Akame ga Kill: Another Side of Things

Akira, a girl who was sent on a mission by her father just before he passed, has entered the Capital. Will she be able to finish this mission or will she fall prey to Night Raid or Esdese's personal military force.


4. Kill the Jaegers

Last chapter was long, and this chapter might be on the short said. But still at least 1,500 words I hope.

It had been a week since the mission on the boat, yet Akira had yet to fully recover. She was commonly found at the graves of her deceased comrades or training in the training grounds, sending flames flying into the sky every time her blades clashed with her metal practice dummy. The practice dummy had to made out of metal, or her teigu would cause it to burn into crisps. This day however, one week after the failed mission, new people were arriving at the order of General Esdese. The same order was made to Akira.

A young boy, about the same age and build as Tatsumi, but with blue hair, was entering the capital when he saw the flames spewing into the sky. "I guess I have time to check that out." The young boy said to himself.

One of the guards tried to stop him. "Young boy, I wouldn't go there if I were you. For the past week, that area has been an off limits area because of one person. It is not official, but everyone knows to stay away from the girl."

"Don't worry. I'm a soldier of the Imperial Navy, I'll be fine." the young boy said, full of confidence and tapping the sword at his waist. "Anyways, I've got my sword if anything bad happens."

"If you want to die, go right ahead." Said the guard on the other side of the gate. "I'd leave that sack of fish if you don't want it to get cooked, though."

"I can't. It is a gift to my new comrades."

"If you say so."

After traveling through the woods a little bit, the blue-haired boy reached what looked like a training grounds, but he could smell charred earth. In the center of the training area was a girl with two flaming swords. So I guess she is an imperial arms user as well.

"Who's there? If you don't come down here now, I'll come to you, and if I do that, it is to kill you." The girl said without turning around.

"O-okay, I'm coming down now." The blue-haired boy said as he made his way to the girl. As he got closer, he felt the temperature rising, as if the girl was a living radiator.

Once he got into the training area, the girl sheathed her swords and turned around. "What is your name, navy man?"

"I'm Wave. What about your name?" Wave seemed to calm down until he looked into the girls eyes, seeing a great amount of sadness in them. They were dull as if devoid of life.

"My name is Akira Kitsune. Just call me Akira."

"Okay, Akira. What are you doing here, trying to destroy a metal training dummy? Wait, a metal training dummy. And that damn thing has gashes in it."

"A regular training dummy can't withstand my flames."

"Ah, okay. Also, what is wrong, you look sad?"

"Do I really? I thought I seemed just fine."

"Maybe if one doesn't look into your eyes. You're about to break, aren't you? If you keep this up, your body will begin to crumble along with your mental integrity."

"I know that! But I can't let Night Raid get away with it. I can't let the ones who killed the person I looked up to, get away with it. Even if I have to let my teigu have its way, I won't let any Night Raid members live."

"So that is what happened. Then isn't your best place in the Imperial Army. Why are you out here?"

"I am in the Imperial Army. I serve directly under General Esdese. According to the information, we were supposed to get more imperial arms users to form a new police force. They are supposed to come in today."

"Wait, are you the surviving member of the Three Beasts? If so, I am sorry for your loss, but don't lose hope. You can still eliminate Night Raid. Isn't that what the people being gathered are for?"

When Wave looked up, he saw that life had returned to Akira's eyes. Thank goodness. It was terrible seeing a beautiful girl so sad. Akira began walking towards Wave. To Wave's surprise, when Akira got to him, she hugged him. "Wha-what? Why are you hugging me?" He then realized that she had huge assets, and his face got even redder than when he was just being hugged.

"Thank you. Thank you for making me realize that I'm not alone. That I have allies who will help me. I hope we will work well together." After Akira said that she stopped hugging the baffled Wave. "Let's get going. We definitely don't want to make the general wait. She is more scary than me when I'm having fun."

"What is your definition of having fun, if it is that scary."

"Sometimes I find burning things fun. Especially if it is someone that has done me wrong."

"Remind me not to do anything bad to you."

"General Esdese will say the same thing you just did. The flames are much worse than they were just now."

"I got it. Since you obviously have been here a while, I'll let you show me to the meeting room."

"Actually I've been here barely longer than a week."

"Wait, what?"

"The day after I joined the Three Beasts, we went on a mission and they were killed. That was also the day after I came to the capital, but I know my way to the meeting room so follow me." Akira said as she grabbed Wave's hand and dragged him off, which caused his blush to resurface.

In a completely different area, a few days prior to the current events, in a rainy forest, Tatsumi returned to the base carrying Bulat's body. The moment he came in sight of Mein, who was patrolling the outside of the base, everyone was thrown into panic. The first question he was asked, or that he noticed, was Najenda's. "Who dod this, and how did this happen?"

"I'm sorry, we failed to kill them all, and I got Bulat killed. I wasn't strong enough to help him. I was done in by a simple kick from a girl whose frame is like that of Akame's, but Leone's boobs. When she kicked me away, she went berserk and attacked Bulat when he had expended all of his strength from fighting his former general. When he felled the general was when she went berserk, so I think she had some kind of connection to him."

"Don't worry Tatsumi. She was an unforeseen circumstance, so our plans were thrown out of whack." Najenda said, trying to comfort the young boy who just lost his role model.

Leone was the next person to ask Tatsumi a question, since she was like his big sister. "Who was it that did this? Did you see her face?"

"Yes, it was the same person who treated you to drinks at mid-day yesterday. We thought that person was a male, but 'he' turned out to be a 'she'."

"Those must have been some tight bindings on her chest if she has assets like mine. Don't worry Tatsumi, we will avenge Bulat. I can't believe we considered to recruit her into Night Raid."

"Everyone back away from him. Tatsumi has been thorough too much, so let him rest. When he wakes up, we will get the details, and then we will bury our lost comrade." Najenda said, trying to restore order.

"Yes ma'am." All of the remaining Night Raid members said in unison. All except Tatsumi, who was falling to the ground in exhaustion right in front of their eyes. Leone grabbed him before he fell, and Najenda grabbed Bulat's body.

Tatsumi slowly opened his eyes, finding himself on his bed. For a second he thought it was all a dream until he saw Incursio by his bed. "It wasn't a dream. Shit, why did this have to happen? Why couldn't I be strong enough to fight her? Big bro, I will avenge you, even if it is the last thing I do."

When Tatsumi left his room, he was greeted by the faces of his comrades. Relief and sadness were both present in their eyes. Relief that Tatsumi was alive, but sadness that Bulat was dead. "Don't worry guys. I'll live far past big bro's expectations and make that bitch pay."

Najenda approached Tatsumi from behind. "Those words sound like music to my ears, but first let me hear what happened."

After recounting the long battle, Najenda asked Tatsumi something. "Why didn't you kill her after you took out the one named Nyau?"

Tatsumi could hardly look Najenda in the eye when he answered this question. "Having both lost people we look up to, neither of us had the will to fight, and she knew it. That is why I am still alive. She let me go knowing that and silently gave the promise that she would not say anything about my involvement in Night Raid. Probably because she wants to be the one to kill us all."

"It is understandable. Liver was a good general. You may not know this Tatsumi, but he was the one in charge of Bulat when he was in the army. When Liver was betrayed by the prime minister, Bulat fled as well. As to why Liver was still with the Imperial Army, is probably because Esdese respected his strength. Now concerning that girl's teigu. If it is the one I believe it is, then she wields the Dragon's Fangs. I have witnessed its strength first hand. A great general named Kenichi Kitsune wielded those weapons. They could be shrouded in many different things, but the most destructive is the fire. You said the flames became an inferno that enveloped her, right? That means she almost activated its trump card, Dragon's Wrath. It is a ferocious thing that rivals Esdese's teigu if one can control it. For now, consider yourself lucky to have survived. She is probably inexperienced with the weapons. Was there any distinct fighting patterns when she had both swords drawn? I suspect something, but I'm not sure."

"When she attacked Bulat, she never let up. She constantly followed with strike after strike, that hit the same spot over and over. It was a very precise sword style even in her frenzy. I couldn't see clearly through the flames, but I think she was spinning every now and then." Tatsumi said, painfully recalling watching that one-sided fight in fear.

"Then it is certain. That girl is the daughter of General Kenichi. I think we made a mistake by killing Liver. She didn't seem to care for Nyau and the other person, but Liver was probably her last connection to her father."

"Why do you say that, boss." Lubbock asked from his position right beside Najenda.

"Her father sent me a letter saying, that if his daughter ever showed up in the capital, she would be an inside informant. But from what Tatsumi has told us, she has sworn to kill us herself. He also said to keep her away from fire. She gets a little too excited by it."

"She seemed like a kind person when she treated me to a drink yesterday. She could even hold her alcohol quite well." Lenoe said, slightly confused.

"Things happened in their village that left her slightly twisted; such as, constantly having to manage funeral pyres for bandits, and also the occasional closed mouthed bandit she didn't like finding their way into the fire. She would just sit there and watch the fire from start to end. That left her as a pyromaniac, and also a prime target for Esdese to take under her wing." When Najenda said the general's name, she said it with a tone of disgust.

"For now we will lie low. We won't be taking any major missions, since we need to boost our moral. Lubbock, get as much intel on that girl as you can. Leone, if possible, stalk her whenever she isn't in the palace. Tatsumi, train with Incursio. Bulat entrusted it to you, so don't let him down."

"Tatsumi, he told me not to tell you this, since it will inflate your ego, but he thought that you will someday surpass him." Leone told Tatsumi, which had the desired affect.

Najenda began speaking again. "Let us pay respects to our fallen comrade and our lost friend. Let us give him the burial he deserves."

"Yes ma'am." All but Tatsumi said in unison.

"Damn right. He deserves the best burial we can give him." Tatsumi said, the fire returned to his eyes. "That bitch will pay."

Back to present time.

"Why are you dragging me through town? If people saw us holding hands like this, they would think we were on a date." Wave said, still embarrassed about being dragged around by the girl he just cheered up.

"These streets get crowded real quick, so if I let go, I might lose you." Akira said, sounding slightly sad at the thought of Wave being left behind. "It isn't much further till we get to the palace so don't worry."

And as Akira promised, it wasn't long until they got to the palace. "Wow, this is amazing. I never thought the palace would be so huge." Wave said, eyes growing as huge as baseballs and his jaw dropping to the paving stones.

"I reacted the same way. Follow close behind me, or I'll have to drag you by your hand again."

"You still are."

"Oh, sorry."

After a few minutes of walking and talking about their own lives, the two finally reached the meeting room. "You go in first Wave. Oh, before I forget, you will have the room to the right of mine, so when we are dismissed, follow me."

"Okay Akira. You know, your name is befitting of your hair. It matches a cl-." Wave was interrupted by a dagger at this throat.

"Comparing my name to the cloudy dawn is a definite taboo. If you make the same mistake, I won't be so forgiving."

"Sorry, I didn't know." Wave said, shrinking away from the dagger.

"There was no harm done. This was just a warning. Go on in."

When Wave opened the door, he saw an odd group of people. He assumed he was in the right place and sat in the remaining seat. "Wait, where will you sit Akira?"

"I shall stand. Oh, hello Seryu. How is Coru doing?"

"Hey Akira. I never thought you would punish the death row inmates like that. Coru was very happy for the cooked meat." The girl named Seryu said, She appeared to be part of the Imperial Police.

"The battle on the boat left me a little bit more than pissed and depressed, and fire lets me take my mind off of those things."

"Oh, the Imperial Police wanted me to ask you to tone down your training. The constant flames are starting to concern them."

"Sorry, I'll be more careful from now on. Now that we are all here, I will introduce myself first. I am Akira Kitsune, the last member of the Three Beasts."

After everyone introduced themselves, a strange person in a mask entered the room. Even though Akira knew who it was because of the hair, her hands still went straight to her swords as she got into a low, pouncing combat stance.

Wave stood up and began to speak, only to get kicked and sent flying across the room.

Akira understood what was going on and let the masked women continue. Kurome dashed at her slicing at the mask, but only caught the very edge. Akira decided to take action by drawing the short sword and dashing right past the masked women. In that quick dash, Akira sliced the mask three times, making the mask fall apart.

"All of you except Kurome and Akira fail. You must accurately assess a dangerous enemy the moment they show themselves as those to did; however, I think Akira saw through my plan. I am the leader of this unit, General Esdese. From this day forth, you six will now be known as the Jaegers. As of right now, we have two people that have fought with Night Raid, so they know what we are up against."

"I'm sorry General Esdese, but on that day, I did not get a good look at the face of the boy who killed Nyau. All I know is that the boy has brown hair. The only person I got a good look at was Bulat from the posters. Due to my retrieving of the Three Beasts bodies and their teigu, I was unable to secure Incursio. I am sorry to have failed you so, General Esdese." Akira said, making sure that Tatsumi would be hers to kill.

"I have told you many times now, just be happy you are alive. It shows that you were strong, just as strong as your opponent. If you both got away, yes it is a disappointment, it means your strength was equal."

"Thank you."

When the meeting was over everyone went to their rooms. Akira led Wave to his, and then went to take a bath. Once she got out she heard a knock on her door. "Who is it?"

"It's Wave. I wanted to ask a question about earlier."

"Okay, come in." Akira patted on the spot on her bed next to her, wanting him to sit there.

"Thank you for letting me in so late." Wave looked around the room to see mostly purple. "You really like purple, don't you?"

"Yes I do. It is what I always wore as a child, so I've just grown fond of it."

"You really had it easy as a kid, didn't you?"

"No, not at all. Me and my father had to defend our village from bandits almost on a daily basis."

"So you've taken many lives?"

"Sadly, yes. Now, what was your question?"

"Aah, yes. Why did you hug me earlier?" Wave asked this question with a slight blush, but it appeared to be much worse for Akira, since she pretty much had to hide her face.

"Umm. It's not like your words made me develop feelings for you or anything. Yeah, definitely not."

"Okay, if you say so."

"I'm telling you truth."

"Then why are you hiding your face."

"I did it out of instinct. It just felt... right." Saying this made Akira blush even more than she already was.

"Well, thank for answering my question. I'll go now."

"You can stay a little longer if you want to." Akira said, grabbing his arm as he got up to leave.

"You know, you really are contradicting yourself, but oh well. You are a pretty and kind-hearted girl."

"You say that, even though you've probably heard how twisted I am."

"You've just been misunderstood. After what you told me, you had to deal with bandits everyday."

"We would burn their bodies in mass graves, but eventually i was the only one who could stomach it. Hell, I enjoyed it after doing it for so long."

"See, that is why you are misunderstood. Your past has done this to you, but I accept you for who you are now. A beautiful kind-hearted girl." Wave had just realized that Akira had fallen asleep while holding his arm. "I guess you wouldn't get much sleep in the condition you were in earlier." When he laid her under the covers and began to walk away, she reached and pulled him back in her sleep. When she pulled him, he fell onto the bed. He tried to get out of her grip, but by now she had wrapped both arms around his arm.

She began murmuring in her sleep. "Don't let me be alone. I'm tired of being alone around every corner."

"So I guess she's lonely." The door is closed at least, and there is no escaping this grip. Before long, Wave had fallen asleep.

This chapter went on longer than I thought. I just stayed up all night writing CH3 and CH4. I got rid of the OC character profile since I deviated from it, and sorry for another long chapter, unless you like them long. If that is the case, then I will try to make them this long all the time, but I do want make a chapter almost completely devoted to Wave's And Akira's relationship, so tell me what you think about that. Also, should I have her kill Tatsumi, or should I let Tatsumi live at the end of the story. Or should it be vise versa, and have Wave avenge Akira. I'll take suggestions, but in the end, it all depends on what I want.

P.S.: I will still consider your suggestions. Saying this cause I sound kind of like a douche at the end of that paragraph.

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