Akame ga Kill: Another Side of Things

Akira, a girl who was sent on a mission by her father just before he passed, has entered the Capital. Will she be able to finish this mission or will she fall prey to Night Raid or Esdese's personal military force.


6. Kill the Defect

If you are upset about the lemons last chapter, you were forewarned at the beginning of the chapter. Don't fuss at me. If you are upset about the quality, I wrote it at 5 in the morning without any sleep, and it was my first ever lemons scene. Until I can actually sleep at night these chapters will be pumped out almost once a day. Sorry in advance for the uber long chapter. As I was writing it, I couldn't find a good place to stop it so I just kept writing it.

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As light began to flood into the room, Wave slowly woke up. When he opened his eyes, he was bombarded with light that gave him a massive headache. "Ugh. So this is a hangover." He then realized that his and Akira's hands were clasped together. That was when it dawned on him what happened the night previously. Shit, what have I done? I can't believe I did that to her when she was drunk. I mean, she said she knew what she was saying, but I still regret it.

While Wave was deep in thought, Akira had woken up, feeling the same way as him. She looked at his face and knew what he was thinking. "Don't regret what happened last night. I don't care that I was drunk, but I do care that you didn't kiss me to muffle my moans. You are lucky that the owner doesn't live here." Akira sat up, and Wave soon did the same.

"I'm sorry. Well, does this make up for anything." Wave reached forward and put his hands on either side of her face, pulling her in for a deep kiss. At first Akira was surprised and didn't know how to react, but soon accepted it and kissed him back. After a minute of this, Wave broke the kiss, leaving Akira slightly disappointed. "We don't want the general to be angry. We need to hurry back to the palace."

"Fine." Akira said, putting on a pouty face.

"Don't look at me like that. That woman is scary."

"She has a soft spot for me, so I'll be fine."

"You did kind of make a scene yesterday at the tournament. Your voice was so loud, I thought my ears would burst."

"I'm sorry, Wave." Akira said as she snuck in another kiss. It wasn't deep but rather a quick peck. This left Wave surprised. "What are you doing just sitting there? We need to get dressed and leave.

"You're right." Wave said as he began to get dressed. "Akira, remind me not to get this drunk ever again."

"Right. This is terrible. Man, this headache is killer, and because of someone, a certain other place is sore."

"You told me to keep going." Wave said, not realizing Akira was joking.

"I'm playing with you. Last night didn't hurt as much as I thought it would."

"That might be because you were drunk." By this point, Wave was fully dressed, and Akira was fumbling with the zipper on her dress. "I'll help you with that." Wave said as he walked behind Akira and zipped up the dress.

"Thanks." Akira then put on her sword belt and put on a ring that she hadn't worn in a long time.

"Where did you get that ring? It looks beautiful." The ring in question was a silver ring that looked to be made out of three circular pieces of silver braided together.

"I got it when my mother died. One of the villagers gave it to me even though I couldn't wear it. I can't remember what they told me, but I haven't worn it since my father died."

"I see." Once they were ready, they headed downstairs. Once downstairs, Akira tossed the money, with a little extra for the room, to the owner who was setting up behind the bar.

"Did you two enjoy your night?" Hikaru asked before they got out the door.

Damn, I was hoping he wouldn't ask that, Wave thought when he heard the question. "We slept just fine. I added a little bit of money for the cleaning."

"Why would you say that, Wave? He might misunderstand."

"I don't misunderstand anything. I knew exactly what would happen, and I don't mind it. No one uses that room anymore."

"Okay, thank you for letting us stay here. We didn't touch anything down here. And yes we enjoyed our night. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but it was fine in the end."

"Do you know what you are saying?" Wave said, half yelling out of embarrassment.

"You just embarrassed me, so now it is my turn."

"Can you leave your lover's quarrel for later?" Hikaru asked.

"No!" Both of the Jaegers yelled simultaneously. "General Esdese would give us a stay in the torture chamber if she had to deal with this. And I also want to deal with someone else when we get back anyways." Akira said afterwards.

At this moment, the door to the bar opened to reveal Seryu. "I thought you two lovebirds would be here. General Esdese said that we would have a meeting soon and you two need to hurry back from your late night escapades." When she saw the faces of the other two Jaegers become flushed, she realized what had happened. "You two did it, didn't you?" When she heard no response, she completely lost it. "I can't believe you two actually did it. I wonder what everyone else will say."

What Seryu, and even Akira herself, didn't know was that Akira became much more brutal when hungover. When Seryu wouldn't shut up with her rant, Akira walked over and punched her so hard in the side of the head, she knocked her out in one hit. "Finally she shut up. I didn't think my head could hurt so badly."

"My head hurts just from watching it. You two might want to hurry since you have to carry her and that dog now." He was pointing to Seryu's teigu, Coro, who was now nibbling at Akira's heels, knowing that Seryu deserved it.

"Wave, can you carry her? I think I may have drank a little too much last night." Akira said as she staggered trying to pick up Seryu.

"Okay." Wace said. He walked over to Seryu and picked her up, eliciting a small biological teigu's constant nibbling. "Does this thing come with?"

"I don't think he will let go until you put her down."

"I'm fine with that. Let's head out." With that, the two Jaegers walked out of the bar, waving back at the owner.

The two had finally made it to the meeting room. Since they were carrying Seryu, it took them a little bit longer than it should have, and it also didn't help that they were hungover. While making their way through the city, they got more than a few weird looks. It also didn't help that the guards in front of the palace questioned why they were carrying an unconscious Seryu, but they eventually made it to the meeting room. When they opened the door, they were greeted by a few sighs and an annoyed brown-haired boy. "About time. I thought I would sitting here in silence forever." When the boy saw Akira, his expression changed slightly, only sightly because he knew the situation he was in. Shit, this girl is in the Jaegers as well. I guess I should have expected it since she was already one of her subordinates.

Words similar to the brown-haired boy's were going through Akira's head at the same time.Why do I have to deal with this when I have a hangover. I expected this, but I still remained hopeful that he would be just a pet. I've got to keep my anger under control. "We're here. We ran into some unexpected circumstances last Night, so we had to stay in a room at a bar."

"So that is why you never returned to the palace last night. I was wondering why you didn't show your face yesterday at dinner." General Esdese said, once again showing her soft spot for Akira. "Now you Wave. Your absence was unacceptable. You are lucky you were with Akira, or I would send you to the torture table right now. I've been lacking things to torture for a while now."

"Um, yes ma'am." Wave said with a nervous expression. Wave had finally stopped feeling the effects of the hangover, but it was obvious Akira was still hungover. He could see that she was already about to lose restraint with the brown-haired boy in the room.

"And may I ask why Wave is carrying an unconscious Seryu?" Esdese asked with a little bit of concern for her subordinate.

"She pissed off the wrong person." Akira said while rubbing at her temples trying to make the headache go away.

"She still wouldn't be done in so easily. At least I would hope not if she is my subordinate."

"She made a certain person with a hangover mad. And that person is not very pleasant when she is hungover. Man I wish I wasn't so pissed that I drank that much yesterday. If I had known it would be this bad, I would've held back at least a little bit."

"I see, so she said something that made you mad."

"Yes and she wouldn't shut up when she found out what she said was right, so I knocked her out to shut her up. I didn't think she would go down in one hit though. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow." At this moment, Akira's head started hurting even more.

"I'll let you sit this one out since it is just hunting today."

"No, I'm coming. I could go for burning some things alive. Bols, I'll go with you and your Rubicante. The flames will do quite nicely to alleviate me of my stress."

"Alright. It will be a pleasure working with you, Akira." Bols said, surprised when Akira sounded so forceful. "But wouldn't you rather work with Wave?"

"Yes, but it seems the general has other plans, don't you?" Akira said, directing the last part of the sentence to General Esdese.

"I can tell you are agitated by your current attitude. But yes, I want Wave to work with Tatsumi. Speaking of Tatsumi, he is the brown-haired boy whom you met just a second ago. I introduced him to everyone else while we were waiting for you. He is the new member of the Jaegers as well as my lover."

When Akira heard the word lover, she almost lost all restraint at that moment. Her lover! What the hell is this. Gaaah! "When are we leaving to go hunting?" Akira asked with obvious malice in her tone.

"We shall leave once everyone is ready, and once Seryu has woken up."

As if on queue, Seryu woke up. "I still can't believe you did that with Wave."

"And this is why I knocked her out. Shut the hell up Seryu." Akira released some of her pent up anger on Seryu. When she looked back at Tatsumi with the look saying that he was part of the reason she was like this, she saw that Tatsumi had an almost equal hatred for Seryu that he had for herself.

"I too, would like to know more about what you did with Wave last night. In detail." General Esdese said with a curious tone.

"Um, I don't think it is something we can so easily say." Wave said, slightly nervous about his choice of words.

"Do I need to resort to torture?"

"You don't need to go that far. What happened last night is something that-" Wave was interrupted by Seryu.

"They did what two lovers do when things get serious. And I bet Wave was dominated."

Akira has been rubbing her temples for the past few minutes trying to dull the headache even a little. "God damn it. Can we please just leave already. I have a killer headache that is making me want to kill something. And I don't really care who I kill, except Wave. I do care if I kill him. I'll tell you once we return from hunting, and I'm no longer suffering from a hangover. I mean last night was more painful than right now, but this is just straight up annoying."

"Aren't you going to tell them that I wasn't dominated?" Wave asked, expecting her to clear that up at least.

"I will later."

"Alright, everyone get ready to hunt. We are heading out to Mt. Fake now."

Bols was watching Akira dash around a A-Class Danger Beast, slicing it to shreds while cauterizing the wounds, which kept the wounds from bleeding. "Are you just trying to cause it pain? Its wounds are not bleeding at all, so just kill it already." Bols was slightly disturbed by what Akira was doing. All the Danger Beast was doing was screaming and trying to defend itself.

"You are the one that burns them alive, so I don't want to hear that from you." Akira had finally recovered from her hangover, but she was still furious about Esdese's new pet. Akira and bols were not too far from where Tatsumi and Wave were, so when Akira felt a change in the air pressure that was signature to Grand Chariot, she quickly sliced off the Danger Beast's head. As she rushed in their direction, Akira drug her long sword on the ground, creating a small trail of flames, which once intensified, set fire to the corpse. I hope Tatsumi tries to escape. I really hope he does so I have an excuse to cut him down.

"Why do you hate Tatsumi so much. He doesn't seem like a bad guy." Bols asked.

"Do you not see it. How could a mere blacksmith possess that amount of skill, and why would someone be so reluctant to work as a direct subordinate of General Esdese?"

"Not everyone enjoys working under a sadist. We work under because we respect her strength, but I'm still not sure why you do it. If you were to use the full power of your teigu, you might be able to win against her."

"I work under her because I respect her strength as well. Also, for as long as I work under her, I won't get as harsh of a penalty for dealing with people in my... brutal fashion."

"Eh, in Tatsumi's case, wouldn't you be nervous as well. He is now the general's lover and a Jaeger, but he doesn't have a teigu."

While Bols was talking, they heard something crash into the mountain they were heading towards, and then Akira saw two people in armor-type teigu jump down the mountain side. When she looked at the colors, she realized it was Wave and Tatsumi. "We need to get to Wave. Now!"

Shit, I should have known he would try to escape. If Akira hadn't told me that he was part of Night Raid, I wouldn't have suspected anything. Shit, not only will Esdese kill me, now Akira will too, Wave thought while chasing Tatsumi down the mountain."I'm sorry Tatsumi, but I can't let you get away with this. I'll keep your secret for Akira's sake, but I can't let you get away. You see, me and her are kinda in your situation, except it isn't one sided."

"I have to get back to my people. I don't belong with you freaks." Tatsumi said while narrowly dodging a kick from Wave.

"Hey now. I think we established that I wasn't as freaky as the others. And I now Akira has her quirks, but she is still a kind person. I can tell she wants change for the empire, which I can now see is corrupted, but she doesn't want to do it your way."

"If you agree with me, then come with me. We can escape then continue to fight it."

"You don't understand what I meant earlier. I'm not going anywhere without Akira, and from what I understand, you all are mortal enemies."

"No. I was wrong before. She did kill big bro, but she had a reason. She was avenging the death of her mentor."

"You are slightly wrong, but same thing. Akira wants to destroy Night Raid because she blames Liver's death on all of Night Raid, not just Bulat. I could convince her, but I still don't think it would work. I kinda agree with her. We need to do this discreetly and from the inside."

"Damn it you are too complicated."

While they were talking they had stopped moving, which allowed Akira to catch up. "Do you know how much of a pain in my ass it has been to keep from attacking you? More than you are worth. My father may have wanted me to work as an inside agent, but I learned the pain of the death of a friend because of you guys, Tatsumi. When I lost my father, it wasn't much of a big hit because I knew it would happen sooner or later. He was always reckless."

"Akira, calm down. I think we can talk this through. After being in the capital, I've learned that the empire is corrupted. I agree with Night Raid, but I don't. I'm not fond of what they are doing, but it is having its effect on the way of living. People are slowly but surely becoming happier. You need to stop this senseless rampage. I'm sure Liver accepted his death at the hands of his former subordinate, and I'm sure he took pleasure in watching you avenge him, but it is over now." After Wave said all of this Akira dropped to the ground. Wave dismissed Grand Chariot and walked over to her. "It's going to be okay. There is no need for you to cry now."

"Tatsumi! Thank goodness you are alright." Someone yelled as they jumped out of the forest. It was a big-boobed blonde woman. Following her was Akame from the wanted posters.

"Mission accomplished. Return to base, Leone." Akame said in a slightly monotonous tone.

"Wait. I think we should bring them with us." Tatsumi said, pointing at Wave and Akira.

"Isn't she the one who killed Bulat? Why would you suggest that?" Leone asked in outrage.

"She was overcome with rage at the time. As you can see now, she sees that we are not the enemy, and Wave agrees, don't you?"

"I do. I don't fully agree with how you are doing it, but I can't deny the facts that it is helping. I also think I need to get Akira out of the capital's hands. She has become worse since she has been forced to kill innocents. She tears herself apart at nights, so at least take her." Wave responded while putting Akira's swords in their sheaths.

"Damn it Tatsumi. Why do you have to be like me right now? Come with us, but don't expect to be let into Night Raid." Leone said reluctantly because of Tatsumi's stare. Tatsumi has never seemed more serious till now What is with him?

"Mission accomplished with added benefits." Akame said in the same monotonous tone.

Bols was approaching the site where Akira's flames led to and saw Wave carrying her off with Tatsumi and two other women. Damn it, they've been captured. There doesn't look to be a fight, so they must have been threatened. Wait. That girl in black is Akame, so Akira was right. Tatsumi is actually part of Night Raid. What will Esdese do when she finds out?

Akame and Leone led Tatsumi, Akira, and Wave back to where they were hiding about 3 km away. Throughout the whole trip, Wave carried Akira, and sometime during the trip, Akira had fallen asleep. When they arrived, Leone told them to wait before they showed themselves. "Hey Boss. We succeeded in our mission." Leone said as she walked into the clearing.

Tatsumi followed directly after, eliciting an intense reaction from Najenda. "Thank goodness you are okay. We didn't know what was going to happen when you were taken by Esdese." When Najenda said the general's name the spite showed. "I'll ask you what you found out when we get back to the base, but for now, would you mind telling me who the person you brought is?"

"Oh, they are people that defected from the Jaegers. One of them, you might want to keep under your eye." Leone said slightly happily.

"What do you mean by that. Isn't there only one?"

"No. One of them has fallen asleep, so you probably didn't notice, and they are here slightly against their will. Come out... what is his name again Tatsumi?"

"Come on out Wave."

Wave walked out from the cover of the trees, still carrying Akira. "I'm Wave and the sleeping one is Akira, and yes I mean the Akira who killed Bulat."

The moment Wave said the last part of that sentence, Najenda became furious. "Why did you bring them? Tell me now, Leone."

"We came because I agree with the result of what Night Raid is doing, and Tatsumi even tried to convince me to come. My one condition was that Akira come with me, which what I am doing might be considered kidnapping. I don't fully agree with what you are doing to achieve those results, but it is better than killing innocents." Wave said, answering for Leone.

"Still, why did you bring her?" Najenda asked, still furious, but saw that there was no need to be rough with them.

"Killing innocents is tearing her apart. She wants to cure the disease of corruption, but she is stuck killing innocents. I haven't seen her sleep well but once in the past month, and I convinced her that her vendetta against Night Raid was senseless, which caused her to fall to her knees on the spot. I may have saved Tatsumi right there. When she goes to fight someone, she doesn't hold back very often. Tatsumi as well has admitted that his vendetta against her was wrong."

"Is this true, Tatsumi?" Najenda asked Tatsumi with a slightly curious look.

"Yes. When she killed Bulat, she wasn't even in control of he actions. Liver was an important person in her life, so when he was struck down by Bulat, she lost all control of her movements. I could tell she was in worse shape than me because the fire on her swords became ice." Tatsumi said while looking at his feet to hide his shame.

"Fine. For now we will allow you to stay at the base, but do well to understand that you will not be permitted to leave."

Akira slowly reopened her eyes. "Why are you carrying me Wave?"

"You fell asleep. What are your opinions on leaving the Jaegers and joining Night Raid." Wave said in a soft voice.

"I don't care. Just don't make me kill innocent people anymore, and don't let them hurt me."

"Don't worry about it. I'll protect you."

"One more thing. We have heard rumors of your ruthlessness, Akira. If you are sent on a mission by us, do you think you can keep that in check?"

"Yes. I just let myself go to forget that I was killing innocents. I don't think I could have lasted for much longer."

"Fine. You won't get a good reception from Lubbock or Mein, but I will ensure your safety." Najenda said.

"If she can't, I will." Wave said as he let Akira down.

"Welcome to Night Raid." Leone said in her usual happy voice. "I would never have thought that boy at the bar was actually a girl, but yay. And you aren't a flatty like Mein, so we can tease Lubba easily.

"Leone, stop the chitter. We need to get going now. Esdese may be nearby if Tatsumi is here, so we need to leave." Najenda said, making a motion for them to move out.

"I left Bols in the dust, so he may have seen us leave. He may have made the link between Tatsumi and Night Raid, so he may be on the wanted posters soon along with us." Akira said as they began following Najenda.

"As long as you are safe, I'm fine." Wave said with a smile on his face.

"While we are on the move, I might as well ask this. Why do you find it imperative that Akira is with you?" Najenda asked.

"Ummm. She's a good friend, and I don't want her to be sad." Wave said, unsure of what to say.

Leone slowed down to run beside Wave and sniffed him, then Akira. "I know why. They're mates. Man Lubba will be upset that such a beauty is already taken."

"I see. That is fine too. Just don't do anything illicit in the base." Najenda said, understanding the situation more. He loves her, so he wants the best for her. That sounds like a rational human.

"General Esdese, we have a problem. Wave and Akira were taken by Night Raid." Bols said before he fell to his knees after running for so long.

"What!? How did you let this happen?" General Esdese yelled in outrage.

"Akira saw fighting and ran to help Wave, but she ran so fast, I couldn't keep up. By the time I got there, Wave was carrying Akira away with two members of Night Raid in the forest."

"What of Tatsumi? Was he taken as well?" General Esdese asked, feeling a longing for him that was uncharacteristic to her. Why does my heart beat so fast at the thought of losing him?

"Yes. It seems the fact that he doesn't have a teigu made him useless in the fight. I don't know what happened to Akira, but it may have something to do with assassinations you've made her do. She looked like she was crying while being carried by Wave, so it was a one on two for Wave. I think in order to preserve their lives, they went willingly. Should we chase after them?"

"No. Sadly I must say no. If they have recent information, they know Tatsumi is connected to me, and that I wouldn't be far away from him. They are probably long gone by now. We will head back to the palace and decide our course of actions from there." Why does my chest hurt at the thought of Tatsumi being taken from me? Is this truly love?

The group of Night Raid and former Jaeger members arrived at the Night Raid base. "Before we go in, I want to make something clear. Any attempts to leave without my permission will be considered an act against Night Raid, resulting in your assassination. Once I explain to Mein and Lubbock what is going on, I will be leaving to receive reinforcements from the main force."

"Understood." Everyone said in unison.

When they entered the base, a green-haired boy was the first person they saw. "You're back Boss, and you've brought Tatsumi. This is awesome."

Akira noticed that he said nothing about her and Wave. "Wave, why do I get the feeling that I'm being ignored?"

"Because we are." Wave said with a little bit of annoyance in his tone.

"Oh. There are two other people with you." The Lubbock dropped off at the end of the sentence. Being the information gatherer of the group, the Lubbock knew the appearances of the Jaegers, especially Akira's. "Why are there Jaegers here, especially that one." Lubbock pointed at Akira to indicate her as 'that one.'

"There are reasons behind this, so go find Mein and I will explain it to you both, Lubbock." Najenda said, fully understanding Lubbock's outburst.

"No need to find me. Good, the newbie's back. Now I don't have to eat meat everyday. What are you explaining to us?" A short pink-haired girl dressed in all pink said.

"Head to the main room and I will tell you there."

After Najenda finished explaining what the circumstances are Mein was the first to speak up "I don't accept them. Wave looks exactly like Tatsumi did, and the girl... I just don't accept." Mein's eyes were looking right at Akira's chest as if telling them that she was jealous.

"So little Mein is just jealous." Leone said, pushing her arms under her boobs to show them off.

"N-no I'm not. I just don't think she can handle it."

"As long as I'm not killing anymore innocent people, I can handle it, but the moment I am told to kill an innocent person, I am denying that mission." Akira said, looking for a reaction from Mein. I don't like her. She is too full of herself.

"Don't worry about it Akira. She is like that with everyone." Tatsumi said, ignoring Mein.

"Why are you so chummy with her. Wasn't Bulat your big bro?" Mein said, becoming slightly angry with the way Tatsumi was acting.

"I know that. I am acting like this because I realize that she had reasons that I cannot deny. She was also not in control of herself, as I should have reported. I neglected that fact in my report because of the grief I felt."

Wave walked up to Tatsumi and put his hand on his shoulder. "Thank you man."

"For what."

"Defending Akira. It makes me feel better about having her here."

"No problem."

"Okay, Tatsumi lead Akira and Wave to their room. I need to leave to go to the main body of the revolutionary army. I should be back in a couple days."

"Why are they in the same room? Aren't they boy and girl?" Lubbock asked, confused as to why they would be in the same room.

"They already did it." Leone said bluntly.

"Wait. What? You scored 'that.' Tell me your secrets man." Lubbock said, pointing from him to Akira. "I read reports that you two were always together on missions, but I thought that was just a coincidence."

"No it wasn't. Esdese cared for Akira's happiness, why I don't know, but she did tell me not to make her sad or I'd spend a long time in her torture room." Wave said.

"You must have had it rough." Lubbock then walked up to him and asked a question quiet enough that only they heard it, or he thought. "Did it feel good when you did it?"

When he asked that question, Akira and Leone walked over to Lubbock and slapped him, both hard enough to leave marks for a whole day. "Don't ask that question again, pervert. I make sure perverts burn when they die." Akira said in a deadly serious tone.

"Trust me, she hates perverts. I wouldn't be able to tell you how many privates have been crushed by her kicks because she got groped."

"I'll trust you. I think she will be great friends with Leone."

"I think that's just what Akira needs. Friends."

So this is where their base is. I'll make an assault in a few days, Dr. Stylish thought as he looked at the place where he followed Akira's scent to.

So sorry again for the uber long chapter, but I think I enjoy writing them this long, so I will try to keep them long. I don't mean to sound like a review whore, but I've seen that people are following this story, but I'm not getting any reviews. Please review so that I can know your thoughts and write better. In a few weeks school starts, so I won't be able to write as much for you, so I will try to update about once a week if I haven't finished, or if I decide to go past the death of the Prime Minister, since there are the Northern Tribes and other nations that have been pissed off by Honest and Esdese. Also I made it like this during this chapter to show how much killing Akira had to do. If you think Akira wasn't unstable then you might be wrong. It was only 2 days that were shown, and there was a month of killing between those two time periods.

P.S. Another time skip, but only a couple of days this time.

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