Akame ga Kill: Another Side of Things

Akira, a girl who was sent on a mission by her father just before he passed, has entered the Capital. Will she be able to finish this mission or will she fall prey to Night Raid or Esdese's personal military force.


2. Kill the Embarrassment

Man this palace is huge. Liver said to follow him, but he went to fast, and I lost him, Akira thought as she was wandering the halls of the palace. "Oh, here is someone. Hey, do you know where Liver's quarters are."

The maid looked at Akira with a confused expression. "Yes I do, but why do you need to know?"

"Because I was following him there, but he went too fast for me to follow."

"Okay, I'll show you the way."

"Thank you very much.

After a little bit of following the maid, Akira was finally at Liver's quarters. Once Liver saw her, he sighed with relief. "About time you got here, boy. I told you to follow me, didn't I?"

"I'm sorry. You were moving too fast, I had trouble keeping up." Akira said, starting to lose her facade.

"You know, I already thin you act like a girl. The other two beasts will know you as a girl, so don't let them see you not acting like a girl."

"I know. On my way here, I caught a glimpse of the garden. The flowers were so beautiful. I wonder what they smell like."

"I swear. If your father saw you, he would slap the shit out of you."

"He would understand it if he knew General Esdese commanded it. Well, let's get you measured. Follow me and I will get the tailor."

"Um, do you mind if you sit out when the tailor fits me?"

"I'm sorry, but the general wants me to keep an eye on you."

"Well there are some things that I don't want anyone to see."

"The tailor will see those things, so what is the problem?"

"I can make sure his or her mouth remains shut, but I can't yours."

"So, you are willing to threaten someone's life to keep a secret."


"You are most definitely his son. Take your shirt off now. I just remembered that on your way here, I called for the tailor."

"No, I'm not taking off my shirt."

"Yes, you are."

After fighting for a few minutes, Liver jumped at Akira. Akira could not completely defend himself, so when Liver got to him, his hand landed on Akira's chest. Even though Akira had bandages wrapped around her chest to hide it as best as she could, her chest was still too big to be completely hidden. "Kyah!" Akira screamed and then slapped Liver.

"So that is what you were hiding. You were hiding that you were actually a girl."

Someone then opened the door. It appeared to be a huge man with blonde-ish hair. "Oh, so you're not raping a girl. I heard a girl scream, so I thought you were having some fun."

"Hello Daidura. This is Akira. She will be one of us from now on." Liver said in response to the huge man, whose name is apparently Daidura.

"I guess there is no point in me hiding my gender anymore. Thanks for being a huge pervert Liver." Akira said, more playfully than upset, knowing what is done is done.

"Again, why is there a girl in your room, Liver?" Daidura asked, not sure of what is going on.

"Like Liver said earlier, I'm the new member of the Three Beasts. I was told to come here, since General Esdese still thinks I'm a guy. Well, I did make a big deal about it." Akira said, realizing what her situation is now.

"Don't worry, Akira. I'll make sure the general knows, so for now I'll show you around the palace, so that you don't get lost again." Liver said, trying to reassure Akira.

"I see, you are already making a move on the newbie, you sly old dog." Daidura said jokingly.

"Actually no. This is the daughter of an old friend of mine, so why would I do such lewd things to her." Liver said, in a serious or disgusted tone. It is hard to tell.

"I was just joking. No need to take it seriously. Until General Esdese can get you a room, you should stay with Nyau. Nyau is the least likely to do anything."

"You're right Daidura, but I kinda want to see Akira's skills. I want you to duel her, Daidura."

"Wait, why am I dueling someone right now?" Akira asked, confused as to why her name was being put into this.

"We need to know your skills, so that we can confidently let you into our ranks." Liver said, leaving Akira with nothing to use to refuse the duel. "Don't worry Akira. If it looks like you will die, I will end it."

"You think I'm weak. If it weren't for the fact that I only just received my imperial arms, I would easily take you down."

"So you say, but do you know how to change your elemental affiliation." After nothing but silence from Akira, Liver continued. "I didn't think so. It responds to your emotions, so if you are enraged, it will be fire; if you are sad, it will be ice; and so on. Until you master that teigu, I don't recommend you fighting tough opponents."

"I understand, Liver. Where shall we duel?"

"Follow me. We have special training grounds just outside of the city."

After about an hour of walking through the city, the three arrived at the training grounds. Liver then began explaining the rules of the duel. "The rules are as follows: There will be no killing and no major injuries. This duel is only to measure Akira's skills. Do you both understand?"

"Yes sir." Daidura and Akira both said in unison.

"Okay. We will start when you are both ready." Daidura drew his ax, and Akira drew his long sword.

"Are you not going to use both swords, little girl?" Daidura asked, trying to taunt Akira.

"I only use both, if I need to draw upon the teigu's power." Akira said in response to Daidura's taunt. "Anyways, I'm ready when you are."

"I'm ready. Tell us when to start, old man."

"Watch yourself, Daidura. Ready. Set. Fight." With that, the two began fighting. They seem to be on equal grounds, but Daidura isn't going all out against her, but then again, neither is Akira. I can already see that her skills are the same as her father's, but they are incomplete without the second sword, Liver thought as he watched the two duel. "Akira, I have seen your father's fighting style. You need to use both swords to complete it, so go ahead and draw the short sword and summon the power of the fangs."

"If you say so." Akira then drew the short sword. As soon as the short sword left the sheath completely, the swords blades caught fire. "Liver asked for it, so you will get it Daidura."

"Bring it on." As Daidura said that, he split his ax into two axes and threw one of them, Akira barely dodging it.

"You missed. Try again if you dare." Akira said.

"Don't be so sure." As Daidura said that, Akira looked back just in time to see the ax flying back to her. She just barely dodged it, and as she did so, Daidura closed the distance between them.

So this is where her limit is, Liver thought as he watched Daidura close the gap, but soon began to rethink what he just thought. Akira used her nimble body to rotate herself mid air and kick off of Daidura's head, rotating as she flew through the air. She then dashed back at Daidura, slicing in an X with both swords, just barely leaving a cut on his skin.

"Aaaggh. That burned me." Daidura said as the flames burned his back.

"Of course it did. Flames may be beautiful, but they burn you if you touch them." Akira said mockingly.

While they were fighting, another person, who looked like a boy, showed up. "Hey Liver, why are you letting a girl beat the shit out of Daidura? I could hear him scream from a mile away."

"Ah, hello Nyau. The girl is the newest member of the Three Beasts, though it is Four Beasts now that Akira has joined us." Liver said to the newcomer. "You two can stop now. I've seen enough, and I think Daidura has been burned enough."

"All right, Liver. Nice to meet you Nyau. I'm Akira Kitsune. Please take care of me." Akira said, trying to be polite."

"Why do we need another member in our squad. We work just fine without her." Nyau said, complaining that Akira was joining the Beasts.

"As you can see, even without going all out, she can outdo Daidura, even with her small body. Well, small build." Liver said, proving that Nyau has no room to complain.

"Fine, I'll accept her. Where will she sleep?" Nyau asked, trying to find another way for her to not be accepted.

While they were all talking, General Esdese had shown up. "I thought you were too feminine to be a guy, so I had the prime minister give me another room for you to stay in"

"Kyah! When did you get here General Esdese?" Akira asked, surprised at the general's sudden appearance.

"i just got here. Liver, since you seem most comfortable with her, you go get her some proper clothes for when she is not on duty. Daidura, Nyau, get to your missions. I expect nothing but the best from you two."

"Yes ma'am." Daidura and Nyau said in unison.

When the other two had left, Esdese continued. "I'm sure you got a feel for her skills from watching the fight, Liver."

"Yes I did. She is just as great as her dad, if not even greater than he was. She is able to handle the amount of energy that teigu takes quite well, even though she can't fully control it." Liver responded, giving her all the information he gathered.

"I'm not that great am I. I never did win against my father in a duel." Akira said, feeling a little flattered.

"If Liver says you are, then do not doubt him. Those two fought alongside each other, so carry your father's legacy and don't disappoint me. If you do, you will find yourself on my torture table." Esdese said, noticing Akira's scared reaction. Good, just as one should be in the face of the strongest.

"The general is right, so don't disappoint us. If you can't handle the killing, then don't join us." Liver said.

"If I couldn't handle killing, why would I join the army. I've fought many battles with bandits, so I've had to kill people before."

"If you say so, but don't let your morals get in the way during a mission. Whatever the general says, goes. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Let's get going now. We don't want to be too long; I still have to show you around the palace."

"There is no time for that today. Show her another time, and for the time being her room is right next to yours." Esdese said.

"Yes ma'am. You heard the general, I'll have to show you around another time."

"If you dare try anything, I'll gut you alive. Just so you know, I'm only sixteen." Akira warned Liver.

"Okay, okay. Let's get going."

By the time they returned to the palace, it was almost night fall. "Now that you have proper clothes, you can go take a bath. There should be one in your room, so feel free to take one whenever you like." Liver said as they entered the living quarters of the palace.

"Thank you for today. I just hope I can live up to your expectations. Aaaahhhh. I'm tired. See you tomorrow." Akira said as she yawned.

"Okay. I'll knock on your door when you need to wake up." As Liver said that, he went into his room. "Oh, your room is the one to the left of mine." After that he shut his door.

"Finally I get some time to myself." Akira said as she walked into her room. "Wow, this is nicely furnished. I need to put away my clothes." After putting away her clothes, Akira got undressed and got her bath ready. Before she could get into the bathroom when the water was ready, her door was opened. The person that opened the door was Liver "Kyaaaah! Get out you pervert." Akira said before she threw one of her daggers at him. The dagger just barely missed his head.

"You almost hit me with that. I'm sorry, I should have knocked before I came in." Liver said, trying to avoid getting a dagger in his skull, even though he thought he deserved it.

"Maybe I should aim next time. What are you doing, still standing there gaping. GET OUT and CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!" Akira said as she prepared to throw another dagger.

"Sorry again." Liver said right before he closed the door, hearing a loud 'thunk' in the door behind him. When he turned his head, he saw the dagger tip right beside his face. "Damn, she is good with a dagger. I might want to get back to my room before she comes out to kill me."

From inside the room, Akira heard this and yelled at him. "Damn right you should. I'm locking my door from now on." With that Akira walked up to the door and locked it. "Now I can take a bath."

Once she was in the bath, Akira sighed. "Its been a while since I could relax like this. I'm sorry father, but it'll be just a little longer before the prime minister is dealt with. Just like you asked, I'm taking them down from the inside. You would never believe it, but I've been acknowledged by General Esdese. THE General Esdese. And I met your old friend. You wouldn't believe it, but he is no longer a general. Liver is now my comrade, and I just about killed him." Akira could just imagine what her father would say to her.

"You have surpassed my expectations. To think you would succeed to this degree so soon. However, no matter what, your life is what is most important. Don't throw it away for this mission. If your life is in danger, get out of there. Remember, if possible, convey information to the revolutionary army. There is an organization called Night Raid. Once you are in a good position in the capital, contact them. My friend Najenda is their leader." Her imaginary father said.

"Don't worry father. I'll do what you asked of me. I'll get rid of this corruption no matter what."

After a while, Akira got out of the bath and got into her night clothes. When she laid down on the bed, she fell asleep almost instantly, exhausted from everything that happened today.

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