Akame ga Kill: Another Side of Things

Akira, a girl who was sent on a mission by her father just before he passed, has entered the Capital. Will she be able to finish this mission or will she fall prey to Night Raid or Esdese's personal military force.


1. Kill the Meeting

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I've been traveling for a week now, but I'm still not at the capital. Just how far away is the damn capital dad.

While lost in her thoughts, the girl didn't notice the danger beast approaching her from behind. When it attacked, the girl barely had time to roll away from it.

When the girl turned around to look at her attacker, he saw that it was something that looked like a raptor, but much larger. "So you think you can attack me and get away with it. I don't think so." The girl then drew one of her swords. The sword itself looked like a regular long sword, but it had ancient runes on it and a dragon's head for the hilt. "I don't even need both swords for you." The girl then charged at the beast. The beast let out a howl and charged as well. When the girl came into striking distance of the beast he sliced straight down the side of the beast, causing its guts to fall out of its side. "Damn, you were weaker than I thought. I need to hurry up and get to the capital. I heard there were wars going on, so I might get to fight some strong people soon." As he was talking to herself, a caravan began to draw close to the girl.

"Hey, can I help you get to the capital, young boy?" asked one of the people inside the caravan.

"Sure. Thank you for the kindness." the young girl said, grateful to be off of her feet for the first time in days.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" another person in the caravan asked.

"No, not at all. Oh, and the names Akira, Akira Kitsune." the girl said, trying not to be rude.

"Oh, and I'm Makoto, and the other one is Ken. Nice to meet you." the one named Makoto said, returning Akira's gesture.

"The pleasure is all mine. Now, what was your question?"

"Oh right. What do you want to do in the capital so badly? I saw you fight that danger beast like it was nothing, so I am lead to believe you want to join the army, right?" the one named Ken asked.

"That's right. My father was a general and I'm following in his footsteps. Before he died, he trained me and gave me his weapons, so I have to honor his legacy and prove myself worthy."

"You sound like a good kid. Just don't die out there."

"Oh, I won't. Don't worry."

After another hour of riding, they arrived in the capital. "Thank you for the ride. Maybe I'll see you again one day." Akira said as he began to leave the caravan.

"Your welcome, and I hope we do see each other again." said the driver, Ken.

Okay, now to find Captain Ogre. Well, first I'll get me some food.

"Hey, young girl, are you perhaps trying to get into the military?" some person asked Akira, causing her to turn around quickly.

"What did you just call me.?" Akira said, drawing her long sword after being called a girl. "I do not believe I am a girl. Last time I checked, I have a dick, and I don't think it will fall off so easily."

"I'm sorry. You just looked like a girl from afar. Your long hair is confusing." the random person said, trying to defuse the the situation.

"I'll forgive you just this once." Akira sheathed her sword after saying this. "Why did you ask that question?"

"You just seemed like a strong young lad. If you are, I can tell you how to get in easily. All you have to do is treat your onee-san to a meal." said the 'onee-san.'

"I don't need help getting into the military, but I will treat you to a meal, since I was about to go eat myself."

"Thank you very much." There goes me swindling him of his money. I guess having a mid-day drink is worth it anyways, thought the mysterious women.

"Wow, for a small guy you can really handle alcohol. By the way, my name is Leone." said the women known as Leone.

"Thanks. My dad used to hold huge parties back in my village, and I would always steal some of the alcohol, so I'm used to it. Oh and my name is Akira." Akira said, slightly inebriated.

"Why are you not with your dad? You look strong, but I'm not sure how the capital will treat you, since you look like you do."

"I'll -hic- be fine."

At this moment, someone opened the door of the bar. "Are you trying to swindle someone again Leone? This is the same place you took me when I showed up here." said another young boy from the entrance of the bar.

"Oh, that is right. Hello Tatsumi. I forgot we need to be gathering information on our target." Leone said in response to Tatsumi.

"Who is the girl you're drinking with?" Tatsumi asked, not knowing that Akira is actually a guy.

"How many people want to die. That is the second damn time I've been called a girl today. Tatsumi, you have some nerve calling me a girl. If it weren't for you knowing Leone, I might have killed you already. I need to go find someone, so I'll take my leave." Akira said, not wanting to cause too much trouble.

"Who do you need to find? We might be able to help you." Tatsumi asked, feeling bad for what he just did.

"I'm looking for someone named Captain Ogre. He was a friend of my father before he passed." Akira said, deciding to accept the boy's offer.

"Oh. I', sorry to tell you this, but he has been killed. Not too long ago, the assassination group called Night Raid, killed him." Tatsumi said, feeling a slight twinge of guilt.

"Oh, I've heard of them. They say that eventually they'll try for the prime minister himself, but that might not happen." Akira said, slightly disappointed.

"Why do you say that?" this time Leone responded.

"The strongest in the empire will be back today."

"Do you mean General Esdese?"

"Yeah, her. She may be a sadist, but I admire her strength. I hope to one day serve under her." Akira said enthusiastically.

"Well, let us take our leave then." Leone said as she departed.

"Good-bye. Mister, I left the money on the table." Akira said as he departed.

"Thank you, young sir." the owner of the shop said, even though Akira was long gone.

Those two didn't seem like regular people. If I were to tail them I might find some connections to Night Raid but I need to find somewhere to apply to the army at, Akira thought as he walked down the main street. "This seems odd. People are moving to the side. Is there something behind me?" As Akira turned around to look, he saw someone stopping at a small shop on the side of the road. To her surprise, it was General Esdese. "What should I do? I was considering trying to find her, but now that she is here, I don't know what to do. Shit, might as well approach her." As Akira began to approach General Esdese, she turned around and looked at her.

"This is a first. No one has ever dared to approach me, especially not an armed, cute, young girl such as yourself." General Esdese said, sounding the opposite of what Akira expected.

This is the third time someone has called me a girl, just today, Akira thought, slightly irritated. "Sorry, but I'm not a girl."

"Are you sure. You definitely look like one."

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Well, what do you want. Hurry up, before I can think of something to do to you."

That is what I expected her to sound like. "First off do you know a man named Kenichi?"

"Yes, I know one of the greatest generals in recent years. What does this have to do with you?"

"I am his son."

"You, the son of him. The great General Kenichi. The only way I would believe it, is if you showed me the Dragon's Fangs imperial arms."

"Are you sure I should do that with all of these people here?"

"Do it before I put you on my torture table."

"Okay. Okay." Akira then drew her long sword. "Is this enough. I haven't fully mastered the effect of them, so when I draw them both, they set a lot of stuff on fire."

"Fine, I believe you. Why did you approach me?"

"Originally, I was going to ask Captain Ogre to get me into the army, but by the time I got here, Night Raid got him. For that, they shall pay. From what my father said, he was a good soldier."

"You slightly interest me. For now, I want you to join the Three Beasts. Either that or my torture table. You choose."

"I'll go to the Three Beasts. I don't think I could escape your ice."

"Good choice. I will have a uniform prepared for you."

"Ah, there you are General. Oh, who is this young girl? It is strange to find people who willingly approach you." said an unknown man.

"How many times am I gonna be called a girl for fucks sake. I am a sixteen year old man. MAN. Who are you? Do you really want to die." Akira began going on a rampage, her hand slowly pulling out the short sword, since he hadn't sheathed the long sword yet.

"It seems someone is a little pissed." said the unknown man.

"Young boy, stop. that is Liver. He will be the one in charge of you from now on." General Esdese said, knowing Akira would stop if she threatened her.

"I'm sorry, wait. Do you mean Liver as in General Liver?" Akira asked, remembering the name of one of the generals her father fought alongside.

"Yes, that is me, but I am no longer a general. Why do those blades seem familiar? It feels like I have seen them somewhere." Liver said.

"My father is, no was General Kenichi. he just passed away."

"My deepest condolences. He was a great man. So that means you are Akira. He told me about you in a letter. He said you were a great kid, but might get into trouble because of your looks. Now I understand what he meant."

"Liver, take him to your quarters. Until I source a room for him, he will stay with you. And you, young boy will act as a girl for now."


"Because it is entertaining."

"There is no fighting General Esdese's command." Liver said, trying to keep Akira safe.

"I know. At least I don't have to make a fake name, and at least I don't need new clothes."

"I'll get you your clothes, but your uniform will have a skirt instead of pants."

"I suspected that. Just make sure it is not too short. I don't want anything showing."

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