Akame ga Kill: Another Side of Things

Akira, a girl who was sent on a mission by her father just before he passed, has entered the Capital. Will she be able to finish this mission or will she fall prey to Night Raid or Esdese's personal military force.


3. Kill the First Mission

'Knock, knock, knock.' "Oh shit," Akira proclaimed when she realized that she was part of General Esdese's personal police squad, "I forgot that I needed to get up earlier than normal today. Liver, I'll be right out. Just let me get dressed." Akira then looked in the mirror that was built into her dresser door. "Also, I have to do something about my hair."

"Alright, Akira. Just don't take too long. It is a bad idea to keep the general waiting." Liver said from the other side of the door. "I'll wait for you out here, so you don't get lost on your way to the meeting room. Today you will get your first mission."

"Okay. I'll be out in a few." As Akira said, within ten minutes, she was out of her room, but she still had a hand mirror and a brush.

"Are you seriously that concerned about your hair?" Liver said, slightly concerned. Liver then looked down and saw assets that were previously hidden. When Akira noticed where he was staring, she turned away and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Wh-why are you staring at them? Is there a problem?" Akira asked with a flushed face.

"No, sorry. I didn't mean to stare. I was just surprised at how you kept them hidden so well considering their size, that's all." Liver said, not making his situation any better.

"You pervert. Why do I have to be next to your room. I'm scared another instance like last night will happen, but you will actually try something." Akira said jokingly.

"If you are as good with those daggers as I think, I might die before I get through the doorway. By the way, why were you walking around naked?"

"Is there a problem with that. I mean it is MY room. I should at the very least hear a knock on my door before someone enters."

"Why are you focusing this on me? It is not like I meant to see anything."

"But you did see something. How much did you see. If you aren't honest, I will kill you."

"Coming from you, that doesn't sound like a threat."

"Because it isn't. Just so you know, I do carry those daggers around, and yes I am very good with them. So, how much did you see?"

"I don't know who is scarier, you or General Esdese."


"I only saw a little bit. I didn't see any really embarrassing places. Your hair covered everything."

"If you are lying, I will cut off your balls, then kill you."

"I think that would kill me in itself."

"All the better."

"You are scary, maybe even scarier than a mad General Esdese."

"Should I take that as a compliment or an insult?"

"A little bit of both."

"Damn you, old man." While the two were fighting, they had arrived at the meeting room.

"We're here, Akira."

"Okay. Let's not keep them waiting any longer." As Akira opened the door, she also hid the brush and mirror.

I guess she can hide stuff very well. I didn't even know she carried daggers, Liver observed as Akira hid the two items.

"Took you long enough. This is why I don't think we need her." Nyau said, obviously disappointed in Akira's tardiness.

"Sorry I'm a girl and need more time to get ready. Do you want to tussle, cause I'm more than happy to oblige?" Akira said, instantly irritated once again

"Calm down Akira. We don't need a repeat of last night." Liver said, concerned for his comrades life.

"I only use the daggers on perverts like you. I use fire on people who piss me off in other ways. Fire is beautiful and the sound of burning flesh crackling in the flames is even more beautiful." Akira said, exposing a slightly more sinister side of herself.

"Are you sure you are not the general's daughter? The more I hear out of you, the more I think you are scarier than the general." Liver said, kinda scared of this side of Akira.

"Di-." Akira was interrupted before she could finish.

"Stop this now. You are the most elite that I have chosen to serve directly beneath me. There should be no fighting among you. We have been attempting to lure out Night Raid. Our next mission is to infiltrate a cruise ship in hopes of Night Raid showing themselves. We will take this chance to eliminate them." Esdese said before Akira could kill Liver. "And please refrain from killing anyone other than Night Raid, Akira. It would be most unbecoming of you to kill Liver, when he is the friend of your deceased father."

"I understand General Esdese. It is just that he peeped on me last night right before I got in the bath, and he groped me earlier in the day yesterday. He also stares at me with lust in his eyes." Akira said, making Liver out to be a lewd beast.

"Well, with assets as great as mine are, you are a target for most men, but only kill him if her tries to violate you again."

"Yes ma'am."

"Wait, why are you giving her permission to kill me? I'm not even the type of person to do that." Liver proclaimed, scared for his life should he slip up even once.

"She is a maiden, so treat her as such, Liver." Esdese said, showing an unusual soft side for her female subordinate, probably because she is similar to her.

"If she is a maiden, then she is a maiden of death. The way she acts, she might be another you."

"And I would love that. To be able to mold her into the perfect general with no mercy would be great."

"Would it be great if she enjoyed the sounds of men screaming while being burned alive."

"Yes it would." Akira and Esdese said in unison.

"How are you the daughter of General Kenichi? You are much more cruel than him." Daidura asked, knowing the nature of her father.

"I am like this because I was forced to deal with it many times. When I was young, I realized that I had a knack for fighting, so my father taught me how to fight. During those times, many people attacked our village, sometimes many attacked at a time, so we had to have a mass funeral. When those happened, I was the only person who had the will to light the pyre. I grew to enjoy that sound, as it meant that the people were no and could attack no longer. Sometimes a survivor would not cooperate with my questioning of who sent him, so I threw them into the fire as well. My father never knew about this, but I sat there listening to their screams, delighting in their agony, for they caused my village agony." Akira explained, and as she did so, even Nyau looked as if he was about to puke. The only exception was General Esdese. "If you have any problems, tell me now."

"You are one crazy bitch. I know I like to skin people alive, but I don't think anyone can handle the screams of someone burning alive, much less enjoy it. You are the only exception." Nyau said, holding back his vomit. Daidura on the other hand quickly ran to the window and began retching into the yard outside.

"That is unsightly. If you can't stomach my words, then how do you expect to beat me in a fight?" Akira taunted him.

"That is another matter entirely." Daidura stated.

"You are truly a worthy disciple, Akira. You four need to depart now, so that you don't miss the boat. Since you don't have a uniform, you will be wearing a formal dress, Akira. Your weapons will be in a bag that Liver will carry onto the boat with him. I hope this is fine with you." Esdese said, once again showing a soft side for her new favorite person.

"That would be great, General Esdese. I can hide any other weapons I need elsewhere. I am very adept at hiding daggers and what not. In the belongings I brought from my village, I have a dress my mother used to wear. I believe it is just right fr this occasion." Akira said, not worried about leaving her swords with someone else.

"Let Akira get changed, and you three will act as her escorts. Make it look like you were tasked with protecting a noble lady. I will give you your invitations when you are ready to leave."

"Yes ma'am." All four of General Esdese's subordinates said in unison.

After three-quarters of an hour, the four people were gathered at the gates, Akira inside a carriage, while the other three were on horses guarding the carriage and its driver and passenger. Esdese then handed the horsemen the invitations "Here are your invitations. Do you understand the details of your mission?"

"Yes ma'am." The three on horses said in unison. "We will not fail in our mission." Liver said afterwards.

"Good. Off you go then."

After a couple hours of travel, the group arrived at the place where the boat was leaving port. To seem the part of bodyguards, Liver opened the carriage door. "Lady Kitsune, come this way please." When Akira got out of the carriage, the other three surrounded her.

Not too far off was a brown-haired boy who thought Akira looked familiar. "I feel like I've seen that women somewhere. Maybe at a bar or something."

His companion, a large man that was currently invisible, began speaking. "Why would a noble lady be at a bar?"

"You're right, but her bodyguards are definitely the targets. She must be a new member, so we need to be careful." At this moment Akira looked his way. The brown-haired boy instantly recognized her. "Shit, I was right. Leone owes me one when this is all over. I met her at a bar. She was drinking with Leone, but at the time she was disguised as a male, but I don't know how with those boobs." As the brown-haired boy neared the end of the sentence, his speaking slowed down, mesmerized by what he saw.

"This is not the time to be mesmerized by womanly charms, Tatsumi. Instead, think about me." Even though he was invisible, the brown-haired boy, whose name was Tatsumi, could almost see his invisible companion's radiance.

"Please don't try anything, big bro."

"You make me want to when you call me that, Tatsumi."

"Then I won't call you that, Bulat."

"I'm sorry Tatsumi."

"It's fine, just don't try anything."

Back over at the carriage, Akira began speaking. "As I thought, that boy was more than he let himself off to be. Liver, do you see the brown-haired boy?"

"Yes, Akira. What about him?" Liver asked.

"I think he is a member of Night Raid. He seems to be talking to someone, but there is no one around him. I also think he recognized me. Yesterday, I met him at a bar, even if for a brief moment."

"Ah. If he is talking to someone, then he is talking to Bulat. He possesses a teigu that has an ability that allows him to become invisible."

"I understand. Let's get on the boat before it leaves."

Once on the boat, the Three Beasts went to one of the upper rooms on the inside of the boat, while 'Lady' Kitsune mingled with the other guests. She was already prepared for Nyau's music, so she was essentially unaffected. She went to the room that Liver was in and retrieved her weapons. "Are you sure you can fight in that dress?" Liver asked.

"Don't worry. It didn't take me so long to get the dress on for no reason." Since the dress was long, it was impossible to see what was underneath it. When she began to remove the dress, Liver looked away. "Don't worry, pervert. This time, I have something on underneath the dress." Liver looked at her with a confused look on his face. Once her dress was removed, he saw that Akira had on a chinese style dress.

"I see. You are wearing that since it gives adequate room to move around in." Liver said, realizing her intentions.

"Exactly. I even have things to fasten a sword belt through. Where is the bag at?"

"Right here." Liver said as he handed her the bag.

"Perfect. Looks like they weren't removed from the sword belt." Once the swords were on her waist, Akira began heading down to the deck, only to be stopped by Liver.

"Stay back for now. I don't think things will go well if that is Bulat. You may be able to defeat Daidura, but Bulat has much more experience, and he will be able to fight on par with you, maybe even defeating you. If Nyau is defeated, don't fight. Hide until the boat makes port and retrieve as many of our imperial arms as possible."

"Why are you telling me to stay out of this? You sound as if you might die." Akira said.

"No battle is ever certain till the end has already occurred. For that reason, I want at least you to survive. You are definitely the strongest of us."

"Then isn't that all the more reason for me to fight? I don't want to lose the last link I have to my father."

"Don't worry. We will always be with you, fighting until the very end."

"Fine." At this moment, Liver ran outside to ambush the person Tatsumi was talking to. He was a large, muscular man in a suit of armor. So that is the imperial arms, Incursio. Akira also saw Nyau coming from his other side. The man in the armor was already fighting Daidura, but when all three attacked him at the same time, he deflected Liver and Nyau's attacks and cut Daidura in half. I'm not sure I care about him dying, but it still is a pity. He was a strong man. Tatsumi then engaged in combat with Nyau, while Liver began talking to the armored man, who appeared to be named Bulat. The two spoke for a minute then started fighting.

After a few minutes of intense fighting, Akira decided she couldn't bear to watch it any longer and drew her swords and charged in. "I won't let you hurt him anymore, Night Raid."

"Who are you, young lady?" Bulat asked.

"I thought I told you to hide, Akira. Why did you expose yourself?" Liver asked in frustration.

"I couldn't just sit back and watch while you got hurt." Akira said with a slightly worried tone.

"So your name is Akira. A name befitting your hair color. Purple like a cloudy dawn sky." Bulat said.

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Night Raid."

"Akira, leave him to me. You go help Nyau. That boy is strong, even without a teigu."

"Bu-." Akira stopped when Liver gave her a serious look. "Fine." Akira then ran to help Nyau.

"Now that she is out of the way, I guess we need to resort to our swords. I don't think Incursio will protect you anymore." Liver said.

"You're right." As Bulat said that, Incursio's armor disappeared, leaving only a sword. Liver also drew a sword, and injected something into his neck.

"I also have a trump card. You wouldn't expect me to fight a teigu with a regular sword, without some sort of strengthening, would you?"

"No I wouldn't." The two then clashed once again.

Akira had finally reached Nyau. "About time, girl."

"Don't complain. You are lucky I'm helping you." Akira said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Great, not only do I have to fight one imperial arms user, but now I have to fight two. Why do you fight with them, Akira. When I saw you at that bar, you seemed like someone who wanted to change the capital." Tatsumi complained, and then questioned Akira.

"I want it to change, but I also want to do it the right way." Akira took this chance to kick Tatsumi's sword, sending him flying backwards. At this moment, she looked at the other fight and saw Bulat dealing a fatal blow to Liver. "Nnnnnnnooooooooooo!" Akira lost all reasoning and charged right at Bulat. Her teigu responded to her rage, and the flames surrounding the blades became much more intense, almost as if the inferno would swallow even her within it. The flames, even though they were licking her body, didn't harm her. "I'll see you burn in hell, you damned assassin!"

"Looks like the pyro finally lost it." Nyau said as he watched her charge at Bulat. "After one of her kicks, you'll find it slightly hard to move. Just sit there and watch." He said to the brown-haired boy, who was moving towards his big bro.

"Shit, I have to deal with another person." Bulat said as he turned to see his new aggressor, only to see an inferno charging at him. "Shit, what is this. Did me killing Liver, cause her to go berserk. And what is that teigu?" Bulat was barely able to keep his frenzied aggressor away from him.

After a few minutes of a full on assault, Akira finally knocked away his weapon. "This is where your life ends, assassin. This is the price for betraying the capital." One of her blades exited the inferno, dealing a fatal blow, leaving Bulat bleeding out on the deck. Akira then ran over to where Liver was lying. She checked for a pulse, only to find that it was almost gone.

"Don't worry Akira. My soul will be with you forever and thank you for avenging me. Take my ring and bring it with you back to the palace. It is my teigu, so don't let it fall into the Revolutionary Army's hand." Liver said.

"Don't speak. I'll get you help, so don't worry." Akira said, tears running down her face.

"I'm sorry, but it is too late for me, but don't cry. I get to see your father now. I'll tell him how well you are doing."

"Okay. Tell him that I miss him and that I can't fulfill his request. Tell him that I will kill all of Night Raid to avenge you, Liver."

"Alright, I'll tell him that." With those last words, Liver closed his eyes and breathed his last breath.

"I'm sorry Liver, but I think I can't hold back my tears any longer." With that, Akira burst into tears. As if feeling their master's sorrow, Akira's swords began to emit a frozen aura beside her.

"It seems as though she is unable to fight anymore. To think I would have to use my trump card." Nyau began playing his flute.

Tatsumi was beside Bulat, who was still alive. "Tatsumi, use Incursio. That song the boy is playing seems to be very powerful."

"But, I'm not strong enough. I'm not as strong as you are." Tatsumi said, surprised at what Bulat just said.

"You are strong enough. You held your own against that boy. You are worthy of Incursio, so use it and deal with that boy."

"But how do I even do it?"

"Scream out its name with all of your spirit."

"If you say so."

By now Nyau had finished activating his trump card, which made him bigger than even Daidura. "Incursio will tear you apart, boy. Die fighting, not before you even fight."

"Don't listen to him, Tatsumi. You are strong enough, and it is mostly based on first impressions, remember?"

"Yeah, you're right." Tatsumi said to Bulat. "Incursio." Tatsumi said its name; however, Incursio did not activate.

"Scream it out Tatsumi."


"Scream it out with all of your spirit Tatsumi. I know you can do it."

"If you are going to continue with this, I'll end you before you can kill yourself." Nyau said, slightly irritated.

"Do it Tatsumi. Scream it out with all of your might."

Tatsumi yelled with all of his spirit. "INCURSIO!"

Nyau stopped in his tracks as what looked like a danger beast began to wrap itself around Tatsumi, taking the shape of armor.

"To think it was still alive. It even adapted to Tatsumi's fighting spirit." Bulat said, satisfied with his student's progress. "I think I can pass on with no regrets now thanks to you, Tatsumi." Bulat closed his eyes and soon stopped breathing.

Tatsumi charged at Nyau, punching with so much force that he ended it with a single blow. The armor disappeared and Tatsumi walked over to Bulat's dead body. He dropped the sword form of Incursio and knelt beside Bulat. "Is it okay if I cry now, big bro." Tatsumi erupted into tears, forgetting that there was another enemy on the boat.

Akira, finally composing herself slightly, approached Tatsumi. "For now we won't fight, but next time we see each other, we will be enemies. I will make sure that you and the rest of Night Raid burn by my blade's flames for what you have done here. I know you don't have the spirit to fight right now and neither do I."

All Tatsumi did in response was nod.

When the boat made its way back to the port, Akira gathered the bodies of her allies. Forcing someone to help her, she took them back to her carriage. I will make Night Raid burn, don't you worry Liver.

Tatsumi slipped away with Bulat's body unnoticed. I will make her pay, don't you worry Bulat.

The two went to their respective locations to report in to their leaders.

I made Akira seem a bit like Esdese to make it seem like she would fit with the Jaegers better, and I had her witness Liver's death so that she would forget about the mission her father gave her, and make her want revenge on all of Night Raid. Sorry if any of you didn't like this, but man was it tear jerking to once again relive Bulat's death. I tried to make his death as close to the actual thing with a few changes, such as the cause and some of the words that were said.

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