."

"Good to see that you two are already chummy and all, but it is time for lunch. If you two don't hurry up, I'll take you both on." Akira said, slightly agitated.

"Okay, coming now." Wave said, immediately rushing to Akira's side.

"Is Akira really that strong, Wave?" Tatsumi asked.

"If you saw her fight, you would understand. Until you can summon that spear, don't that of coming at her with your bare hands. She has way too many daggers hidden within her clothes."

"Hey, those are for perverts." As Akira said this, she grabbed one of said daggers from somewhere and through it into the tree, eliciting a yelp from a certain green haired pervert. "Just like I thought. You were waiting for me to retrieve these two so that you could get a look at my chest. Next time, try a more conspicuous spot, or hide your presence better."

Lubbock jumped down from his spot in the tree. "How do you hide those daggers? I was watching, and it looked like you pulled it out of thin air."

"A magician never reveals her secrets."

"Hell, even I don't know, and you could consider me to be her lover." When Wave said that, Akira's face became flushed.

"Is someone embarrassed that she was found out?" Leone said as she was coming to see what was taking her so long.

"N-n-no. Why would I be embarrassed about that." Akira said.

"She seems like the dominating type, but she really is shy when it comes to these types of affairs."

"Sh-sh-shut up, Leone. You're the one who likes to drink in the middle of the day. What's wrong with being shy about love?"

"And you are the one who would gladly drink with me. When was the last time you drank something alcoholic?"

"A few days ago. I still hadn't come to terms with what happened on the boat, so when Tatsumi was taken by Esdese, I was furious."

"Okay then. How much did you drank?"

"Umm, about that."

Wave, tired of seeing Akira being made fun of, spoiled Leone's fun. "She had enough to give her one hell of a hangover, and dragged me along with her. That was also the day of our first date, since we were so busy with Esdese's assignments. Prior to the tournament she had a little bit to drink, but you couldn't even tell." Wave would almost instantly find out he was now being thrown under the bus.

"So, did you sleep together that night?" Lubbock asked, continuing Leone's interrogation.

"Ummm, not sure what you are getting at, but yes." Wave said, slightly confused.

Leone picked up on Lubbock's train of thought and made an assumption. "So, that was when you did it. That must have been a fun night."

"SHUT UP! If you don't shut up, I' giving Akame all of your food, and you won't get any money for alcohol next time you go into the city, Leone." Akira said. Upon hearing those words, everyone fell silent. "Now, let's go eat lunch so that I can see how strong Tatsumi is when he wears Incursio."

"You better hold onto her tight, Wave. You might lose her to Tatsumi." Lubbock said. He was about to continue speaking when a dagger flew past his ear and planted itself in the tree behind him. "SHIT! What did I say this time?"

"I don't know, but you should stop saying things about me being with other people. I owe Wave a lot. Because of him, I made it without taking my anger out on the fat bastard in the palace."

"You can say that again." Everyone except Wave said almost in unison. "So you're dating him out of debt. That's low, even for a person who acts like Esdese." Lubbock said, adding the last bit because of the reports he had read.

After hearing this, Wave instantly drew his sword and put it to Lubbock's throat. Wave looked over to see Akira's reaction, only to see that she was gone. "You damn bastard. Look what you've done now. I don't care what your god damn reports say, but whatever you say to her, don't compare her to that sadistic bitch. Akira burning people is due to her childhood. She had it rough dealing with so many bandits almost everyday, which I think were failed assassination attempts because of your reports. If Akira is crying right now, I'll personally beat the shit out of you."

"So she's dating you because you actually do love her. I would suggest you get out of that relationship."

"You know what? You're lucky I care more for how Akira reacted than for your ass. Go ahead and eat. I'll go grab our food and take it up to our room. If anyone but Najenda comes into our room, I will not hesitate to attack you." Wave then walked off, sheathing his sword.

"You said way too much, Lubbock. If you couldn't tell, she hasn't been carrying her swords, and if what she said was true, those daggers are for perverts, which means you need to be careful. Also, she almost killed you twice. None of us even saw her pull out the daggers, so I think she missed on purpose. You really do know how to piss off anyone except Boss." Tatsumi said with a disgusted tone.

"Yeah, I know you can't tell, but I can smell the pheromones going between those two. They really do love each other. Wave can handle her, so let's go eat.

Akira walked all the way to her room before she even began to think. Am I really that similar to Esdese? I don't like to torture people, but it still says I'm similar to Esdese in their reports. Why did he have to say that? I'm not a bad person, am I? While Akira was deep in thought, she didn't realize that she had begun sitting in a ball with her back to the wall.

"Hey newbie. Why are you like that?" When Akira didn't answer, Mein continued. "Hah, so the newbie really can't handle it. All you are good for is the kitchen, so be a good girl and finish cooking.

Shit! She might not have told Mein that lunch was ready. If Mein sees Akira like this, the result might be disastrous, Wave thought as he ran down the hallway. He forgot to grab their food because of his realization. When he got close to their room, Wave saw Mein essentially laughing at a ball that was against the wall. When he looked closer at the ball, he realized it was Akira. Why does Mein hate Akira so much? Is she really that jealous about her chest? "Hey, what are you doing Mein? Can't you tell that she's upset?"

"So what. The only reason Akira is here is because of you. If Tatsumi hadn't tried to recruit you, then we wouldn't have accepted her."

"I've heard enough of you talking down about Akira. When Najenda returns I'll have things go a little bit differently, cause if she leaves, I leave, which means you lose not one, but two strong people. If you think she is so weak, then help her. Night Raid helps the weak, or at least that's what I thought. Oh, your food is ready, you ungrateful brat. I hope you like her cooking after you belittle her so much." Wave said all this with his intent to harm showing.

Mein, unable to say anything to counter him, left to go eat.

Akira began to look around when she noticed Wave's voice. When she saw Wave looking her right in the eyes, she knew what had just happened. All she said was two simple words before she fell asleep from the stress. "Thank you."

I brought her here so this wouldn't happen again, but the people here don't accept her. I mean they have all the reason now to, but they should at least try to. I'll carry her to the room and let her sleep, then I will go down and eat.

"So, why do you look like you got shot off of your steed Mein?" Tatsumi asked as Mein walked in.

"I don't want to talk about it. Why is Lubbock being used as a chair by Leone?"

"He said some... well more than some mean things about Akira. One of them straight to her face." Leone said when said chair was questioned.

"So that is why she was collapsed in the hallway. I guess I should say sorry for what I said as well."

"No need to. She probably didn't hear a word you said." Wave said as he walked in. "She was hardly even awake when you stopped belittling her." Wave then looked to Leone's chair. "Hah, he got what he deserved."

Lubbock would have replied if there wasn't a sock shoved into his mouth.

"Now let's eat."

The whole meal was ate in silence and when it was over, Wave immediately left and went to his room, leaving his mess for the others to clean up.

"Wave really was pissed at us." Lubbock said when he was finally relieved of his gag and his position as a seat.

"You don't think? Of course he was." Tatsumi said angrily. "You both belittled Akira right in front of his face. And the accumulation of what you both said made Akira pass out. If that didn't warrant a man to be pissed, then I don't know what would. I think it's best we don't get involved."

Wave opened the door to his room, expecting to see Akira laying on their bed, but only found a freshly made bed. "Where did she go? I expected her to be sleeping still." Wave walked over to where she kept her combat gear and saw some of her daggers and her teigu missing. "Don't tell me she plans on attacking Lubbock."

"Hyah. Hyah. Huh. Aaarah." Akira was down in the practice field practicing her sword work when she noticed Lubbock approaching. Even though he was approaching, Akira did not stop practicing.

"Nice form, all those spins must make it hard to see your opponents weapon." Lubbock said.

"The movements of the swords make up for my vision, and in this sword style it is imperative to learn how to sense the weapons position." Akira said this without stopping her technique.

"I've heard reports about your swords spewing flames whenever they were drawn, but they aren't right now. Why is that?"

"It is because I have learned how to control that. Oh, and enough with your reports. I understand why they say that, but I don't see how we are alike. I can see the good in things and all she can see is how to torture things. She doesn't care if the innocent people die. It tears me apart when they die, especially by my hand. Do I have to give more examples?"

"That's what I came here about. I came here to say sorry. What I said earlier was unnecessary. I read to much into the reports and didn't take into your personality, which I know very little of. I hope that we have a better friendship from here on out."

"Apology accepted. Could you find Tatsumi so I can spar with him?"

"Sure, I'll find him right now."

Wave was approaching the training area when he saw Lubbock leaving and Akira smiling somewhat. Akira noticed him and looked over. "You never cease to amaze me with your powers of perception. So what was that all about. You seem a little happier than earlier."

"He apologized for what was said earlier and he is fetching Tatsumi for me.

"That sounds good. You look like you were training hard."

"I was. I haven't trained properly since the day I met you.. It really is tiring, but whenever I go through my routine, it feels like all my problems just melt away."

"That's good. I'd like to watch you practice."

"Okay. It won't be as bad as that first time either."

"Good, that was hot and unpleasant. Now I don't have to deal with that."

"Hey, the heat is pleasant."

"For you maybe, but it isn't for me."

"Eh." Akira began to do her routine again, which the fluidity of her movements made him stare in awe.

A few hours later inside the forest near the base...

"We are ready to attack, Dr. Stylish." A huge eared girl said.

"Good. Team Stylish, initiate raid of Night Raid base. Retrieve Wave and Akira at all costs."

"Yes sir." At least a hundred weird lab experiments began flowing out of the forest and attacked the Night Raid base.

Akira had just gotten her clothes back on after taking her bath when she noticed someone hiding in the trees. "Lubbock, come out. I'm not lie Leone who likes to show off."

The perpetrator showed himself, but to Akira's surprise it was one of Dr. Stylish's freaky minions. "Ah, Akira-sama. We are here to bring you, Wave, and Tatsumi back, so please come with me."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't think their base would be found so easily. Oh well. I'm sorry but we're not going back. Wave and I feel better here." When Akira said that, there was a noticeable difference in the minion's body language.

"Then I'll just have to take you back by force." The minion lunged at Akira, but before he reached her she disappeared and reappeared behind him, sheathing her long sword. "Your skills surpasses the rumors." Those were the minion's last words before his upper half fell off of his lower half.

"I need to hurry back to the base. They might in some deep shit since they caught us with our pants down." Akira ran the short run back to the base only to find that it was being overrun by more of the freaky doctor's experiments.

In the base...

"Damn! There's no end to these damn things." Wave said as he killed another one of Dr. Stylish's experiments. "Lubbock, do you know where Akira is?"

"I think she is still at the bath. She said she was going there to relax." Lubbock said, using his strings to cut off one of the experiment's heads. "These shits are annoying. It's as if they don't feel pain."

"It is because they don't. Dr. Stylish is a freak that likes to experiment on humans. Even you guys are more normal than the other Jaegers. I have to admit that even Akira has her quirks, but they suit her."

"Less talking, more killing." Akame said in her usual monotone voice.

At the entrance of the base...

"That bastard ambushed me. I might have died if my reflexes weren't what they are. If I find that bastard I'll gut him. I need to get to the others and help them. Man, I can't believe they found our base." Leone said as she regained consciousness, then something dawned on her. "Wait, if they are from the capital, then maybe Akira and Wave told them our location. Either way, I need to hurry back and help the others; I'll find out whether or not those two are spies when I get there."

As soon as Leone finished speaking to herself, Akira came running to her. "Are you okay Leone?"

"Yeah, someone tried to assassinate me, but I'm fine."

"Ah. One of those dudes tried the same thing after I got out of the bath. They are Dr. Stylish's experiments, so they probably don't want to kill anyone but the Night Raid members, and take Wave and I back alive."

"Wait, so you didn't tell them where the base is."

"No I didn't. Why would I? I thought I was one of you now."

"You're right. Sorry for doubting you."

"It's fine. I would doubt me if I were you. I mean I just came and you are getting attacked by one of the Jaegers."

"Okay, let's go help the others."

"Yep, I'll go in front. If I catch the base on fire, sorry. These experiments are still flammable, so I'll keep the use of my teigu to a minimum."

"It's fine. Since we've been discovered we'll have to relocate the base."


In a tree overlooking Akira's and Leone's meeting spot was a girl with a steampunk looking bow. Out of the corner of her eye she saw another one of the doctor's experiments closing in on the two. Right as it was about to leap at Akira, she shot an arrow into its head. When the body hit the ground Leone and Akira turned around because of the 'thump' that was made. The looks on their faces were ones of surprise when they saw the arrow in its head. Akira was the first one to speak. "You don't have any other Night Raid members you aren't telling me about, do you?"

Leone looked up at Akira with and shook her head.

"Then who shot the arrow?"

The girl in the tree jumped down and made her presence known. "That would be me." As soon as she said that, the two prepared to fight. "Hey, I'm not here to attack you. I'm here to help."

Leone was about to attack when Akira put her arm in front of her. "She obviously isn't here to hurt us. If she was, we might be the same as that thing right there."

"Urgh, you're right." Leone said as she deactivated Leonel, her teigu. "Who are you, and how did you find this place?"

"It's not hard to find this place when you have an army of lab experiments running towards it. By the way, my name is Hachi, just Hachi." The girl named Hachi said.

"Why are you helping us. If you followed them, then you must know that we are assassins that want to kill the prime minister."

"Oh, I know that. I've been watching your movements for the past few days. I just got to the capital, but I have still heard a lot about you. I've even heard a lot about that purple haired girl beside you. You are Akira of the Jaegers, right?"

"Yeah, what is it to you?" Akira asked with slight hostility in her tone. "If you are not here to help, then leave."

"I'm here to help. I just wanted to know why a Jaeger is friendly with one of Night Raid's assassins."

"I joined because I can't stand killing innocent people anymore. I've almost broken, so me and my close friend defected from the Jaegers."

"Oh, when I said your movements, I meant yours and Wave's. I may have heard some interesting things the other night." Hachi taunted her with that.

"We don't have any time for this. We need to help the others, so if you are here to help, then follow me, Hachi."

"If you couldn't tell by my bow, I'm no good in close quarter fights." Hachi held up her bow as if to tell her she was staying outside.

"Then provide cover fire from in here. Shoot arrows in through the windows."

"Alright." Hachi said as she jumped back into the trees, finding a good sniping spot.

"Are you sure we can trust her?" Leone asked as they ran into the building.

"Yeah. She doesn't seem like someone who would go back on her words. When she mentioned the Jaegers I could hear the hostility in her tone."

"Alright. We will need to report this to Boss when she gets back."

They ran through the halls slicing down and pulverizing every experiment, and seeing an arrow every fly through each window, until they made it to Wave and Lubbock. When Wave saw Akira, the relief was evident on his face. "Thank goo-." Wave was cut off when one of the experiments that was jumping at him got pinned to the wall with an arrow. "What the hell was that?!"

"That was Hachi. She's helping us for now." Leone said when Wave freaked out.

"I'll take your for now. Thank goodness you are okay Akira. I thought you might have gotten hurt."

"You think that even Dr. Freaky's whole army could kill me, then you are sorely mistaken. I thought you knew me better than that Wave. I thought we were connected by heart and soul." Akira said with a playful look on her face.

"Sorry I doubted you. It's just when I heard you were in the bath, I thought that you might have been attacked while you didn't have your weapons on you."

"You should know that I keep at least one dagger with me because of a certain peeping tom."

When Lubbock noticed who he was talking about he looked disappointed. "I'm not that stupid. I would peep on you because you would do more than break a couple fingers. I might end up with one of your daggers in me."

"And you would have earned it." Akira replied again with a playful attitude.

"Less talking, more killing." Akame said in her usual monotone voice. She was fighting one of the lab experiments when she realized that her katana didn't kill her target in one hit. "You four go help Tatsumi. I can get this one." Akame said as the four nodded and ran off.

"Are you sure we should leave her behind?" Wave asked.

"Yeah. Akame was trained in the empire's assassin training program." Leone said.

"Oh, that's right. Kurome said something about that."

"Why did I have to fall for such an idiot? God please help me." Akira said jokingly, but Wave didn't realize it.

"Hey. I'm not that stupid."

"She was joking, idiot. You really are a waste of a man if you can get such a hot girl and not notice when she is pulling your strings." Lubbock said.

"And you are useless as a trapper if you can't notice when an army is about to attack the base." Leone said, pointing out that Lubbock failed to detect the invaders.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention." Lubbock pouted.

"Maybe you should have since we just got two new members who defected from the Jaegers."

"Just shut up. We need to find Tatsumi and make sure he is okay." Akira said, stressing the fact that they needed to help Tatsumi. "If I know Dr. Stylish, he will have at least two hundred of these things."

"She's right. We need to hurry." Wave said, recovering from Lubbock's massive burn.


Hmm, it seems that other boy needs help with some of those things, Hachi thought as she started to rain arrows on the experiments surrounding Tatsumi.

"What the hell. Where are these arrows coming from? Oh well, seems like I'm being helped so I'll accept it for now." Tatsumi said as some of the experiments around him started dropping to arrows. "I wonder how the others are doing."

Right as he said that, a sword pierced the experiment in front of him from behind. "We are fine. Akame is handling one inside and Mein is making her way out as we speak." Leone said as she crushed another one.

"Glad to see that you all are okay." Tatsumi said as another arrow pierced one of the experiments approaching him from behind. "Do you by any chance know who is shooting the arrows? Scared the shit out of me when I saw them killing these things."

"That would be Hachi." Akira said, stepping out from behind the hulking mass that she just killed. "She is here to help, so just ignore her for now."

"I'll have to take your word for that. Is there any end to them?"

"There must be. Unless Dr. Stylish turned all of the death row prisoners into these things." Wave said with a look of disgust on his face. "In my opinion, this is worse than what Akira sometimes did to her target."

"Hey, you know I'm not a bad person. I was just a troubled child." Akira said with a mock pouty face.

"I know, I know. We need to kill these things quickly. Who knows what that freaky doctor has up his sleeves."

"Okay. The sword technique my father taught me might have something for this. I think there was one technique that specialized in taking down large mobs of enemies at once." As she pondered her memories, a experiment closed in on her. "Oh, now I remember. It was the Swirling Blade Dance." Right when the experiment was about to take her by surprise, Akira began spinning and swirling her blades, cutting the experient to shreds. She began jumping from one foot to another directly into the middle of the mob of experiments that immediately started to focus on her.

"Well, that was unexpected. I didn't even notice that one getting ready to attack." Tatsumi said, looking with awe as blood spewed into the air from Akira's constantly moving position.

"Those movements were simply beautiful. How does she move her swords like that with such speed? I would have thought her boobs would get in the way." Lubbock said, showing that he pays too much attention to boobs.

"Lubbock, I would suggest you keep your eyes off of other people's women." Leone said, pointing to Wave, who had a murderous look in his eyes.

When looked at Wave, he immediately realized his mistake. "I guess I need to be careful with both of them. Sorry Wave."

"It's okay as long as you know your place. I'm surprised she isn't using he flames though. I thought she would have activated her teigu by now." Wave said, losing his murderous glare.

"I'm wondering the same thing. I've seen her flames when she was enraged and I thought I was going to die." Tatsumi said.

"Well, considering the situation, she may be conserving her strength for a long battle." As they were speaking, a green mist began to move towards them. Akira and Wave immediately knew what this was, remembering something about a poisonous gas that Dr. Stylish had created.

"Man, I was just starting to enjoy myself." Akira said as she stopped spinning. "I guess it's time to use my trump card. I was hoping not to use this, but it seems I need to keep out of this cloud." Akira's next words were spoken with a bellow. "Dragon's Wrath." Flames began spewing forth from every one of her pores as they surrounded her. Once the flames stopped spewing out, they reformed into a set of flaming armor. The armor looked demonic in nature with flames curling out of every crevice.

Everyone looked at Akira in awe. By now the green gas had reached them. It had an effect on all except Tatsumi, Wave, and Akira who were all in armor. The gas paralyzed all except Dr. Stylish's experiments, and the three armored people. "We need to go deal with that doctor now. I have an idea of where he is. When I was looking at the surrounding areas, I found an area with a cliff. He must be there."

On said cliff...

"They've found our location Dr. Stylish. They are on they're way now, and it appears as if Wave and Akira defected." The big-eared girl said.

"You're right. We need to report back to General Esdese about these developments."

On a manta in the sky...

"We need to hurry. I think those things were raiding the base." Najenda said to two unknown people. As they came across a cliff, they saw two people fleeing. "Susanoo, attack them. Don't let them escape."

"Yes ma'am." A large, well built man said before he jumped all the way down to the ground.

"Chelsea, lets go find the others." She saw three people running in the same direction as the two people. She recognized two of them to be Wave and Tatsumi, but then she saw another armored person. Who is that. I don't think there was another person with an armor based teigu in Night Raid.

Down on the ground...

"I don't know how long I can hold this, so we need to catch up to him quickly and finish this." Akira said as they were running.

"We need to finish quickly so we can go make sure that everyone is okay. Who knows what the doctor put in that gas?" Wave said.

As they were running, they felt the ground shake monstrously as if something crashed into it. "What was that?" Tatsumi asked as he about fell over.

"I don't know, but it originated from the direction we're going, so we'll find out as soon as we get to Dr. Stylish." Akira said without even slowing her pace.

Tatsumi looked over and said something to Wave that Akira couldn't hear. "Her determination is really admirable, isn't it? I mean, look at her. She doesn't know the limit of her trump card, but she is still pushing herself."

"Yes, I have seen it on many of our missions. She is dead set on finishing a mission, no matter how much it hurts her, which is why I brought her away fro the capital's corruption. Not only can I not stand seeing a girl suffer, she is also the one I love."

Akira looked back and saw that they were straggling a little but. "Hurry up slow pokes. We haven't got all day to wait for you two."

"We're coming." Wave said.

They ran for another minute to see Dr. Stylish do something to himself and cause his body to mutate. He became a giant that seemed like it was unkillable except for the fact that his body was where the neck should be. They also saw a huge man with some sort of weapon with blades coming out of it. The man turned around and saw the three of them and recognized two of them because Najenda had described them. "Wave and Tatsumi, I see that you two are safe. Who is the person next to you?"

"The first question is, who are you and why do you know our names?" Tatsumi asked.

"I am the biological teigu, Susanoo. I belong to Najenda and I was ordered to take out this man. Now that I have answered your question, answer mine. Who are you?"

"I am Akira. You probably won't understand because I wasn't said to have an armor based teigu, but this armor is my trump card." Akira said, her voice being obscured by a deeper tone.

"I will believe you for now. We must kill this monster, he is to dissymmetrical."

"Is this teigu OCD? That is too funny." Wave said, almost falling over because of his laughter.

"Don't think about it now. For now we need to deal with what Dr. Stylish has become. I think the only way to ill this thing will be to kill the core, which is at the top of it." Akira said.

"I can help with that." Hachi said, appearing out of nowhere. "If someone can get me high up, I can take him out." Without a word being said, Hachi was swept off of her feet, being put on Akira's back, and being sent into the sky as Akira jumped from pipe to pipe on the massive... thing. "Wo now. What was the surprise for?" As Hachi got no response, she realized that Akira might be on her last burst of energy since nowhere in her information did it say that Akira had an armor based teigu. So this must be her trump card. It seems very strong but it must be taxing to use if even she is tired.

As Akira jumped high enough to see the core, she finally spoke. "I've got you high enough, so I'm going to launch you off of my shoulders. Once you get a good shot, I want you to take it."

"Gotcha girl." Hachi realized she was beginning to let her accent out. Shit. And I work so hard to hide it. "Ahm gonna need you ta work on catchin' mah once Ah get a few good shot off."

"That is one hell of an accent." Akira was joking as she launched Hachi higher into the air. Hachi ignored Akira's remark as she pulled her bow off of her back and nocked an arrow in the same motion. Damn, those are some fine movements.

Ah need to fire off a single, accurate arrow. As long as mah Surefire Shot hits it's target, Ahm good. Hachi was thinking as she prepared her teigu. As she prepared to release the arrow, she invoked her teigu. "Surefire Shot." The arrow had so much force from being fired, it sent Hachi flying backwards in the sky. The arrow flew straight towards Dr. Stylish's heart, or what used to be his heart. As soon as the arrow hit, the 'thing' collapsed, crushing the last of Dr. Stylish's experiments.

Akira, somehow able to keep close to Hachi, probably because she was only hanging onto the pipes on the 'thing', caught Hachi and allowed herself to take the impact. As she hit the ground, her armor dissipated and she dropped her swords in exhaustion. "I'm tired. Catch me Wave." Akira said as she slowly fell to the ground in exhaustion. All she remembered before fully passing out was falling into Wave's arms.

Me: How many times will you carry Akira, Wave?

Wave: However many times you want me to. I don't have any control over my actions.

Akira: Aww, but you have complete control. I mean, the author of this fan fiction wouldn't be controlling us completely, would he?

Me: Most definitely not. I'll see you two love birds next chapter.

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